Giving My Setting, Hubris, a Facelift- The Messed Up and Terrible Pantheon

When I first created Hubris a few months ago I wanted to actually get rid of Divinity and have all magic revolve around sorcery.

Most games I’m not a huge fan of religions.  Being an Atheist myself probably lends to this.  The other reason is most religions in games are fucking boring.  Here’s your god of nature!  He likes nuts and running through trees and rivers and ponds!  When is is angry druids get rashes and dandruff.

And here we have your god of war and he likes it when you fight and if you are devoted to him blah blah blah..

So while everyone had fun and things were uncomplicated by religion, I wanted to introduce messed up religions to Hubris.  I’m not saying my pantheon is unique or special or anything, but I did want them to be fucked up and different.

People will probably read these and ask who the fuck in their right mind would follow these guys..  but this is Hubris…  and this is the best that they get.

In my hack I created the Warrior Priest (Hubris’s version of a Cleric) with a mechanic called Invoking.  Here’s the rule below:

Invoke the Name- Invoking the name of a God is not to be taken lightly as it brings both boon and hardship.  A Warrior Priest can speak the name of their God and call forth holy powers once per day. See Invoking below.

Invoking- When a Warrior Priest calls forth the power of their Deity it is to summon the strange will of an unknowable being.  The effects are varying and can be terrifying.

GM’s are encouraged to make up their own deities and each one have a power when invoked that is both a boon and a hindrance.

Example: Invoking the name of a God of War gives the +1d6+1 to hit for the duration of combat, but he subtracts that amount from his AC.

 Another possible suggestion is to come up with a table with d6, d8, etc options and when the Warrior Priest invokes the name have them roll.  The option is completely random and can be good or it can be bad.  The option should not be overpowered or a deal breaker either way.

While in the Hack I kept it god free and gave advice to GM’s on creating their own pantheon and invoking rules, in my Hubris setting I created the Gods/Goddesses, their chosen weapon, the code the Warrior Priests tend to abide by, and the power of Invoking.

If the Warrior Priest is successful at invoking the name of their god/goddess they roll a d8 and look at the number listed under their deity.

Aside: Some of these may change before I put up my Hubris GM Info guide for anyone to hack/use should they want to…  We’ll see what I think of these abilities after I’ve not looked at em for a few days.  

Here they be:

Hubris Pantheon

KantarGod of the Terrible Whisper– It is not exactly sure what Kantar resides over, but His presence cannot be denied.  Most of his priests seek out knowledge, believing this His name carries the weight of secrets.  Most people don’t argue this, but feel that the priests could all be insane.

Weapon: Crossbow


  • Seek out knowledge of the past and secrets of people and keep them safe.
  • Fight against the burning of books or banning of knowledge.
  • Engage in gossip for the secrets it holds may prove insightful.


1)      All targets must make a Wisdom based save or become confused and wander around for 1d4 rounds.  The Warrior Priest is immune to this.

2)      The Warrior Priest gains a fleeting glimpse of some random piece of information.  They can add +2 to any one knowledge based roll in the next 24 hours.

3)      The Warrior Priest feels lightheaded and forgets some random piece of information.  They must subtract -2 from their next knowledge based roll.

4)      The Warrior Priest is able to touch one person and wipe their mind blank if the target fails a Wisdom based roll.  The Warrior Priest gains 1 insanity point for this, whether it succeeds or fails.

5)      Shouting the name of Kantar causes chaos.  All must make a Wisdom based save or flee in terror for 1d4 rounds.  The Warrior Priest is not immune to this.

6)      The Warrior Priest is able to transfer one Insanity Point to another humanoid if they fail a Wisdom based save.  If the target succeeds the Warrior Priest gains a second Insanity Point.

7)      The Warrior Priest is able to recall a vital piece of information.  They automatically succeed on their next Knowledge based roll.

8)      The Warrior Priest weapon glows (if using weapon of the Deity)- They get a +20 on their next attack.


YelsaGoddess of Sex and Violence– Yelsa’s temples are often found in brothels where the Matron Whore preaches and practices the trades offered by Yelsa.  Yelsa’s love rests in that strange place of pleasure and pain, often times going over too far on one end or the other.

Yelsa’s followers are quite devoted.  It is believed that she keeps the men and women who ply their trade safe from harm.  And given that Yelsa’s Warrior Priests are quick to met out justice against those who have done harm, it’s hard to argue.

Weapon: Spiked Chain


  • You may not wear armor that covers up your body.  You must display your sexuality (this reduces armor value by 1).
  • When in a town a Warrior Priest must stop at the whore house/temple of Yelsa and give offering of money (1d10 Silver) and of the flesh.
  • Always offer aid to a male or female whore if they are in trouble, whether it’s with the law or otherwise.


