Wrathofzombie’s Stab at the Monster Manuals- E

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Elementals [Pathfinder, Castles & Crusades, Monster Manual]-

I really do agree with Zak that Elementals aren’t scary.  Not only are they not scary but they are not indicative of an interesting encounter.  They are neutral beings that have low intelligence.  In all my years of gaming I don’t think I’ve ever had players fight or encounter elementals.  The only time they come into play is as a druid spell so I think that is the only way I’ll handle them.  A Druid or Sorcerer can summon an elemental and use it as guardian or worker.  End of story.

Ethereal Filcher [Monster Manual]-

I’m having a hard time pondering why this creature was created.  It looks boring, it attacks boring, it smells boring..  It is boring.  Nix.

Ethereal Marauder [Monster Manual]-


Unlike the Ethereal Filcher, the Ethereal Marauder is pretty bad ass.  I’ve used the creature to great effect several times.  A creature that pops into existence right above a characters head and tackles them to the ground and worries them like a rag doll in a dogs mouth and them disappears again before showing up somewhere new to attack is a fun encounter.

I like thinking of the Ethereal Marauder as a Wizard eater.  Wizards shine brightly on the ethereal plane and are mighty tasty.  The Marauder can sense a wizard for several miles and will stalk their prey and toy with it before finally making the kill.  If a Wizard has expended his magic the Marauder may disappear and wait till his prey has replenished his magical ability.

Ettercap [Pathfinder, Castles & Crusades, Monster Manual]-

I think that the Ettercap can be a cool enemy but, personally, it should be linked to something rather than just an anthropomorphic spider creature.  For the purpose of this project and my game setting I will link the Ettercap to the Drow.

Certain Drow are favored by Lolth and given the great gift of immortality by becoming a Drider if they survive the transformation process.  The Drow that prove to be unworthy end up an abomination.  These disgusting creatures called Ettercaps and show all Drow what happens when you’re heart is not dedicated completely to Lolth.  Where the Drider shows the perfect merging of spider and Drow, an Ettercap is little more than a grotesque bipedal spider-like beast.  Its body is covered in course wiry brown or grey hairs and its flesh has a burned angry look.

The Ettercap contains fragments of its former self, but for the most part is just a barely aware creature.  To mock the creature further Lolth bestows them with the ability to realize that they have failed and are unworthy.  This is the one constant emotion an Ettercap is tormented with.

Ettercap’s tend to serve as slaves and servants to the Drow, and more specifically a Drider.  An ettercap is incapable of disobeying a Drider’s direct order.

Possible World Knowledge

  • An Ettercap’s venom forces a target to relive the beast’s constant sorrow and doubt.
  • Ettercaps have the ability to communicate (empathically) with spiders.
  • Ettercap’s have can spit webs from its mouth and climb walls just as a spider.
  • Ettercaps are immortal [F].
  • The curse bestowed to an Ettercap can be removed [F].
  • Eating the brain of an Ettercap bestows the consumer with forgotten Drow rites [F].

Ettin [Pathfinder, Castles & Crusades, Monster Manual]-

I like the idea of the Ettin, but I fail to see its worth as a separate species or encounter.  See Ogre (when I get there).


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