Giving My Setting, Hubris, a Facelift Part 3- Mutations

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One thing I really dug in Warhammer 2e was the descriptions of mutations and beastmen.  I knew I wanted something tainted and pervasive in my world and thought corrupting mutations that can fuck up my players would be loads of good fun.

I got my hands on Tome of Corruption and the mutations tables are worth their weight in gold of awesome!

When I was recreating the races I had a good talk with people on Google + about how lame Half Elves always are.   A few good ideas were tossed around and finally Jez, over at Giblet Blizzard suggested making Half Elves mutated crazy bastards.

Here are is Half Elf:

Half Elves– Half Elves got the short end of the stick with the mixed blood of their parentage.  Half Elves do not have the beauty of either lineage and are born mutants.  However with this curse comes two boons that have kept Half Elves from being wiped off the face of the planet like a nasty booger; they are somehow able to sense other mutants around them and also are more resilient against further corruption.

Half Elves are pissed off.  They are spit at and their nickname, one they are more often called, is “freaks.”  Half Elves are not pretty.  They are not bards that sing praises to the heavens.  They scream, rant, and rage.  They drink and attempt to make it by without punching every pretty fucking face that walks by staring at them.


Racial Attributes– +2 to Class Prime Attribute.

Low-Light Vision– Half-Elves can see twice as far as humans in dim light conditions.

Partial Elven Immunities– Half-Elves receive a +1 against Enchantment spells and effects and sleep effects.

Sharp Senses– Elves are known for their keen sight and heightened hearing.  All Elves receive +1 to sight and hearing based checks.

Resourceful– Half-Elves have had to learn to be tenacious and prepared.  Once per session a Half-Elf is able to burn a Luck Point to have something in their pack that is small and believable.  An extra healing potion, torch, lock picks, rations, dagger, etc.

Hound Dog- Half Elves are somehow able to “sense” mutations and others cannot.  They are often hired as trackers of hunted mutants in cities or in the wilds.  If a Half Elves concentrates for one minute they can sense mutated creatures in a 100ft radius.  If they make a successful Wisdom check -2 they can focus in on one single mutant.  They must remake that check every couple of rounds.

Mixed Blood– Many scholars aren’t quite sure how or why, but for some strange reason the mixing of human and elven blood has created a strange creature indeed.  You’re a mutant, but a useful one.  Half Elves start the game with 2 mutation.  Half Elves are for more resilient to further corruption and receive +2 to Con rolls to resist mutation.

Now that I knew that Half Elves would be mutated freaks I set out to create a d100 list of quick mutations that could work stand alone for my hack (or in conjunction with Tome of Corruption).  Some of these are hacked/converted from ToC and others are original.

Here be Mutations!!

Mutation Table

Roll Mutation Effect


Albino Skin If you stand still long enough people think you’re a statue.


Black Skin You just a freak.


Grey Skin You just a freak.


Green Skin You just a freak.


Cyan Skin You just a freak.


Yellow Skin You just a freak.


Blotchy Skin You look sick.


Orange Skin You just a freak.


Sunburned Skin It looks angry and constantly hurts.


Purple Skin You just a freak.


Slimy Skin You are a slip and slide.  Barefoot must make a Dex roll to stay standing.  Targets have a hard time grappling you.  -2 to their rolls.


Sticky Skin Small light objects stick to you if you don’t wear gloves.


Bluish Skin Looks like you aren’t breathing.


Rotting Skin You look terrible and sickly.  People think you’re a zombie and try to attack you!


Skin Covered in Boils They hurt.


Skin Dry and Crumbly Your skin cracks and bleeds.


Slimy Hair It’s gross.


No Hair on Entire Body Just weird.


Grey Hair You just a freak.


Green Hair You just a freak.


Pink Hair You just a freak.


Blue Hair You just a freak.


Constantly Wet Hair You just a freak.


Hair Smells Like Garbage People don’t like to stand close to you.


Black Hair You just a freak.


White Hair You just a freak.


Whole Body is Covered in Hair Just weird.


Purple Hair You just a freak.


Extra Hand It’s little and nubby and has no range of motion.


Extra Arm You can get an additional attack but a -6 as standard.


Extra Leg When running roll 1d6 you can go that many more inches/hexes/etc.


Extra Nose It doesn’t smell anything, but somehow it is constantly running.


Extra Eyes Roll location.  No other effect but gross.


Extra Mouth It can’t talk, but it screams constantly.


Extra Stomach (external) It’s gross and bulging and pulsating.  You can go twice as long without starving.


Extra Heart You get +2 on endurance type rolls.


Extra Genitals No one wants to know what you plan to do.


Extra Head You can talk and argue with yourself.


Ooze-like Body You become rubbery and a puddle on the ground.  You’re pace is reduced to ¼ but you can DR 2.  You can fit under cracks of doors.  This takes 1 round to do and 1 round to reform.  All your clothes/etc are left behind.