1)      Yelsa blesses you with supernatural beauty.  You receive +2 to Charisma for 24 hours.

2)      Yelsa is angry at you and turns you into an emotionless eunuch and are unable to Invoke again for 1d3 days.

3)      Yelsa takes control and everyone within a 50ft radius must make a Wisdom save.  Those who fail engage in a full throttle orgy of unconstrained lust.

4)      Yelsa gives the power of transference.  The Warrior Priest may hurt themselves for 2d6 damage and all enemies in the area must make a Constitution save or take the same amount of damage.

5)      One target of the Warrior Priests choosing must make a Constitution based save or be wracked with pain and unable to act or move and is considered helpless for 1d4 rounds.

6)      Yelsa is angry and all must make a Constitution based save in a 100ft radius or be Wracked with pain and unable to act or move and is considered helpless for 1d6 rounds.

7)      Yelsa blesses you with supernatural beauty.  You receive +4 to Charisma for 24 hours, however the first person that looks upon you must make a Wisdom save or lusts hungrily after your now extremely sexy body for the duration of the blessing.

8)      The Warrior Priest weapon glows (if using weapon of the Deity)- They get a +20 on their next attack.


FelcioSelf-proclaimed God of Perfection– Felcio is a strange god.  He was once considered the most beautiful mortal in all of creation.  One night Yelsa visited him seeking the pleasures of the perfect mortal.  Taken with him she offered him godhood so long as he served her in any capacity she saw fit.  He agreed.

Felico quickly broke his vow to Yelsa and created a following of his own, because he knew that being perfect made him better than Yelsa and any other god and serving was for lesser beings.   Now there are tensions between the followers of Felcio and Yelsa that sometimes spills into actual combat.

Weapon: Long Sword


  • Destroy all mutants, for they are not perfect and beautiful.  Most Warrior Priests tolerate Half Elves since they can be used as a means to an end in tracking other mutants.
  • Pay a tithe to artists who are able to create beauty and perfection.
  • Scar the face of your enemies so they are no longer perfect.


1)      A Warrior Priest is able to heal any scars or regrow the limbs of the next person he touches within 1 minute.

2)      You are not perfect and Felcio realizes this.  He grants you +2 to any one of your Attributes for 24 hours, however you must pay for your imperfection and suffer -2 to the same trait the next day.

3)      All are ugly in the eyes of Felcio!  Everyone must make a Charisma save or be transformed into hideous old hags for 1d10 hours.

4)      Felcio grants the Warrior Priest the ability to use Change Self and alter their appearance once.  This lasts 24 hours.  Have the Warrior Priest roll a Charisma check.  If they roll a 1 it means that Felcio has played a trick on them and the change is permanent.

5)      Felcio grants a boon of boons and allows the Warrior Priest to correct that which cannot be correct.  A Warrior Priest can choose to reroll one critical failure.  This lasts the entire game session.

6)      Felcio’s anger causes all magic to cease working in a 1 mile radius.  Now deal with the anger of others that’s directed at you.

7)      Felcio’s perfection inspires you to greater heights while diminishing your foes.  For the duration of combat (or the encounter) you may roll all checks twice and take the higher of the two while a foe designated by you must roll twice and take the lower of the two (Wisdom save negates for the foe).

8)      The Warrior Priest weapon glows (if using weapon of the Deity)- They get a +20 on their next attack.


DigradiaGoddess of Sacrifice and Shadow– Digradia is the Goddess of assassins, cutthroats, vagabonds, and even sorcerers.  She demands blood tribute from her followers and from those they slay.

There are no overt shrines to Digradia, for obvious reasons.  There are small shrines in the basements of seedy dens, people’s homes, and in strange liter strewn back alleys.

Weapon: Dagger


  • Once a week the Warrior Priest must offer up their blood in sacrifice.  This requires using a dagger, as the chosen weapon of Digradia.  This cannot be healed by magical means.
  • If you feel threatened by someone, it is best to stab them in the back or poison them before real trouble begins.
  • Do not show overt contempt for law and those that control it, but like a poison work through their veins until you stop the heart.


1)      You can transport yourself through shadow up to 1 mile away two times a day.

2)      You gain the ability to stealth like a rogue.

3)      Digradia summons a Shade to aid you in battle.  This is a great boon from your mistress!  Tomorrow you must offer her an ample sacrifice of 2HD.  If you don’t her wrath will be… terrible.

4)      Digradia’s name is whispered with fear, for it can bring death.  All targets must make a Wisdom based save or become rattled and suffer -2 to all rolls.  The Warrior Priest is immune to this.

5)      The Warrior Priest somehow wraps himself up in shadows and is harder to hit.  They gain +2 to AC for 1d6 rounds.

