Merging Warhammer 2e With My Frankenhack, Part 2

Yesterday I mentioned discovering the joys of Warhammer 2e and wanting to incorporate parts of it in my current Sword and Sorcery Frakenhack game.

Today I show the Warrior Priest.

I haven’t quite finished one part of the Warrior Priest and that is Invoking.  I will be coming up with specific charts for my pantheon.  I haven’t gotten to that yet because while I have the names and theme’s for my pantheon I need to flesh them out just a little bit more.

Warrior Priest (Charisma)-

Level 1- Channel Energy- A Warrior Priest can channel energy of her deity to hurt the undead or evil creatures in a 30ft radius.  This causes 1d6 damage to undead and evil.  This increases to 2d6 at 5th, and 3d6 at 10th.  A Warrior Priest can use this ability 3 times per day.  Protection from Good will negate the effect of Channel Energy.  Undead 2HD under the Warrior Priest must make a Wisdom based save or cower in terror.


Divine Health-A Warrior Priest is immune to all diseases, whatever their origin.


Invoke the Name- Invoking the name of a God is not to be taken lightly as it brings both boon and hardship.  A Warrior Priest can speak the name of their God and call forth holy powers once per day. See Invoking below.


Lay on Hands-A Warrior Priest can touch a target and heal them for 2hp per level.  This cannot be divided up among multiple targets.  The Warrior Priest can use this on herself.  At level 5 a Warrior Priest can use this twice per day.

Miracles– A Warrior Priest is able to cast spells by praying to their god/goddess.  The Warrior Priest can cast any spells from level 1-4 so long as they are able to hit the target number.

Weapon of Deity– When a Warrior Priest wields the chosen weapon of their Deity the weapon is given a +1 to hit and damage and is considered magical.  At level 5 the damage bonus is increased to +2 and +3 at 8th level.

Level 3– Smite Evil- Once per day a Warrior can channel positive energy into their weapon to strike evil targets.  A Warrior Priest gains +20 to hit and deals an extra 1d6 plus an addition +1 per level of damage.  This can only be used on evil creatures.

Invoking- When a Warrior Priest calls forth the power of their Deity it is to summon the strange will of an unknowable being.  The effects are varying and can be terrifying.

GM’s are encouraged to make up their own deities and each one have a power when invoked that is both a boon and a hindrance.

Example: Invoking the name of a God of War gives the +1d6 +1 to hit for the duration of combat, but he subtracts that amount from his AC.


Another possible suggestion is to come up with a table with d6, d8, etc options and when the Warrior Priest invokes the name have them roll.  The option is completely random and can be good or it can be bad.  The option should not be overpowered or a deal breaker either way.

Prime Attribute- Charisma

Armor Proficiency– Light and Medium Armor

Level Hit Dice BAB Magical Skill


+0 1d10




+1 2d10




+2 3d10










Spell Level Target Number
1 4
2 8
3 15
4 25

Catastrophic Failure

There is no luck when casting spells.  If a spell fails, there is no burning a luck points and rerolling.  That’s it…  It’s done..   Dabbling in magic is dangerous, so beware.  If a Warrior Priest rolls 1’s on his Magic Skill he must succeed at a Wisdom test (you can burn a luck to reroll the save) or permanently lose 1 Wisdom.

Warrior Priests do not have to worry about Chaos Manifestation as their spells are fueled by self-righteous zealotry and begging to their snooty and strange gods.  However a Warrior Priest runs the risk of pissing of their deity and suffering grave consequences; if you roll doubles or triples, consult the Wrath of the Gods Table.

If you use Luck of the Gods and roll quadruplets don’t bother consulting the Wrath of the Gods table.  You’ve seen Raiders of the Lost Arc?  You shrivel and die and scream and blood is leached out of you in a terrible swirl of godly fire.


Luck of the God– A Warrior Priest is able to burn a luck point to gain an additional d10 to their Casting roll.

Wrath of the Gods

Roll Result
01-15 Unearthly Vision: Your god sends you a vision that rattles you to your core.  Waves of strange imagery and emotion racks your brain.  You suffer -1d6 temporary Wisdom loss and are stunned for 1 round.
16-30 Prove Your Devotion: Your god demands tribute!  You must give your god what they ask.  Each day you don’t you lose one level of Casting die.  Once the god is satisfied one level is replenished a day.
31-45 I am NOT Amused: Your god pulls the plug on your ability to cast spells for 2d6 rounds.  The spell you currently cast works if you succeeded on the roll.
46-60 You Existence is Inconsequential: Your god is bored with you and ignores you.  You lose ALL your Warrior Priest abilities for 1 day.
61-75 Stinging Rebuke: Your god is bored with your antics.  The exact opposite of the spell you’re casting happens.  This could be as lucky as simple failure in some cases..  Worse in others.
76-90 I Require Blood!: Your goddess requires blood from your body to fuel the spell.  Blood leaches out of your skin in think wavering wisps and disappears.  The spell succeeds even if you failed the casting roll but you take 2d6 damage in blood tribute.
91-99 Feel My Wrath: Your god is fucking pissed at you and lances your body with pain and agony.  You are forced into a penitent position immediately for 1d10 rounds and are completely helpless to what befalls you during that time.
00 Demonic Interference: Some malignant force answers your prayers before you God does.  Instead roll a a 1d6 and consult the indicated chart- 1-5) Roll on the Major Chaos Manifestation; 6) Roll on the Catastrophic Chaos Manifestation.



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