Wrathofzombie Sword and Sorcery Hack

A while back I posted the rules of my, then rough, Sword and Sorcery rules that I have created.

Basically I have either created rules or taken shit from various blogs or books and created a system that my players and I like.

I’ve cleaned it up, formatted it better and added pictures and blurbs/poetry from various sources (some original) to keep the Sword and Sorcery feel.

Here’s the PDF- WrathofZombie Frankengame Complete Rules.  ENJOY!

Explanations and Credit

The main system mechanic is Castles and Crusades mixed with some Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Pathfinder, and Adventurer Conqueror King.

I redesigned all the classes using the C&C structure.  Classes got abilities every couple of levels and that was it.  I wanted to avoid the plethora of options that is 3.x/Pathfinder.

The class abilities are a mishmash of things from C&C, Pathfinder, original stuff, and other sources.

I decided like ACKS to curb leveling at level 14.  Gaining abilities stops at level 10.

Many of the Witch Hexes are from the Pathfinder Adventure’s Guide and Rolang’s Creeping Doom- Creepy Witch Spells.

I nabbed the Magic system, Constitution as HP, and Wisdom as Sanity from Akratic Wizardy.

The Sunder Shield rule is from Trollsmyth.

The Alternate Save VS Death Mechanic is from The Alexandrian.

The Called Shot Mechanic is from Playing D&D With Pornstars.

Luck is D&D take on the bennies mechanic from Savage Worlds.

Backgrounds are something I came up with to help the Castles and Crusades mechanics and differentiate different characters a little bit more.

The starting gear is just to get people stocked and in the game without thumbing through any of the damned books.

Sundering items is a little quick thing I came up with to facilitate quick and easy resolution on attacking objects.  It’s worked good thus far.

Anyways,  this is what I use when I play D&D..  I always am looking for new ways to improve it and new things to incorporate in it.

Currently I’m looking at maybe merging the spell mechanics I have currently with a more Barbarians of Lemuria free form spell casting system, but I really haven’t looked at that yet.

It appeals to me because in the end I want to be able to just use this PDF and not carry a bunch o’ books around with me..  or have a bunch o’ PDF’s open and have to scan through em.

This, like the weapon damage listed would be an alternate casting system to what is already in the book.


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