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The Forestcrawl Kit- Hack of the Wavecrawl Kit

Friday I slapped up my Firefly: Complete Space and Sci-Fi kit hack of Vornheim and I’ve gotten some nice feedback and some compliments (thanks for those) and for the first time in awhile, didn’t have a RPG project lined up…  So I sat and twiddled my thumbs for a few days pondering what I wanted to do…

Apparently I like pain and suffering so much I’ve decided to do another hack of Vornheim.  This time it will be a Complete Wilderness Kit.  I’m already knee-deep in writing/hacking it (not sure when I’ll be done with it, but I’m hoping by the end of July)…

Anyways I just wanted to throw up one thing from it now (and occasionally I’ll put up other stuff until it’s done).

This is the Forestcrawl Kit, which is hacked from Zak’s Wavecrawl Kit.  Enjoy.

Forestcrawl Kit

We Need Something to Eat!

Often times catching something in the wild is hard.  If it was easy there wouldn’t be numerous tales of people eating fallen comrades or the leather of their shoes or belts.

When the GM feels appropriate, rather than bogging play down with constant survival type rolls for hunting use these rules instead.

Each day, when food is scarce, the base chance to catch something to eat is 10%.  Modifiers from players being huntsman, barbarians, druids, rangers, etc give a 5% bonus each.  Coming up with cool ideas like traps, etc are worth an additional 1d10% total.

If the roll is successful the players have caught something for the day (they cannot roll any further).  Roll a d6.  This is the animal that they caught.  The number 1-5 represents the number of people that can be fed for the day.

A roll of a 6 indicates that the PC has caught an unusual/unique style of woodland creature.  Roll a d12.

  1. Wolf
  2. Deer
  3. Elk
  4. Bear
  5. Geese
  6. Roll a d12


  1. Wood Nymph
  2. Satyr
  3. Centaur
  4. Unicorn
  5. Dire creature
  6. Ankheg
  7. Beautiful Woman (really a Doppelganger)
  8. Cockatrice
  9. Gnoll
  10. Giant Spider
  11. A baby dragon… Yummy.. But where’s its mother?
  12. Beaten human (escaping from a group of nasty things that are coming your way)

What Happens When You Get Lost

When going into the wilderness it is easy to become disorientated and lose your direction.

If so desired have a player roll each day to see if they become lost. The base chance to know your direction is 15%.  Modifiers from players being huntsman, barbarians, druids, rangers, etc give a 5% bonus each.  Coming up with certain cool ideas like, “Moss always grows on the north side of the tree” are worth an additional 1d10% total.

If a target fails roll a d8

  1. Traveled in the opposite direction and somehow made really good time.  You are double the distance away from where you want to be.
  2. You’re sense of direction is baffling.  After traveling a whole day you are back exactly where you started. It’s as though you never left.
  3. You are so confident in your sense of direction you don’t notice that group of hungry cannibals running right at you.
  4. You walk the whole group into something dangerous; like giant spider webs, quicksand, etc.
  5. Your ineptitude causes you to get stuck in some pretty nasty terrain; mountainous, tar pits, swamps, etc.  This takes 1d6+2 hours to navigate through.
  6. You’re lost and you know it… doesn’t that cave seem like the perfect place to rest (looks perfectly harmless)?
  7. You get confused and ended up going back the way you came, but on a different route.
  8. You get too close to a big beasties lair… and it just had babies.. its coming to beat you to death and eat your feet.

Random Event

Traveling through the wilderness is arduous, dangerous, and epic.  Once per day or every 30 miles traveled roll a d10:

  1. Creature (roll on your preferred creature table)
  2. Terrible Weather- Roll a d3- 1) No progress for the day; 2) One quarter normal progress made for the day; 3) One half normal progress made for the day
  3. What’s That Over There? (roll on table below)
  4. People Just Passing By (Roll on table below)
  5. The bird sings and the sun shines.  Nothing bad befalls you this day
  6. You pick berries and sing songs and laugh.  A good day to frolic if there was one
  7. Frolicking in the woods just doesn’t get any better!
  8. Due to bad footing or whatever you or a companion (or the cart) gets damaged and cannot continue on for the rest of the day, unless dragged/carried or repaired
  9. Crappy Weather- Roll a d3- 1) One half normal progress made for the day; 2) Three quarters progress made for the day; 3) Full progress made for the day
  10. WeirdForestEvent: Create two or three weird and random events.  If one comes up this gives you plenty of time to create another.  Here are two for an emergency:

Killer Trees: The trees around you suddenly come alive and are enraged by your blatant use of their brethrens corpses.  They scream curses, flail their branches, and rustle their leaves menacingly.  They aren’t mobile, but there are fucking trees everywhere.

Not so Wonderful Omen: A bright flash of light and a duplicate of one of the PCs appears.  Haggard, bloody, and breathing heavy.  They see the actual PC and shout that it’s their fault that it went this way!  We have to die!  Then they charge at themselves.


