Just Take Risks Dammit!!

A theme or thought that I keep noticing on blogs and Google + (either articles or comments) over the past few months is GM’s expressing fear and apprehension about their abilities.

Aside: I’m not going to point out specific examples because A) I don’t to call anyone out and B) I can’t remember exactly where I saw most o’ em. 


One example I can come up with is during a conversation about people trying weird fantasy and a person commented that he wanted to give it a try but didn’t think he would do it very well… so he just stuck with standard fantasy fare.

Honestly what’s the point of not trying something?  I understand that everyone worries about sucking and failure and embarrassment and defeat and all that shit… but honestly who gives a fuck..  Take risks dammit!

I know that the gaming hobby has tons of people who don’t exactly garner confidences or have a large amount of patience or social graces.. but there are a whole bunch out there who will be more than willing to help, give advice, and etc after the game is done.

You just have to be willing to accept constructive criticism and open yourself up to it.  It’s how we learn.

There is an awesome thing going on right now called, “Constacon.”  It is the mecha of finding games to play in.  Just start a Google+ account (if you don’t already have one) and sign up to run a game via the awesome that is Constacon.

If I’m free I’ll be your guinea pig.  I’ll give feed back.  Just take risks dammit!

I’m not knocking you if you’re happy and found your niche and your players are enjoying the hell out o’ your games and shit!  That’s awesome and a success…  but don’t let fear of failure or ridicule prevent you from making monsters up!  Or creating your own world!  Or trying something “weird” or new!  Just do it..

There is a plethora of people to choose from, just on G+ alone, to experiment on and get feedback!

Just Take Risks Dammit!!

Fuck the rules! Fuck failure! Fuck fear! Take Risks Dammit!


About wrathofzombie

I am a History major attending a community college until I can get more financial aid and attend a four year school. I am living in NJ with my girlfriend who is currently wrapping up on obtaining her PhD in Toxicology. I love Star Wars, Role-playing, video games, working out, reading, writing, and hanging with my girlfriend, dog (Perfect), and two kittens (Birch and Brambles). My main focus on this site will be my discussion of Role-playing games and ideas and hopefully contribute something worth a damn. View all posts by wrathofzombie

4 responses to “Just Take Risks Dammit!!

  • thac0

    ConstantCon/G+ games seem to imply FLAILSNAILS for the most part, and something about FLAILSNAILS just doesn’t work for me.

    Add to that that in a discussion on G+ about it had people suggest they think people who aren’t down with FLAILSNAILS must “take themselves or their setting too seriously” (which I certainly don’t), and I think maybe it’s just the wrong scene for me.

    • wrathofzombie

      @thac0- Sorry it sounds like you’ve had some bad experiences….

      In all cases there are gonna be people with negative attitudes… Which is an unfortunate fact o life..

      I’ve seen other people playing various systems on G+, but yes Flailsnails is the most often played because it allows people to play in multiple games without constantly having to make new characters.. More o’ a tool than anything, but I have seen alerts on Constacon and other places that are of various systems.

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