Instaregion for Hubris

I have been giving my setting, Hubris (all relative info is there, and hack is here), a face lift (for various reasons) and have finally sat down and created an instaregion drop die chart (as created by Zak S) that will work for most of the areas of my map.

I really dig Zak S. drop die charts (as seen here with Mutations) because they can be used multiple times and while the work might be front heavy, the rewards of it are many.

Also the whole limited time factor for creating shit is a factor so having something that allows me to drop some dice and create a kick ass adventure or generate info needed for my players is a bonus.

So here is my instaregion for Hubris (click to enlarge):

Just drop the standard dice, as many as you want, and consult the chart below:

Instaregion Chart


D4- Situations

1)      Monsters attacking (even- monsters; odd- people).

2)      Come across human camp (even- calm/welcoming; odd- suspicious/hostile).

3)      Battle between (even- nations; odd- competing adventurers).

4)      Fugitive is about to be strung up by authorities/bounty hunters.  They are (even- innocent; odd- guilty).

D6- Strange Shit

1)      Weather turns opposite of what is normal.

2)      Character has a vision of something that happened in this area.

3)      House with people in it, seemingly frozen.

4)      Body on the ground.  (Roll 1d3- 1) Talk to players and give cryptic warning; 2) Melt in front of their eyes; 3) Rise and attack as a ghoul).

5)      Echoes of battle can be heard.  Visions of fighting flit in and out of character’s peripheral.

6)      Manifestation of a God appears before characters..  What the fuck for?

D8- Monsters- Strange

1)      Woman appears in fog, calling for player.  Charisma based save to resist.  Soul eating bitch.

2)      Huge monster lumbers into view screams and grabs its stomach, which bursts in blood and gore.  Small four-legged nasty things clamber out and start scuttling towards the characters.

3)      Human sacrifice about to happen and summon a nasty creature from the Void.

4)      Human sacrifice happened and summon failed.  Sorcerer turned into a horrible fucking mutant and is rampaging about.

5)      Group of 1d6+1 travelers are actually intelligent giant insects hidden in bodies.  Will attempt to attack characters by bursting forth from body (centipede, spider, ant, etc).

6)      Tree with hung corpses on it and tattered broken ropes will attempt to sneak up on characters as they sleep.  They’ll find themselves strung up.

7)      A character’s nightmare manifests in reality.  They need to make a Wisdom save or get some insanity going on.

8)      Strange Mutant bestial orgy going on in front of some crude statue that they worship as a heathen god.

D10- Animals

1)      Herd Animals Being Attacked by (even- Predator; odd- Monster)

2)      Bear

3)      Wolf

4)      Mountain Lion

5)      Red Fox

6)      Herd Animals

7)      Birds (even- huge flock- blots out sky; odd- only a few)

8)      Swarm of Bats

9)      Badger

10)  Game Animal


1)      Brigands

2)      Slavers

3)      Knights Protectorate of Esenbar

4)      Sorcerer and Guard of Klind

5)      Band of exiled and not mental mutants

6)      Trade merchant and guard

7)      Sorcerer

8)      Alchemist

9)      Adventurers

10)  Warrior Priest spreading the “good” word

11)  Nomads/Hunters

12)  Thieves, rapscallions, assholes, and bastards

D20- Monsters

1)      Three Witches and a cauldron

2)      Large oafish creature with ham sized fists.

3)      Roaming pack of fucking up and angry mutants.

4)      Blood sucking beetle swarm.

5)      Band of marauders and leader looking to loot, pillage, and fuck.

6)      Pack of beasts infected with nasty necrotic plague.

7)      Strange living magical spell that wants to hurt things.

8)      Bounty Hunters tracking PC’s for some reason.

9)      Pack of wild and starving carnivores

10)  It’s a fucking demon.  No, literally it is demon that wants to use the characters as a cum catcher.

11)  Smelly fast and rotting undead will eat your feet.

12)  Nasty dastardly asshole imps that like to fuck with your day.

13)  Big burly creature that charges at you and uses a dead human as a club.

14)  Gargantuan mutated creature…  I’d run if I were you.

15)  Strange stitched up creature that is an alchemical experiment gone oh so wrong.

16)  Knights Protectorate of Esenbar burning a poor bastard at the stake.

17)  A small creature of mostly fur and teeth standing around 2d10 dead human bodies all with their guts torn out..

18)  Giant furry slimy spiders.

19)  Animated suit of black scary armor that wants to snuff the fuck out of life.

20)  Something big and scary that is big and scary no matter how tough the PC’s “think” they are.  Make them roll a bladder check to put them in their place.

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