Daily Archives: July 6, 2012

Updated Version of Wrathofzombie’s Grim, Gritty, and Strange Sword and Sorcery Hack

Here it be: WrathofZombie’s Grim, Grity, and Strange Sword and Sorcery Frankenhack 1

The biggest change is that after playing a few session and running a dungeon dive that was very combat heavy my players and I started noticing that the Small But Vicious Dog table (while cool and awesome) bogged down things when it was being used as a creatures lifeline when they reached zero HP.

Midway through the dungeon dive I changed it to at zero HP- roll a Con check.  If you fail you pass out and are bleeding out.  If you succeed you stay conscious, but suffer -2 to all rolls.

Critical hits are double damage and that’s when you consult the Small But Vicious Dog Chart.

I did a little rearranging/clarifications to abilities as well.

Enjoy!  Hope peeps like it.  I’m glad my group is.