Hubris Campaign Session Recap’s- Sessions 1-3- Life in Vornheim

Two months ago I kicked off a new campaign using my updated hack rules in my homebrew setting of Hubris. It is a sandbox style game, so the players can do whatever the fuck they want.  Last night I ran the third session so I figured I’d do a quick summary of the sessions thus far (and be better about updating the summaries going on) since there has been some interest in that, which is awesome- so thanks to those that have asked questions and whatnot. 

So here we go:

Session One

Players rolled characters and established ties- *= players that were at session(s).

Omar- Half Elf Rogue*

Liam- Human Fighter

Stephen- Human Sorcerer*

Nate- Human Warrior Priest of the Corpulent One*

Fletch- Still needs to roll up character

Dan- Human Witch*

Group started as part of a caravan.  I asked them where they wanted to be traveling and they would start half way there.  Choices were: Fairweather, Ingvar, Saltmarsh, or Vornheim.  Discussion ensued and probing for info- Nate brought up last campaign I ran in a city called Vornheim which is also this awesome book that this guy wrote that I use quite a bit and have hacked.  So off to Vornheim they go.

Group decides it would be fun to tell the common folk about blood thirsty orcs and goblins that roam the country side.  Common folk fail collective Wisdom rolls..  They are scared.  Aside: Humorously enough I had planned an Orc/Goblin raiding party ambush to happen as opening encounter.  I love irony.

Orc’s and Goblins come out of the fog and the caravan rolls a 1 on Fear check and flee like rabbits.  They are slaughtered.

Party takes care of Orc’s and Nate pisses off his god and loses his ability to use Warrior Priest powers.  Decides to attempt to regain favor with Corpulent One by ripping off the arm of a goblin and force feed it to itself and then eat the corpse of the goblin.

Five children survived out of the caravan, no one else.  Group decides to take them to Vornheim (Obsidian Portal Page– reworking it for current campaing).  Player jokes to start a crime organization and use the kids as street rats and informants.  All laugh, then realize it’s a good idea and start talking about it.

Group continues towards Vornheim and hears a village being attacked.  Omar goes to scout ahead and sees people being attacked by weird fucked up dogs with strange tentacle faces that are shoving into people’s mouths, nose, and eyes.  Says fuck this…  goes back to group who says fuck that…

Make it to Vornheim.  End of first session.

Session Two

Omar- Half Elf Rogue*

Liam- Human Fighter

Stephen- Human Sorcerer*

Nate- Human Warrior Priest of the Corpulent One*

Fletch- Still needs to roll up character

Dan- Human Witch

Group have been staying in a crappy inn located in Outer Vornheim for two weeks looking for a permanent place to live and getting to know the neighborhoods of Outer Vornheim.

They are living in an area called The Scabs.  Lower class, filthy, and perfect for crime.

Nate finds the “temple” of the Corpulent One- a seedy tavern called In His Honor, ran by Orv the Rover (a big fat man that when talks has the Fat B’s voice) where believers come to drink, eat, and fuck in excess.  All believers are expected to bring coin, drink, and food so all can partake.  Nate is happy.

Stephen explores the city and finds a used book store in the Scabs called, The Book Worm ran by Krogen the Humble.  Discovers that he is a follower of the Corpulent One (rolled randomly) and that he has a basement for rent.  However something crept up from the sewers a year ago and he had to seal it.  If they get it out, rent is free for two months and then 40 gp a month after.  Explores book store- finds a strange book- has spells inked in human blood.  Summon, Summon Demon, and Magic Jar.  Stephen buys it after haggling.

Omar goes to local constabulary in The Scabs to look at the bounty boards and discovers that there are several mutants fleeing from justice (he is a half elf, so he’s fucked up and mutated- he has a scorpion tail and barbed skin- and he actively hunts down mutants for money.  Good for him).  Outside the walls of Vornheim is tent city, where the utterly poor and undesirable live.  A mutant was killing and raping women and children.  He now has a mark he wants to hunt.

