Giving My Setting, Hubris, a Facelift Part 2- Races

Yesterday I mentioned how I was taking themes and inspiration from Warhammer 2e to give my current setting, Hubris, facelift after getting burnt out on writing it, and various other endeavors.

Yesterday I talked about the summary of the setting.  Today is Races.

It should be warned that this is not standard happy fantasy fare.  This is brutal and mature and generally going to go with the fucked up.


Dark Elves– Most people are wary of Dark Elves and why wouldn’t they be?  You worship a spider goddess, can walk on walls, spew webs from your mouth, and drink the blood of others.  Other than these glaring faults you are quite a lovely person that takes pleasure in maiming, killing, and stealing.

Dwarves– You hail from the Northern Clans from either Death’s Maw, Dragaon’s Claw, or Dragon’sTeethMountains in the reaches of Ingvar.  You are fierce, angry, and savage.  You tend to smash and ask questions, if at all, later.  Tattoos and piercings are abound in Dwarven culture and you’re no exception.  You smell of dirt, blood, and ale.  If there is one race in Hubris that listens to Heavy Metal it’s the Dwarves.

Elves– At one time the Immortal Elven Empire spread across world.  However constant delving into the arcane arts and rituals caused a strange being from the Void to manifest itself and in a single moment the Elven kingdom and their immortality were lost forever.  Without a kingdom your people are scattered through out the land living wherever a home can be found.  The magic in your blood resonates strangely with nature and arcane energies, calling you closer and closer to the embrace of the Void.

Half Demons– Hubris is dangerous and demons roam the lands.  Many take to the beds of beautiful women to in order to propagate and have their corrupt children walk the earth.  Demon females will disguise themselves as whores and get pregnant for this very reason.  You are one of these corrupted offspring.  You have to hide your lineage in most cities and towns or else find yourself tied to the stake and set ablaze.

The Knights Protectorate of Esenbar actively hunts down Half Demons and attempts to purge them from the earth.

You smell faintly of sulfur (Infernal) or some strange intoxicating scent, which is different for every person (Succubus) and that tends to be a give away.  You are very warm to the touch and have intense eyes reflect the state of the world and the Void.  You try to be heavy metal like the Dwarves but sadly you fall sort and end up just being gothic and morose.

Half Elves– Half Elves got the short end of the stick with the mixed blood of their parentage.  Half Elves do not have the beauty of either lineage and are born mutants.  However with this curse comes two boons that have kept Half Elves from being wiped off the face of the planet like a nasty booger; they are somehow able to sense other mutants around them and also are more resilient against further corruption.

Half Elves are pissed off.  They are spit at and their nickname, one they are more often called, is “freaks.”  Half Elves are not pretty.  They are not bards that sing praises to the heavens.  They scream, rant, and rage.  They drink and attempt to make it by without punching every pretty fucking face that walks by staring at them.

Half Orcs– The tale of the Half Orc is bred from violence. Your mother was raped by a savage orc and somehow survived the encounter.  Usually after such an assault, which is sadly common in the wilds of Hubris, a woman takes an herbal concoction that kills the fetus, but yours didn’t.  She hoped you would be different.  She hoped you would be special.  She was wrong.  You killed your mother at birth when you clawed yor way from her stomach.

Half Orcs are greatly feared as there isn’t much of a physical difference between yourself and the savage kin.  Many Half Orcs end up as slaves, being hunted, indentured guards, or their heads on pikes and their bodies on pyres.  The savagery of the Orcs and the cunning and drive of the humans makes you a deadly adversary.

You’ve been mistreated your whole life.  Your axe and your fist are your councilors and the trail of mutilated bodies behind you is the road you’ve traveled to recovery.

Halflings– Halflings are little annoying bastards that inhabit the human kingdoms, living like rats on the scraps of whatever they can find.  Many Halflings work for or even control crime syndicates in the kingdoms.

You are small and should’ve been squished like a bug, yet like a cockroach you are resilient and refuse to die.

Humans– The other races say there are too many of you, but not to your face.  You are stubborn, tenacious, greedy, scrupulous, and savage.  You outnumber the other races by sheer amounts and have culled parts of the savage wilderness to be your home.  If not for all the big fucking scary monsters, you would rule these lands completely.

You would sell your own mother to get ahead in this world.  You are the bright beacon of light in Hubris… and the planet is that much more doomed for it.

Tomorrow: Mutations!!!


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3 responses to “Giving My Setting, Hubris, a Facelift Part 2- Races

  • snoddie

    Really enjoy reading your blog, I think you have a lot of good ideas on this site. As a fellow GM that enjoys dabbling in world creation I’ve noticed that Dark Fantasy seems to be the “in” thing right now. My past worlds also tend to have darker setting, and currently we are playing in Warhammer 40ks universe.

    (please don’t take the following as criticism because I don’t mean it as such)

    However one pitfall I think a lot of game creators (Looking at you Games Workshop) and GMs run into is they take all the good out of their universe, and it leaves me the player thinking, “What here is worth saving?”. I think having some sort of “Good” in the world is important or at least what the players character believes to be good.

    With that being said though the medieval times where not exactly full of those who enjoyed the “easy life” and I think this should also be a theme in our games as it adds a sense of believability to our worlds.

  • wrathofzombie

    Hey Snoddie- Thanks for the praise. Appreciate it!

    I fall into that category of my worlds always have darker undertones.

    I don’t take your comments as negative criticism, but as objective and a different view point, which is important so thanks.

    When I look at the dark and gritty world I’m creating I want it to be oppressive and deadly and dangerous… but I don’t want to be stifling.

    I look at it as a type of motivation. Do the players want to get out of that environment, they go adventuring in ruins and stay away from the plotting and scheming nobles and oppression of the city.

    Hell they get some money or just some crazy people to follow them and they attempt to start their own town and village and the campaign is about carving their own little niche out of the wilderness.

    They campaign for justice and equality in the kingdom and overthrow it and create what they want.

    When campaigns are bright and shiny I get bored. When armor is clean and swords aren’t stained with blood.. I get bored.. When it is an encroaching evil coming to take over the land and bring the cliched story alive.. I get bored..

    This is not a knock for people who enjoy that type of playing because if you’re having fun then that’s awesome and shits going right. Hell if I’m hanging with peeps I’ll play and have fun in campaigns that I normally wouldn’t not run myself..

    For me (and this isn’t for everyone) that challenge of clawing my way up is fun and the threat of everything around you, either wanting to kill me and eat my feet, or kill/use me because I may be a pawn in their plan etc is fun and that definitely leaks into how I run my games 🙂

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