Fire Breath You can breathe fire (2d6 damage) 2 times a day.


Oddly Attractive Despite the fact that you are a freak you are able to attract others.  +2 to Charisma attribute.


Telepathy You can read others minds.  This is an opposed Wisdom roll.  If you roll a 1 you are overloaded by the mental assault and gain 1 Insanity Point.


Acid Blood When struck with a sharp weapon acid blood spurts forth dealing 1d4 damage to the attacker.  You go through lots of new clothes and armor.


Stomach Maggots Strange maggots grow in your stomach.  Once per day you can vomit 1d6 of these things out and they will attack your chosen target.  They have 1 HP each, no bonus to attack (but do get a +1 for each as a gang up option).  Damage is 1d3 (+1 for each attacking the target).  They die at end of the day.  If you don’t puke them up, oddly enough you aren’t hungry.


Void Jaunt Once per day you can pop through the Void up to 15ft away.  You can do this all at once or in 5ft clumps.


Chitinous Skin Your skin is hard and nasty.  You gain +2 Natural Armor bonus.


Hypnotic Gaze You are able to hypnotize someone you start at.  They must make a Wisdom check to resist.  If successful they cannot be affected for 24 hours.  Once under your gaze this operates like Charm Person.


Spiked Tongue Your tongue is 5 feet long and does 1d4 damage.


Claws and Fangs You have natural weapons.  Claws- 1d6 damage.  Fangs- 1d4.


Emotional Control You are able to change the emotional state of those around you in a 10ft radius by making a successful charisma check -2


Goat Legs It hurts when you kick someone- 1d4 damage.


Dog Legs People look at you warily when you lift your leg to pee.


Half Bat Face You look creepy.


Pig Face You look creepy.


Goat Head You look creepy.


Bear Arms You’re strong.  +1 to Strength Attribute.


Cat Tail It’s a tail and it hurts when someone steps on it.


Crab Claw 1d6 damage.


Patagium (Flying Squirrel) You can glide at ½ your movement.


Bat Wings You can fly at your movement.


Puma Arms and Legs You can run as a quadruped


Wild Boar Nose +1 to smell type checks and you look ridiculous.


Wolf Head You look regal and creepy.


Small mutant conjoined twin out of your stomach It’s horrible and slimy and talks incessantly.  It’s vile, it’s disgusting, it’s your best friend.


Eyestalks Pike you in the eye and it goes into your skull.


Covered in angry bleeding and exploding boils These boils pop constantly and give off the smell of sulfur, death, and decay.  -2 to Charisma.


Overgrown body part It does something weird.  (Add +1 to corresponding attribute that makes sense).


Sickly You are small and sickly and everyone makes fun of you. -2 to Constitution Score.


Misshapen head You’re head is big and an easy target.  People point at you and laugh.  They laugher harder when you try to wear a hat.


Protruding Bone Spurs Bones jut out of your skin at odd angles.  They are sharp and extremely painful.  When you grapple with someone they take 1d4 damage per round.


Transparent Skin They can see your muscle and internal organs and you make things awkward at parties.


Savage Temper You have trouble controlling your temper.  When something injures you roll a Wisdom check to keep it in check.  If you fail it functions like barbarian rage but for only 2 rounds.


Worm Skin Worms poke out of your skin and wiggle around.  It’s creepy.  You get +2 to Charisma checks when intimidating.


Shriveled and malformed body part It looks gross and creepy.  (Subtract -1 to corresponding attribute that makes sense).


Plague Skin The GM selects an appropriate disease.  Anyone who touches your skin must make a successful Constitution save or contract the disease.


Mandibles Can bite for 1d4 damage, but makes kissing really fucking hard.


Elongated Arms Increased Reach.


Bulbous Eyes You can stare at someone very intensely.


Compound Eyes +4 against surprise attacks.  Can’t victim of back attack.


Scorpion Tail You have a tail full of nasty venom.  1d4 damage.  Con save or suffer -1d4 dex initial and -1d6 dex secondary.


Huge Body You’re easier to hit, because you’re large, but your fists do 1d6 damage and +2 to your Strength attribute.


Heightened Survival Instincts You’re a coward and the urge to run away during dangerous situations is always present.  You suffer -2 to all Fear type checks.


Flower Killer Potted plants and flowers die at your touch.


Bleeding Eyes You scare the living shit out of people as your eyes constantly ooze blood, but you can see in the dark like a Dwarf.


Androgynous You are neither male or female.  You don’t have any of the parts.


Beak Mouth You have a beak mouth that does 1d3 damage.  It clicks funnily when you talk.


Cyclops You only have one eye.  You suffer -1 to all perception checks.


Puny You’re body is tiny and small.  You get +1 to dex but –1 to your strength attribute.


