Alternate Casting Rules for Barbarians of Lemuria

Here is an idea I had for Magicians/Sorcerer’s for Barbarians of Lemuria.

One of the criticisms I’ve seen about magic users in BoL is the slow regeneration rate of magic points.  I took rules from my D&D/Castles and Crusades Hack and mixed it with the freeform spell casting system of Barbarians of Lemuria.

Magic Casting

Casting magic is a dangerous hobby and few people travel down it and those that do either come to wield great power or suffer horribly.

Alternative Mana Points: All Sorcerers have zero Mana/Magic Points instead of starting off with a set amount.  When a Sorcerer wants to cast a spell they must channel energy and build up a certain amount of power.  Each round a Sorcerer channels he gets 5 mana points. Channeling is Tricky and the Sorcerer suffers -1 to his roll.  He must roll each round to gain the mana points.  Failure means no success that round.  The magic only stays with the Sorcerer for a few rounds, so it cannot be stored for long periods of time.

Alternative Casting: Whether using the BoL mana or alternate casting, once the Sorcerer has enough mana to cast his spell he rolls to actually cast the spell.  The Casting Requirements no longer lessen the amount of mana expended, but lowers the TN by 1 each.  (If using the BoL mana points, they all regenerate at 4 a day instead of over days, weeks, or months).

Target Numbers

Cantrip- Auto (no roll)

First Magnitude- Tricky (-1)

Second Magnitude- Tough (-4)

Third Magnitude- Demanding (-6)

If a Sorcerer fails his casting roll he must roll on the tables below (there is no burning hero points for this); Minor Void Manifestation for First Magnitude spells, Major Void Manifestation for First Magnitude spells, and Catastrophic Void Manifestation for Third Magnitude spells.

Catastrophic Failure– If the sorcerer rolls snake eyes then extremely bad shit happens.  Messing with the powers of the cosmos does not go unnoticed by those beings long forgotten in space and time.  Generally casting powerful spells do little more than barely disturb these strange creatures sleep.  However every so often they stir and seek to destroy that which has gained their ire.  Roll on the Catastrophic Void Manifestation Table and roll a d6 and consult below:

Roll 1d6-

  1. The being is not interested in the movement of ants and goes back to sleep.  However a second catastrophic failure at a spell will immediately reawaken this being and will immediately manifest at the casters location and destroy all within in its grasp.
  2. The creature stirs and moves in its sleep.  An earthquake centered on the caster and affects a 10 mile radius rocks the area.
  3. The being is annoyed at the interruption and sends something fucking awful from the void to kill the Sorcerer.  A monstrosity of terrible description appears immediately and attacks the caster and all those nearby.
  4. The creatures brief moment of consciousness causes the weather to be completely opposite for the season.  This lasts for 1d3 weeks.
  5. The being perverts the caster who now becomes a devoted servant seeking to bring his master into the world.
  6. Like swatting a gnat on the wall the creature simply wills the caster out of existence.
Minor Void Manifestation
Roll Result
1-10 Witchery: You fuck up all food stuff in a 100ft radius.  It goes bad and is unusable.  Now the poor village folk are going to starve..  Actually you look pretty good to eat.
11-20 Rupture: Blood spurts from your eyes, nose, and ears until you make a successful Strength check.  People run from you!  Surely you have the plague!
21-30 Breath of Chaos: A cold and unnatural gust of strong wind blows through the area.  This causes fires to extinguish, water to get ice crystals, small things (like Halflings) to be blown over.
31-40 Chaos Surge: Your eyes change color, your teeth yellow, and your hair falls out.  This lasts for 1d3+1 days.
41-50 Chaos Saturation: You glow with a strange light.  It is impossible to hide.  You are a great big flashlight and see perfectly, as do others, in the dark.  This lasts for 1d10 minutes.
51-60 Unnatural Aura: Animals within 100ft radius of you don’t just get spooked, but go batshit crazy!  They bite, they claw, they scratch, and go agro on your ass!  Dogs and cats live together!  It’s mass hysteria!
61-70 Spirits: Ghostly voices fill the area.  Glimpses of strange figures can be seen.  Normal folk in the area must make a Mind save or be driven insane.
71-80 Magical Shock: Magic blasts arcs through you and you take 1d6 points of damage.
81-90 Magical Lancing: Magical energy lances through your body.  Reduce your Magic skill by 1 for 2d6 minutes.
91-95 It’s a Monster!: You are driven insane, briefly, by the touch of magic and think one of your compatriots is an evil, foul bastard.  You attempt to attack them and smite them from the earth for 1d6 rounds.
96-00 Unlucky: Roll on Major Void Manifestation Table instead.



