Weird Movies- A List For Inspiration

Here is a list of cool Weird movies to inspire people.  I asked a bunch o’ people to contribute to the list and got some cool titles.  I am awesome because I went and found links to IMDB for each movie (if possible) AND I am DOUBLY awesome because I went to Netflix to see if the movie is available (which will look like this- Movie Title- Yes or Movie Title- No.  If there is a * next to the yes, it means the movie is streaming currently)!

If you have any other suggestions for Weird and cool movies let me know!

Bram Stoker’s Dracula– Yes
Pumpkin Head– Yes
Rocky Horror Picture Show– Yes
13th Warrior– Yes
The Thing– Yes
Labyrinth– Yes*
Dark Crystal– Yes*
The Blob– Yes
Sleepy Hollow

The Fly– Yes*
Pans Labyrinth

Hellboy– Yes*

Hellboy 2– Yes

Alien– Yes

Cowboys and Aliens– Yes
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory– Yes
The Reanimator– Yes

Hellraiser– Yes*
Tetsuo the Iron Man– Yes
Samurai 7 (Anime)- Yes*
Claymore (Anime)- Yes*

Zardoz– Yes

THX 1138– Yes

Berserk (Anime)- Yes

Puella Madoka Magica– No
Wizards– Yes

City of Lost Children– Yes
Big Fish– Yes
Edward Scissorhands– Yes*
Corpse Bride– Yes

Eight Legged Freaks– Yes
Cloverfield– Yes

The Mist– Yes

The Burbs– Yes

The Journey to Melonia– No

Big Trouble in Little China– Yes*

Brotherhood of the Wolf– Yes

Dark City– Yes

The Brothers Grimm– Yes

In the Mouth of Maddness– Yes
Dune (esp. before the desert bits)- Yes

Devilman– Yes
Shuten Doji

Anaconda (for the backwards waterfall)- Yes

The Frighteners– Yes

Idle Hands– Yes

Evil Dead 1– Yes*

Evil Dead 2– Yes

Army of Darkness– Yes

AM1200– No

300– Yes

 Six-string Samurai– Yes

The Crow– Yes*

Naked Lunch– Yes
The Cube– Yes
Lair of the White Wyrm– Yes
Event Horizon– Yes

Bukaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension– Yes
Gantz (Anime)- Yes
Repo Man– Yes
Videodrome– Yes*
Dagon– Yes*

Chinese Movies-

A Chinese Ghost Story 1– Yes

A Chinese Ghost Story 2– Yes

A Chinese Ghost Story 3– Yes
A Chinese Ghost Story (2011 remake)
Mr. Vampire series– Yes
Spooky Encounters– Yes
Black Magic 1– Yes & 2
Ghost Legend- No
Ginseng King– No
Demon of the Lute- No
Ghost Lantern- Possible
Seeding Of A Ghost– Yes
The Eye– No
The Sorcerer and the White Snake– No
Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame– Yes


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