6)      Disgradia reaches into the mind of the Warrior Priest’s designated target and pummels their mind with horrible visions of the shadow and death.  If the target has 3 HD or less, they die of fright.  4HD or more targets must make a Wisdom save or gain 1 Insanity Point.  For this act the Warrior Priest is wracked with nightmares that night and must make a Wisdom save or suffer 1 Insanity Point.

7)      A Warrior Priest is blessed with the ability to become a shade with the benefits and drawbacks that come from being such a creature.  This lasts for 1d4 minutes.  When the effect ends the Warrior Priest must roll a constitution score or gain one mutation.

8)      The Warrior Priest weapon glows (if using weapon of the Deity)- They get a +20 on their next attack.


The Corpulent OneGod of Obsession and Want– Pictures of the Corpulent One are often depicted as an extremely fat man’s upper body with the lower half of a giant slimy white maggot.  The Corpulent One is selfish, hedonistic, and ruthless.

Those that worship him tend to be merchants, thieves, nobles, or those who live opulent lifestyles.

Weapon: Heavy Mace


  • Never eat just enough to be satiated; stuff yourself and reveal in it.
  • If there is something you want, then take it.  If there is a dispute, take it anyway.  If there is a further dispute and it is worth fighting over, do so.  If not, leave it alone to live another day.
  • Remember you first- others are secondary.


1)      The Warrior Priest is able to summon a sumptuous banquet that will feed 6 people.  If any more attempts to eat at the table the food instantly vanishes and the invaders are struck with an insatiable hunger for 1d4 days.  The people eating must stuff themselves for over an hour.  At the end they must make a constitution save or become ill.

2)      The Warrior Priest grows suddenly into a gigantic maggot and thrashes around and gains all the benefits and drawbacks of the monster.  He also gains a natural armor bonus of +2.

3)      The Corpulent One fills everyone with a need for something that someone else around them has.  If this happens during combat the current motivation for conflict ceases and a new one for the item(s) begins.

4)      The Warrior Priest is blessed with the ability to barter better then ever before!  He receives +4 to any persuasion based roll for the next 24 hours.  Look at that winning smile!

5)      The Warrior Priest is able to touch someone and cause them to have such an insatiable want it drives them mad.  The target must succeed on a Wisdom save or gain 1 insanity point and fall to the ground lamenting not having the object for 1d4 rounds.

6)      The Warrior Priest vomits the food eaten by the Corpulent One in a 30ft radius.  The area is treated as being extremely slick and smells absolutely disgusting.  Targets must make a Dexterity based save or fall prone.  Those that succeed move at ¼ normal rate.  Targets also must make a Constitution Save or become ill, suffering -2 to all rolls.

7)      The Warrior Priest is extremely hungry.  His jaw unhinges in a strange obscene manner and he is able to eat a creature of Medium size or Smaller on a successful grapple check.  His stomach bulges strangely and the target suffocates in Constitution score rounds unless they cut their way out.  After which the body vanishes and the Warrior Priest doesn’t need to eat for the creatures HD days.

8)      The Warrior Priest weapon glows (if using weapon of the Deity)- They get a +20 on their next attack.


BailyGod of Trickery, Deceit, and Love– Baily is considered a playful god as well as an asshole.  Many believe that Baily considers it the ultimate trick to get someone to fall in love with you.  Some try to take a more romantic view and say that while Baily encourages tricks, lies, and deceit he really does want people to love.  It’s ok to lie to your lover while you fuck a whore behind her back, but make sure you love her when you come home.

Weapon: Sickle


  • Play tricks on people whenever possible.
  • Cheat, steal, and lie to any easy mark.
  • If someone loves you either marry them and cheat on them or leave them at the alter!  The ultimate prank!


1)      The Warrior Priest is able to cause an illusion of some sort to distract or frighten, those around him.  The target(s) must succeed on a Wisdom test to ignore the effects.  The illusion lasts a number of rounds equal to the Warrior Priest’s level.

2)      Baily plays a trick on the Warrior Priest!  He is unable to cast any miracles for 24 hours.

3)      The Warrior Priest designates a target and bestows the curse of Baily upon them.  They must succeed at a Charisma based save or risk failing at everything they do for the next 24 hours.  The target rolls twice and keeps lower of two on all rolls.

4)      Baily smiles delightfully.  1d4+1 targets around you fall hopelessly in love with you if they fail a Wisdom based save.  Careful, spurned psychotically obsessed lovers are even more dangerous than normal psychotically obsessed lovers.

5)      You hear the whisper of Baily in your head, directing you somewhere nearby.  When you arrive there is a small bag full of gems and coins equaling 1d10x100 gp.  This will vanish in 24 hours.  Time to bilk that old woman shopkeeper for all she’s worth!

6)      You are suddenly in the dress and have the powers of a different priest of Hubris.  Now go have fun and cause chaos!  Just remember that the other gods MIGHT not look so kindly on this!

