My Hack and Hubris Campaign Kick Off- Players Chose to Travel to Vornheim- My Vornheim Players Guide

Sunday was the first session of my newly updated Hack rules and face-lifted Hubris setting.  I started with the players traveling with a caravan and did a quick who knows who moment.  Each knew another player through a tale of woe, triumph, betrayal, etc.   Everyone told their sordid sad tale and we were off!

The campaign was awesome and the players got to feel the lethality of my new system (it’s taken from my own brain bits, and shit from Warhammer 2e and Small But Vicious Dog).

Highlight of the fight: Prior to the fight the players were telling stories of trolls and orcs and goblins and the caravan folk got all scared and weepy.  Unbeknownst to my players I actually was planning an ambush by a few Orcs and Goblins on the caravan.  When the Orcs showed up I rolled for a fear check for the Caravan folk and got a 1.  They scattered like rats and were pretty much slaughtered wholesale.  This left the group to try and deal with the chaotic mess their big mouths created.  I was happy.

Anyway long story short I asked where they were caravaning too and gave them the city options.  After a bit of discussion and the heeding of one of my players who played in my last campaign with Vornheim, they agreed to head there.

Once there it was time to end the session but I asked what their goals were now that they are in the city.  They want to start a crime ring and rise up through the slums.

Awesome.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a seedy underbelly style campaign.

To the Info

I asked my players if they wanted a quick blurb Players Guide to Vornheim that would give them some reference, and they agreed.

I figured I’d post it here as well.

This info is from the Vornheim book as well as many blurbs on my own brain bits.

The Vornheim Player Guide

*Special Note* Our Vornheim, much like the philosophy of the original, will be created as we play and explore.  I am not going to create a bunch of shit and have it go to waste.  So go ahead and kick open the door…  I dare ya.

Vornheim is a massive metropolis that spans over a hundred mile radius.  Towers reach into the sky; obscene metallic peaks that mock the natural mountainscape of the ShatteredPeaks.  Thousands of bridges connect the towers.  Many of the bridges are covered and also serve as aqueducts to bring water from the ShatteredPeaksto the different areas of the city.  Yet standing taller than all other towers is the Palace Massive and the Eminent Cathedral, located at the heart of Vornheim.

Vornheim is ancient and no one remembers how long ago it was built.  Everyone has a theory though, and over a pint of some beverage that will get them fucked up, they’ll tell you.  Many people eerily chant the same mantra, “Vornheim has always been.”

Vornheim is protected by two walls.  One protects Inner Vornheim and the rich and wealthy, while the outer protects much of the city. However the outer wall is disrepair and there are areas where the wall has crumbled down.  This is problematic for the poor of Vornheim as nasty fucking beasties come in and eat their fucking faces off.

There are remnants of an old wall spread throughout the city that has been lost to time as Vornheim has expanded.


The Two Important Places

Palace Massive– The Grand Lord Thrawl reigned over the city, wise and powerful for several decades, until his strange disappearance 10 years ago.  There is a constant shifting of power as nobles and regents attempt to take the thrown in his absence.

Vosculous Eeeben is the current Duke Regent of Vornheim and has donned the Three Beaked Mask of the Regent.  Vosculous Eeeben and his family live in the Palace Massive.  He and Sublord Mealix, the current leader of the Church of Vorn, hold are the two most power people in Vornheim.

Eminent Cathedral– This is where all the grand leaders of the various religions of Hubris reside. They sit in this monstrous tower and have discussions about whatever the fuck people with that kind of power and time on their hands talk about.  The exalted leader of the cathedral and of theChurch ofVorn is Sublord Mealix.  He reigns supreme in these hallowed halls.

Technology of Vornheim

Noisy, soot billowing, and rickety steam technology that was invented by the exiled dwarves from the northern reaches of Ingvar is now found throughout much of Inner Vornheim.  The technology has brought convenience to those who can afford it, while those who live in outer Vornheim still live in an archaic manner.

This new technology has brought about extraordinary changes in weapons and travel.  Ball and powder muskets and pistols are available, but are extremely expensive.

A trolley system has been built through Inner Vornheim that allows for quick and easy travel.  The trolley system also goes to the outer gate to allow visiting dignitaries and nobles to get to inner Vornheim much quicker.

Most people travel around the lower areas of Vornheim on large creatures that look like giant Aardvarks, called Grazers.  Grazers are also used as beasts of burden since they are easy to take care of and feed compared to horses and cows. Only the very rich have a horse, and only larger noble estates have any livestock. Cows are kept outside of in pens and corrals as it is believed to be extremely unlucky to bring live cows into Vornheim.

Organizations of Vornheim

There are thousands of guilds and organizations in Vornheim and they aren’t important enough to list or remember until you encounter them and they try to bribe you, kill you, fuck you, or just beat your face in.

Religions in Vornheim

All the religions of Hubris are present and accepted in Vornheim, but none wield the power of the official religions, the Church of Vorn.

Laws in Vornheim

There are many laws in Vornheim and some change based on the whims of those in power or the importance of the dayPunishments are always in a state of flux.  The judicial system may sentence a harsh punishment for a crime one day and a slap on the wrist the next.

There are three laws that are always in effect:

Armament Laws– Any citizen found carrying any kind of weaponry shall be arrested and put on trail.  This is enforced more strictly in Inner Vornheim and in the higher towers.  Guards and the militia are allowed to carry weaponry; nobles and peoples of higher status are permitted to carry one dagger or rapier in open display.

Sumptuary Laws– It has been deemed that those of lower status found emulating or impersonating those who are their betters through the wearing or displaying of Noble clothing or high fashions shall be arrested, fined, and made to stand trial.

This law stands in accordance to Vornheim philosophy, “Know Your Place.”

The Law of Magic- Magic is a strange, powerful force, and deadly force.  While it is not illegal to practice magic, be it divine or arcane, it is frowned upon.  Casting spells in public areas is usually illegal, as it generally leads to panic and chaos.  The casting of spells that leads to the harm of an individual is highly illegal and generally the offender is put to death by being stabbed, shot, drowned, poisoned, drawn and quartered, castrated, and burned at the stake.

The priests of the Churchof Vornare exempt the Law of Magic.


Races in Vornheim

All races are found in Vornehim.  Most are treated with some amount of respect and dignity..  Except Halflings because they are bastards and no one likes them.  Oh and Half Elves are pointed at and can never occupy positions of power and nobility because their freaks.  Dwarves are mean and edgy and often cause trouble because they are heavy metal and want to punch the shit out of people who make short jokes.  Half Demons find lots of work in brothels because people think it is totally awesome to fuck or be fucked by a demon.  Dark Elves are usually given a wide berth because they are fucking scary and people don’t like scary.  Elves are scatter brained and hear voices and make good gypsies and fortunetellers, because it makes the voices in their head actually seem real.  Half Orcs are big and strong and violent and often are hired as body guards or thrown into the gladiatorial ring.  Humans are the main stay of Vornheim and they’re in everybody’s business.  Only the can be king and important.

Fashion on Vornheim

 People of outer Vornheim and in the slums wear whatever they can afford.  Often it is more function over fashion.  Inner Vornheim dress how the fuck they want and it is often absurd and weird.

Author: Mike Evans

I am a History major attending a community college until I can get more financial aid and attend a four year school. I am living in NJ with my girlfriend who is currently wrapping up on obtaining her PhD in Toxicology. I love Star Wars, Role-playing, video games, working out, reading, writing, and hanging with my girlfriend, dog (Perfect), and two kittens (Birch and Brambles). My main focus on this site will be my discussion of Role-playing games and ideas and hopefully contribute something worth a damn.

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