You Can’t Talk About Politics, Religion, Abortion, and… Role-Playing?

First off…  Watch the video.  A) It’s hilarious and B) It is relatable to this post- just change the context to role-playing.

With 5e coming out the drums of war have already begun beating and multiple groups are setting up to destroy one another, bring down WoTC, defend it, soil themselves, or just rant and rave about end times and role-playing being smothered like an unwanted infant in a back alley.

Some people make some good points and are honestly curious about WHAT a person would want in a 5e to make it happy and even posting nifty reading material for people to contemplate over.

Then there are other people who rant and rave and piss and moan (forget it I’m not giving links to this shit- peeps can find that on their own) about 5e and also about every other edition except the one that they like.

This constant bickering as well as a few experiences have lead me to believe that role-playing is akin to talking about religion.

As Chuck states, you don’t see people berating one another for their opinions on harmonicas.

Example: The other day I was in a comic book store that opened near my house.  The employee and his friend (who looked like Captain Sweatpants, I shit you not) were talking as I walked up to the counter.  I heard Captain Sweatpants mention “feats.”

I asked if they were talking about DnD.  Got a intrepidatious yes.  I asked what version they played.


I said, “Oh cool.  I’ve tired it.  I play Pathfinder and retro-clones.”

From that moment on I was treated as though I was scum.  It was weird.

After we left my girlfriend commented on how uncomfortable that was (and for her I bet it really was).  She said Captain Sweatpants wouldn’t stop glaring at me.

The whole point of this is who gives a SHIT what version of DnD you play..  Who gives a shit WHAT game you play…  Our niche is too small for all this constant retarded infighting that is counterproductive to a fun and collective gaming experience.

As the brilliant Patton Oswalt has shown above I fall into the there’s dessert enough for everyone category (gaming wise, religious wise I’m a staunch Atheist… which also gets me amany dirty look and treated like scum, but that’s a pondering for another day) and I’m just happy to talk to people about gaming.

You can write a blog post about WHY you don’t like a certain game or that you do, but don’t rant or be disrespectful.  I’m honestly interested why people don’t like certain games, because it offers me a different view point on the matter (or if I’m looking at purchasing that game).

If you love a game and sleep with the book under your pillow and write soppy poems akin to Shakespeare that’s cool too, but don’t get butt hurt when someone doesn’t agree with what you like.  Diversity is the spice of life.

Ok I think I’m doing soap boxing for the day.


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One response to “You Can’t Talk About Politics, Religion, Abortion, and… Role-Playing?

  • Jagyr

    I don’t get it either. At my FLGS the community tried 4e when it came out, and were largely left disappointed. Then Pathfinder came, and that’s been our mainstay. However, besides Pathfinder, we still have regular games of 3.x, homebrew, Dark Heresy/Rogue Trader, Savage Worlds, Cortex, Exalted, Fate, etc. There have even been a couple more groups to try 4e.

    There may be a little teasing back and forth (and I won’t say there’s no edition bashing, since most of us don’t play 4e), but we’re all nice to each other, and people rotate through various systems as the games come and go. If someone new comes in looking for 4e material, it’s still stocked or ordered and no one gives them any dirty looks.

    We go there to have fun and play. Why would we want to fight about what kind of fun we like to have?

    (Also, obligatory shout out to a fellow godless gamer)

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