Wrathofzombie’s Stab at the Monster Manuals- I

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Imp [Pathfinder and Castles & Crusades]

I dig Imps.  I really dig that they are these calculating little bastards and there is a huge chance that players will completely over estimate them.  The king has been giving the players hard time, labeling them as villains and terrorists, etc.  Who is behind the king’s change of heart?  Out comes a wizard dressed in black..  AH HA!  It must be him..  No wait..  It is the small grinning cat on his shoulder that transforms into an Imp and zips away into the night cackling all the while.

Zak has a kick ass idea about the Imp’s ability to communicate with other demons. 


Inevitable [Monster Manual]

The Inevitables are a perfect example of one reason I have a hard time with the divine directly interacting with the world (and not just aiding the players) in a game.  They are strong, tough, and certainly more capable than puny fleshlings that scream and bleed when hurt..  So why would a deity contract a living creature to do a job when it has things like this?

However the thing I DO like about the Inevitable is that it is single-minded and so utterly focused on its job.  Just like the Terminator it will never stop till it catches you.

I prefer to look at the Inevitable from a deistic standpoint.  The God(s) created the world, people, places, and etc and decided to leave and not interfere.  However they knew that the realm was imperfect and needed some form of guardian, thus the Inevitables were created.


Iron Cobra [Pathfinder]


The Iron Cobra is pretty cool and I could see using it at some point, but in actuality it is just a Golem with a different name and fangs…  So I’ll keep it there.


Invisible Stalker [Monster Manual]

This monster always struck me as complete cheese and not to mention that as described….  Its fucking boring as hell.  Oh yay another summoned creature serving a wizard that is bitter about being summoned and attempts to fuck up the orders given blah blah blah.

For the Invisible Stalker I’d go the Invisible Man or Hollow Man route.  An alchemist, wizard, or petty thief messing with things beyond his powers and comprehension and it creates a terrible accident.  He is permanently invisible and stuck on the ethereal plane.  The isolation and energies of the ethereal plane drive him mad causing spurts of random and extreme violence.

Those who are able to travel to the ethereal plane see the Invisible Stalkers true visage, twisted with rage and hatred forever trapped due to their own greed and ambition.

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