WrathofZombie’s Stab at the Monster Manuals- F

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Flesh Crawler [Castles and Crusades]-


This is a pretty badass enemy.  I can see it freak players out as they fight a body that is moving fluidly and attacking and suddenly this large maggot with sharp mandibles burst from the mouth or eye of the host and starts snapping at the player.

The only thing I’m going to change is the Paralysis.

Paralysis– The mandibles of the Flesh Crawler contain a poison that causes the victim’s muscles to spasm painfully.  The victim must make a Constitution based save or take 1d6 Dexterity damage.  Once the targets Dexterity reaches zero they are paralyze and helpless on the floor.  If no other threats are present to the Flesh Crawler they will skitter over to the target and begin feasting on their innards and make its new home in their body.


Frost Worm [Castles and Crusades]-

I really like the CC version of the creature.  The Monster Manual version explodes and sends ice shards at everyone for way too much damage and really doesn’t make that much sense.  I mean fine, it can freeze when it dies, but to have it explode is just an unnecessary part of the encounter.  This creature is pretty cool and scary on its own.  Pretty much keep it as it is.

Possible World Knowledge

  • A Frost Worm is a natural enemy to the Remorhaz.
  • The Frost Worm’s hide is thick making arrows almost ineffectual.
  • A Frost Worm is immune to all cold effects and damage.
  • The Frost Worm is extremely intelligent [F].
  • The Frost Worm’s ice/blood restores vitality when consumed [F].
  • The Frost Worm is terrified of open flame [F].


Fungus, Violet [Pathfinder, Castles & Crusades, Monster Manual]-

Oh Violet Fungus how cool you could be…  Yet how boring you are. I dig the acid melting flesh stuff…  but honestly we have Gelatinous Cubes and Oozes for that shit and they are much cooler than a strange gargantuan version of Athlete’s Foot.

When I pondered the Fungus I thought of the Xbox Live game, Limbo and also the creepy ass Zombie fungus of the Amazon (see video below).

The Violet Fungus attaches itself to any surface and releases (or spews) a mucus-like glob that attaches itself to the target.  The target must make a Constitution based save or begin taking 1d6 Con damage per day.  Each day that passes the target acts more erratic and possibly violent.  Once the target’s Constitution score reaches four or less they march, mindlessly, out into the wilderness or into a cave and die.  Once dead the fungus consumes the body and eventually creates a new Violet Fungus.

A Violet Fungus is mindless, but does have tendrils covered in a sticky acidic substance that it uses to defend itself.




Froghemoth [Pathfinder]-

There is nothing scary about this monster.  It looks like something from Ahhh Real Monsters!  The only place this thing could really work is in Weird Fantasy, and there are so many other ideas that are so much cooler.  Nix.


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