Anyone Played Interface Zero- Savage Worlds Edition?

I’m scoping out Interface Zero for Savage Worlds for two reasons

  1. I’ve promised some o’ my players (for some time now) that I would run a Cyberpunk game for them.
  2. To hack it to add stuff to my Firefly game I am currently running.


I like incorporating that darker dystopian theme to my Firefly games and it works well.

I’ve scoped out some reviews on the game and it seems pretty cool and has stuff I could use.

I’m interested in the Cyberware rules and the Contacts/Streetcred as well.

Anyone know if this could be hacked easily for something like Firefly?


Thanks for the info!




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One response to “Anyone Played Interface Zero- Savage Worlds Edition?

  • Tommy Brownell

    Hm. Not sure what it would really add to a Firefly game, and I’m a big fan of IZ.

    If you do get it, I’d recommend spending a couple of bucks on the Hacking 2.0 PDF…very smooth, clean system that works better than the first iteration of hacking rules.

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