7)      Baily wants you to live another day to cause havoc.  You gain 1 extra Luck Point… from someone else.  Roll randomly to determine (can be PC/NPC well).

8)      The Warrior Priest weapon glows (if using weapon of the Deity)- They get a +20 on their next attack.


VectumGod of Conflict (battle or otherwise) and Survival– It is said that Vectum’s battles with the other Gods is what created the mountains of Hubris.  Vectum is a cold god that cares not if you die, because death is for the weak and deserved to be culled.  However if you survive you are worthy of a glance or two from this angry testosterone filled god.

Weapon:Battle Axe


  • There are no victims.  Only the weak and the strong.
  • Unless useful for a further purpose leave no enemy alive.
  • Cowardice and desertion is punishable by death.


1)      During combat you are fueled with a fevor and add 1d6+1 to your attacks but, you minus the same amount from your Armor class.

2)      A battle axe of Vectum appears.  The Warrior Priest is able to wield it his off hand and gets an attack with it at no negative modifiers.  This lasts for 1d4 rounds.

3)      Blood Rage takes over and the Warrior Priest seeks to destroy all his enemies.  Use the Barbarian’s Rage Rules.

4)      A horn of Vectum appears.  When the Warrior Priest blows on it the ground trembles and a spectral warrior appears and fights with the Warrior Priest for 1d4 rounds.

5)      The battle roar of Vectum roars through the sky like a terrible thunder clap.  All targets must make a Wisdom based save or drop what they are holding and flee in terror for 1d6 rounds.

6)      A target touched by the Warrior Priest must make a Strength check or suffer         -1d4+1 to their attack for an equal amount of rounds.

7)      Vectum is angered by your weakness.  The Warrior Priest must a Strength check or suffer -1d4+1 to his attack for an equal amount of rounds.

8)      The Warrior Priest weapon glows (if using weapon of the Deity)- They get a +20 on their next attack.


The Heathen BelowGod of Decay, Death, and Betrayal– Those that worship the Heathen Below do not do so openly.  His temples are usually in caverns and hidden.  Those that worship him seek to spread death, plague, and dissent throughout the realms.  The Heathen Below is considered the ultimate offender in Hubris.  Those that worship him are often beheaded or set to the pyre if caught.

Weapon: Long Spear


  • Spread discourse and lies when possible.
  • Never get your hands dirty when you can manipulate others to do it for you.
  • Ritually scar your flesh to show tribute to your god.


1)      The ground is blighted in a 30ft radius and all small plants and flowers die.  Anyone in the area must make a Constitution save or become ill and begin vomiting for 1d4 rounds.  The Warrior Priest is immune to this.

2)      The Warrior Priest is infused with decay.  The next person they touch in 1 minute must make a Constitution save or age 1d10 years.  The Warrior Priest gains 1 insanity point for doing this as they feel the life force die.

3)      Two foes that the Warrior Priest designates must make a Wisdom save or turn on one another and fight.  This lasts for 1d6+1 rounds.

4)      Roll 2d6- That amount of life force is violently leached out of you (you’d better hope you survive because the Heathen Below doesn’t give a fuck) and flows into the ground.  Bursting from the ground is the same number of zombies as HP lost that will aid you in combat.  However once all are dead they wander off to feast on others, even your companions.  The Warrior Priest is immune to attack unless he provokes the zombies.  A Warrior Priest can attempt to banish the undead by making a Wisdom based save -2.

5)      The Heathen Below twists and warps you.  Roll a successful Constitution save or gain 1 mutation.

6)      The Warrior Priest is infused with disease.  If he touches a target within the next three rounds they must make a Constitution save or develop a terrible disease.

7)      All targets in a 30ft radius must make a Constitution based save or take 1d6 damage as you drain the life force out of them.  The total amount of damage divided in half is the total amount of HP you receive back.  You cannot go over your maximum amount, but you are fueled with a maniacal fervor and are able to cast one miracle immediately without rolling.  Roll a 1d4 for level of spell you can cast.  The Warrior Priest gains 1 insanity point consuming another’s life force..

8)      The Warrior Priest weapon glows (if using weapon of the Deity)- They get a +20 on their next attack.

Author: wrathofzombie

I am a History major attending a community college until I can get more financial aid and attend a four year school. I am living in NJ with my girlfriend who is currently wrapping up on obtaining her PhD in Toxicology. I love Star Wars, Role-playing, video games, working out, reading, writing, and hanging with my girlfriend, dog (Perfect), and two kittens (Birch and Brambles). My main focus on this site will be my discussion of Role-playing games and ideas and hopefully contribute something worth a damn.

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  1. What gods who aren’t just black and white? Oh wait. That is great idea. If you have a chance try grab an old copy of Winterweir for Savage Worlds. The gods there are pretty nasty.

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