Major Void Manifestation
Roll Result


Witch Eyes: Your pupils turn bright red.  You can see people’s auras.  This lasts 1d4 days.


Silenced: You lose the ability to speak for 2d6 rounds.  Thank fuck.


Overload: You are overloaded by Magical Energy which explodes out of you, throwing you back 3d6 feet.  You are prone and stunned for 1 round.


Hellborne Imp: A small Imp is awakened and summoned from the pit and will attack you next round.  Only you can see and fight this creature.  Sucks to be you.


Chaos Foreseen: You catch a glimpse of Chaos and the great beyond and lose 1 Mind permanently.  From this point on however you get a +2 to rolls on Chaos Knowledge.


Magical Plague: Strange boils grow on your skin and burst in 1d3+1 rounds causing 2d6 damage to you.  Anyone in a 5 ft radius must make a Strength save or have the same thing happen to them as well.  Entire villages have been wiped out this way.  Way to go.


Aged: You must make a Strength save or age 3d6 years.  If this puts you at the 70 year mark make another Con save or die while losing bladder control.


Braindead: Magic lances through your brain and fries it.  Roll a Mind check or lose one point of Mind permanently.


Demonic Possession: A fucking demon takes possession of you for 1 day.  During this time it does terrible stuff while wearing your body like a party suit.  You have no memory of this time and no control over your body.  You wake up in the morning with your various orifices sore and tender.


Are You My Mommy?: You are filled with visions of your past; you cry, scream, and throw a hissy fit because your parents didn’t buy you ice cream or love you.  You run around doing this like a crazy person for 3d6 minutes or until put down for nap time.


Trick of Fate: Roll on Catastrophic Void Manifestation table.


Catastrophic Void Manifestation
Roll Result
1-10 Wild Magic: Magic blasts out of you and eats the flesh of those within a 50 foot radius in the most gory and bloody fashion possible.  All targets must make a Strength save or take 3d6 damage.  Way to be a mass murderer.
11-20 The Withering Eye: Your eyes become mummified, dry, and crumbly for 2d6 minutes.  Any target that looks at you must make a Strength save or dry up into a mummified husk.  Don’t look in the mirror stupid.
21-30 Brainblank: Searing pain hits your brain and knocks you out for 2d6 minutes.
31-40 Chaos Critical: Magic blasts through your body creating a very ouchie effect.  Roll 1d6+1 and double the damage.
41-50 Demonic Corruption: A Demon reaches into your mind and bestows you of a vision of the Void.  You lose 1d3 permanent Mind.  After this event you gain +2 on Chaos Knowledge.
51-60 Magical Feast: Strange Shadow Leeches appear from beyond and feast on the magic of your body.  No one else can see these disgusting slimy horrible little bastards.  Your Magic Skill is reduced to zero in a matter of seconds as you run around flailing your arms uselessly and screaming like a terrified child.  You cannot cast magic again for 1d6+1 days.
61-70 Demonic Swarm: The ground opens up and a swarm of imps surge forward to bring havoc and death to all.  Roll a number of dice equal to your magic skill to determine number of imps.
71-80 Demonic Contract: You feel a burning pain (and take 2d6 wounds) as a strange glowing rune burns into your skin.  Should you collect 5 of these your soul is forfeit and a demon gets to have its way with you in some horrible and perverse manner.  This brings back memories of prom.
81-90 I Don’t Know How to Tell You This…  But…: You’re a monster.  Yep!  Void corrupted you so badly you’ve transformed into a big stinky, hair, scaly fucked up thing of nightmares..  Have fun being hit with sharp things and spit on
91-95 Called to the Void: Space and time rip open and show you everything all at once.  It is too much to bear and you relinquish your body and soul to the void and are sucked away…  We know, much like the rest of your life, this isn’t how you wanted to end up.
96-00 Unbelievably Fucked: There are no words for how bad this is..  Except roll twice.


New Boon:

Defiling– A Sorcerer can make a Magic and Mind test and if successful the sorcerer rolls 2d6 and keeps the highest of the two.  This amount becomes a small reserve of mana that the Sorcerer can use on their next spell.  All creatures in a 15ft radius take that amount in damage.  This is enough to kill plants, grass, and small animals.  Peasants and commoners usually die or fall extremely ill.

Alternate Defiling– A Sorcerer can make a Magic and Mind test and if successful the sorcerer rolls 2d6 and keeps the highest of the two.  This amount becomes an added bonus to the Sorcerer’s magic roll for their next spell.  All creatures in a 15ft radius take that amount in damage.  This is enough to kill plants, grass, and small animals.  Peasants and commoners usually die or fall extremely ill.

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