Group gets together and decides to clear out Krogen’s basement.  Go down there, fight ensues with some half man half fish looking dudes…  Asses are kicked on both sides- eventually the group is victories and it only cost Stephen two insanity points.

Now they have a hideout that is full of sewer water, moss, and garbage.  Yay!

End of second session.

Third Session

Omar- Half Elf Rogue

Liam- Human Fighter*- was able to show up for last 40 minutes

Stephen- Human Sorcerer*

Nate- Human Warrior Priest of the Corpulent One*

Fletch- Still needs to roll up character

Dan- Human Witch

Three weeks have passed since last session.  Nate and Stephen continue to train the kids.  They clean the lair and Stephen learns spells he found last session.  Nate has been delivering sermons at In His Honor and making some gold.  In His Honor has been without a priest for a year since Vallrath the Massive fell down the stairs after eating too much and his stomach burst and he died.  It was painful, but the Corpulent One was pleased.

Nate wants to find an eating contest to prove his devotion to his god.  They find a celebration going on in The Scabs.  Music, drink, food… and an eating contest.  They hatch a plan to have the kids steal whatever they can while there for the lair.  Nate will participate in the eating contest and then deliver an impassioned sermon to cause a distraction.  He also plans to use Command to cause someone to become violently ill.

Eating contest starts- first soup, then pigs in a blanket (dough version), then pigs in a blanket (bacon version).  Nate can’t keep up, so he turns and starts delivering his sermon.  Summons the will of the Corpulent One and is full of righteousness- the Corpulent One is pleased (he rolled a 10 on a d10 for magic) and vomits a large (size of a parakeet) maggot.  He feels that not only can he make one person puke, but all 104 people at the picnic.  He does so…  Chaos ensues.  Kids steal.  Stephen and Nate have a pint of ale and watch all puke…. Onlookers watching Nate and Stephen puke more.

All kids make it back except one, who got pinched and fled into sewers.  Stephen crawls down and finds kids about to be eaten by giant rats.  Uses Prestidigitation to scare off two of them and hammer fists the third to death.  Takes kid home.

Happy with haul the kids got (a lot actually).  Kids get money as reward and a nice dinner.  All have one shot of whisky as a reward.

Might as well introduce kids:

Alonsa- F- Age 6

Gregorrio- M- Age 8

Stanford- M- Age 6

Guss- M- Age 8

Wilburn- M- Age 11

Aside: Stephen used an American census spread sheet to generate the names.  He used this when he was thinking about names for his own daughter.  Very hand and worked well.  Nate and Stephen and I were all drawn to Alonsa.  She rolled well on the things she did and I made her an inquisitive little sprite.  Gregorrio is fucking whiny and a weakling and is the one that almost got eaten in the sewers.  Stanford and Wilburn are yet undiscovered personality wise, but I have a feeling with names like that they’ll be pricks.  Guss is a meaty kid who thinks that whisky is for pussies. 

Stephen suggests that they go into the sewers to figure out what is causing the sewer access to their lair to flood.

Group has now ventured into the sewers.

First level– found some giant centipedes.  Killed none- one killed one and ran off to eat.  Other skittered off.  Stephen and Nate lost some Dex to poison.

Kept going and slipped down a water slide like in Goonies, but not as cool, clean, and unsmelly.

Second Level- Land on top of one another.  Hear moaning.  Nate casts light on crossbow bolt and fires it towards moaning and sees Liam’s character coated in spider webs.  Stephen casts mage hand on his torch and lifts it to the ceiling to see if there are spiders around.  Both are too enamored with that they don’t notice giant spider crawling down wall where they came out of.

Spider jumps on Nate.  Last thoughts Nate has before being forced underwater is, “WHAT THE FUCK IS ON ME?!” and upon seeing Liam, “Hey I know that guy.”

Quick fight.  Liam breaks free of webbing as he comes too.  Nate gets out from under spider, breathes, doesn’t like smell or taste, and runs away.  Stephen uses shocking grasp on spider and they are all standing in water…  all take damage.  Spider doesn’t like it and climbs back up wall and disappears into the darkness.

Where we left off for the night.  Next session, continuing into the depths of the Vornheim sewers. 

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