Merging Warhammer 2e With My Hack, Part 3- Giving My Setting a Facelift

In two previous posts (one and two) I talked about merging Warhammer 2e mechanics (along with the Small But Vicious Dog hack) into my current Sword and Sorcery hack (the updated version will be out as soon as I finish everything).  A few combats tests with some friends have shown me that I am dead on with where I want to go.  Combat is extremely deadly, quick, and fun.

Prior to discovering the awesome of Warhammer I was taking a look at my current homebrew setting, Hubris, and decided it needed a facelift.

Quick Aside: When I created Hubris I wanted it to be weird, dark, moody, vicious, etc.  I accomplished many of those things, but I was working on so many RPG projects at the time, as well as actual RL shit and school work, that I started to get burnt out on it and I stopped actively writing for it and ended up reverting to “standard fantasy fare” rather than continuing on the path I had set myself..  So I decided it was time to start working on it again and create the setting I wanted to run.

I started looking at the world and made some changes.  I made it darker and stranger.  It was then I discovered Warhammer 2e and decided to take some inspiration from there as well.

Here is the summary for Hubris

Legend say Hubris was created from the last tears of a dying God.  If that holds true then the God was a bastard and his tears were made of pure spite.  Hubris is a land of terrible creatures, grand inequality, strange and not so wonderful Gods, opulent nobility, destitute commoners, people that have mutated and turned to savage beasts, constant wars, and worse.

The kingdoms are not kind or benevolent.  The Klind are slavers and openly practice sorcery and offer sacrifices to their strange serpentine god.  The Fairweather kingdom is ran by a corrupt and inbred royal family with the nobility following suit.  Esenbar is ran by a staunch xenophobic theocracy that tolerates little outside of their strict doctrine.  Ingvar and the neighboring Dwarven Empire are too busy dealing with savage frost giants from the north to care about the goings on of the world.  Their life is cut from battle with an axe or sword.  The Elven Kingdoms fell long before man due to contact with a strange and unknown entity and the remnants are scattered throughout the realms.

There are no heroes in the world.  You adventure because you are bat fucking shit crazy.  Civilizations were created to offer security and comfort, yet you shirk those in the hopes of gaining riches and power.  Unless you’re a Dwarf no one will sing praises of your deeds.  You will die a horribly bloody death at the hands of some twisted abominations or from the machinations of a scheming noble.

Your epic tale will be forgotten in days as the dangerous world continues on without you and the apathetic masses stay complacent to dogmatic control of their government.

This is not a fairy tale or an epic ballad.  This is a savage world.  This is Hubris.


Tomorrow: Races



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