What’s That Over There? (roll d12)

  1. Abandoned Military Outpost– Old and rickety and shows scars of battle.  The wood creeks in the wind.  2d6+1 nasty monsters here.
  2. Strange Stone Outcropping– Chanting coming from center.  People dancing frantically and singing around a small alter on which sits a strange stone idol.
  3. Active Mine– Military harvesting valuable ore.  Criminals and slaves serve as labor force.  2d12 troops present and 2d20x2 workers. 
  4. Recently Attacked Mine– Bodies, blood, and offal everywhere.  2d20 creatures throughout the mine.  There maybe survivors..  but most assuredly there be riches in them there hills!
  5. Strange Tower Covered in Mist– Home to manic depressive bipolar Wizard and his 2 apprentices.  He doesn’t like to be disturbed, but he’s oh so lonely…
  6. Strange Rock– Hums with energy.  If it’s raining, the stone turns red and blood runs off of it.
  7. Rickety Bridge Over a Chasm– It’s sadly the only way to cross for miles…  It MAY be safe to cross…  There also seems to be a slight sound of the wind… it sounds like chuckling.
  8. Large Stone Statue of Impressive Man– Old and covered in moss and surrounded by trees.  Hissing sounds echo around group.  Statues eyes seem to follow people.
  9. Small Farming Community– Very hospitable and friendly.  Excited for new people and to hear about adventures.  They are godless cannibals!
  10. Small Farming Community– Very hospitable and friendly.  Excited for new people and to hear about adventures.  They are not godless cannibals, they are actually just that nice.
  11. Crystalline Outcropping– There is an opening and a stairwell leading down to a dungeon.  It’s a really pretty dungeon though.  Full of really pretty monsters.
  12. Military Outpost– Local magistrate resides here, presiding over territory.  There are 3d20 guards here at all times as well as 2d10 civilians (traders, tradesman, etc). 

People Just Passing By (d100)

1-2- Raiders/Bandits (sucky)– 2d6+2.
3-4- Monsters (sucky)– 2d6+2.

5-6- Monsters (scary)– 1d8+3 and 1d6 captives.
7-14- Trade Caravan– The number you just rolled and multiply that by 100.  That’s how much platinum the Merchant is carrying. He has a few things to sell/barter.  He has a loyal crew of mercs (2d8+2) that will defend/protect him.
15-16- Monster Hunter– Looking for a fabled monster that lurks in the area that has been causing trouble for farmers.
17-18- Necromancer– 1d6 varieties of undead (1d6 of each).
19-20- Orc Raiding party– Big and scary.  2d10 orcs.
21-22 Raiders/Bandits (Scary)– 2d8+1.  They’ve got treasure and prisoners.
23-24- Raided empty Caravan– Bodies strewn around.  Happened 2d6 days ago.  Vultures, maggots, and flies.  Nothing worth value.
25-26- Adventuring Group- 2d4 of them.  Level 1-6.
27-28- Group of Exiled Refugees- They were exiled for some reason.

29-30- Damaged Caravan– Signs of weapon damage.  Defended against attack.  Need assistance.
31-32- Slavers– Transporting slaves to outlying territories.  2d10 slavers. 1d20+2 slaves.
33-34- Druidic Circle– Doing Druidy things like planting trees, tanning leather, and smelling flowers.
35- Bounty Hunter– Looking for his prey.
36-37- Diplomatic Entourage– Servant of the king to visit subjects of territory.
38-40- Settlers– People looking to make a home and living in a new place.  3d20 of them.
41-42- Group of Hags– Taking children in chains to their lair to be snacks.
43- Sorcerer-King War Party– Large castle carried on the backs of slaves.  3d10 warriors.  4d100 slaves under castle.
44-46- Hunting Party– Good old boys out to kill something for the fuck of it.
47-Raiders Attacking Caravan– Raiders are attacking a caravan.  Arrows and screams fill the sky.
48-Kingdom Knights Fighting Orcs– Huge battle between the two groups.  The ground runs red with blood.
49- Prison Caravan– Guards are escorting prisoners to work camps to pay for their crimes.
50-52- Traveling Circus– Merriment and fun for all!

53- Lonely Hill Giant Wandering the Plains– His tears can fill a lake.

54-55- Rioting Prison Caravan– Prisoners doomed to die in mines are revolting against the guards.
56-71- A Prince’s Roaming Brothel- A bunch of hot women and men that tend to the Prince’s every whim…  and maybe others if they can sneak in.

72-82- Large Caravan of Merchants, Trade Goods, and Settlers– Roll 2d20x100- this is the amount of gold the merchants have.
83-85- Priest on Pilgrimage- Looking to spread the good word to folks along the way.
86-87- Dwarven Battle Party- Out hunting giants, trolls, and other things that will end up getting them killed epically.
88- Dead Caravan- All the bodies are bloated and rotten.  Infected with some sort of disease/plague.
89-90- Wood Elf Scouting Party– They heard the players tromping through the woods.  They’ve come to investigate and make sure shit is safe.

91-92- Mixed cargo/passenger Caravan– A political dissident wanted by the kingdom is hiding among the travelers.
93-94- Merchant Caravan– Owner is transporting a rare and dangerous artifact.  It has taken control of him.
95- Small Group of Travelers– One of the king’s assassins is among the group.  He kills those he deems a treat to his liege.

96-Large Group of Troops– Headed towards town that is attempting to gain independence.  Has siege weapons in tow.
97-Bootleg Runners– These pirates deliver banned, illegal, or stolen goods throughout the territories.  They may have some interesting stuff and dangerous for sale.
99- Sorcerer and His Apprentice– Traveling the land to learn more about existence.  Has a few things for sale.  Mostly strange potions, herbs, parchment, and a few scrolls.
00-The Fucking King- The king of the territory is traveling (make up a reason).  He is surrounded by troops, entertainers, and servants.  For some strange reason he finds the party fascinating and invites them to rest up with him.