Feathers You are covered in feathers.  People mock you for being a coward, thinking you have been tarred and feathered.


Hump You have hump that is full of fluid and is squishy to the touch.  It can soften your landing should you fall.


Blank Face You face is an entirely smooth surface.  How the fuck do you talk, see, and breathe?  Who knows, but you can.


Milky White Eyes You look blind but see in shades of grey, white, and black.


Breath of Flies Once per day you can blow a swarm of flies out of your mouth.  Really nice for a distraction.  Not so good for dates.


Touch of Madness If your bare skin touches someone they must make a successful Wisdom save or gain 1 Insanity point.  A person can only be affected by this once per day.  This affects even you.  This makes masturbating difficult.


Moon Skin Your skin glows faintly in the dark.  If you are in moonlight it glows bright white.


Regeneration You regrow body parts.  You also regain 1 HP a round.


Reptilian Skin You have scaly skin.  Very rough, but looks good as a hand bag.


Tentacle Arm(s) This isn’t anime porn.  They give +2 on grapple and disarming (against you) checks.


Extra Fingers/Toes You have 1d12 extra digits on a hand/foot.


Unhinged Mind You were born with a psychosis.  Life hasn’t been easy for you.  You also have the strange gift of letting others experience your psychosis for a limited time.  The target must succeed on a Wisdom save or be afflicted with your psychosis for 1d6 hours.  You can do this once every 24 hours.  While someone else is afflicted you are not.

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8 responses to “Giving My Setting, Hubris, a Facelift Part 3- Mutations

  • >B

    Let’s test it:

    Ten Half-Elves you met at Xavier’s School for Useful Freaks:
    09 Sunburned Skin + 24 Hair Smells Like Garbage
    06 Yellow Skin + 57 Cat Tail
    03 Grey Skin + 85 Androgynous
    96 Regeneration + 01 Albino Skin (My favorite, so far)
    75 Plague Skin + 48 Spiked Tongue
    54 Pig Face + Conjoined Stomach Twin (NICE!)
    48 Spiked Tongue + 49 Claws and Fangs
    45 Void Jaunt + 30 Extra Arm
    67 Overgrown Body Part + 26 White Hair
    60 Bat Wings + 97 Reptilian Skin

    All in all, a decent bunch of freaks.
    @Mike, you know about the Carcossa “what went wrong” tables…right?

    • wrathofzombie

      Lol. Those are awesome mutations:). I like having Half Elves start off as mutants instead of better looking humans/uglier looking elves.. Or the “ultimate beautiful thing because it mixes the two.”

      I’ve never seen that chart. Pretty awesome. I dig the shit that Jeff Rients comes up with. He’s a clever mofo.

      • >B

        Actually, I have an itch to play a Freak Academy game with you now…an obvious X-Men rip-off where some adventurers have started an academy for turning uncommon freaks into high producing adventuring squads…

        Also, I think snoddie may be on to something. I know it could be a lot of hassle, but if every one of the slots on the table produces a result that has clear and interesting implication could really make this table pop. His idea that even the freakish colors could have a game implication is solid.

  • snoddie

    I love the mutations in the Warhammer universe. Especially the mutating affects of Warpstone. One time in particular my party had run into a squad of Skaven (ratmen) in the sewers (I mean where else do you find rat men?) and these baddies where armed with warp-lock-pistols. Each shot fired had the chance of causing a mutation on contact, anyhow the combat took a nasty turn when one of the parties NPC companions got shot and horribly failed his “save” from the wound irrupted several tentacles as this unfortunate sod turned into a Lovecraftian Chaos Spawn.

    Great idea on your mutation chart. Let me know how it runs in game. I had the following idea for your skin colors.

    Green Skin – You blend into heavily forested areas and underbrush easily. Get a bonus to any sneak or concealment checks in the woods.

    Black Skin – After the sun has set you almost disappear gain a bonus to any sneak or concealment checks in darkness or at night.

    Yellow Skin – Your skin has a strange glow to it, similar to a firefly or angler fish. At night you loose a – to concealment, but you always cast dim light. Gain a + to charisma checks when dealing with “Children of the Flame” or especially pious individuals.

  • wrathofzombie

    @Snoddie- Thanks! I’m hoping the players have fun with it.

    I dig your suggestions on the various effects for skin color. Pretty cool.

    The Warp Stonelock pistols sounds awesome! I dig that idea. I love the whole oh shit now our friend is a Chaos monster situation!

  • messiahcide

    I just discovered this blog and I am just thrilled to see such awesome ideas permeating from the chaos wastes of New Jersey.

  • Using Drop Die Table for Mutation Monsters « Wrathofzombie's Blog

    […] other day I did a post on mutations in my setting, Hubris.  Not only do Half Elves start out as mutated freaks, but as players cast […]

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