Wrathofzombie’s Stab at the Monster Manuals- C

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Carrion Crawler [Monster Manual]

Carrion Crawlers are awesome and get a good “oh fuck” nod from those who know what they do and a good “eww” factor from those that don’t and just hear them described.


Centipede, Giant [Pathfinder]

Centipedes are disgusting little creepy crawlies.  They are extremely agile, fast, and hard as shit to kill.  I agree with Zak that real life Giant Centipedes, which reach about 1ft in length, are fucking creepy.  I do see the desire or need to put giant (10ft long ones) in a game populated by other gigantic insects.

I could use both and be happy with the result I would illicit from my players.  Real life sized giant centipedes would get a “oh fucking gross!” with some shivers response while a 10ft giant centipede would get the “oh shit! Creepy and it could fuck us up!”  Making it larger removes that icky factor.

Large Centipede (1ft long)– While the poison of a large centipede is not deadly to humans it certainly is annoying.  If bitten a target must make a constitution based save or feel the effects after 2 rounds.  Targets become flushed and suffer intense aches and fever.  Sweats, queasiness, and dizzy spells follow.  Targets take -2 to any ability test they make for the next 6 hours.

Giant Centipede (10 ft long)– Unlike its smaller kin the giant centipede hunts larger animals and humans as prey.  The venom of a giant centipede is quite toxic and targets the creature’s motor functions impairing their movements.  Targets bitten by the centipede must make a constitution save; failure causes 1d3 damage per round till a successful save.

Chaos Beast [Monster Manual]

Cthulhuian inspired monster.  Very cool, however it is too close (in my opinion) to a Gibbering Mouther, so I’m gonna combine the two creatures.  See Gibbering Mouther (when I get there).

Chimera [Pathfinder, Castles & Crusades, Monster Manual]

Chimera is a cool looking monster since it is all sorts of wrong.  The amalgamation of goat, lion, and dragon states a level of perversion and corruption.  When looking at the various books and blogs about inspiration on this I saw a statement by Zak S. that was intriguing:

 The Chimera is supposed to be the Sphinx’s mother.

It’s an interesting premise, but I wanted to take it farther.  So here it goes:

The Chimera is a terrifying creature born from the victimization of a Sphinx at the hands of an evil dragon.  The beast is corrupt and malign often seeking out confrontation and cruelty just for pleasure.  The Chimera’s main head and body resemble a lioness with the tail and wings of a dragon.  The Chimera has two other heads, a dragon and goat, which flank the Lioness’s head.

Dragon Head- The dragon head is able to use a breath weapon as the same color of dragon that sired the Chimera two times per day.  Targets hit by the breath weapon take 3d8 damage.  A successful Dexterity based save reduces the damage by half.

Lioness Head- The Lioness head bites and uses its claws to rake victims.

Goat Head- The Goats head is a physical manifestation of the unnatural conception of the Chimera.  The heads fur is always slimy and wet, the eyes burn red, and the head droops as though the muscles have atrophied.  Once per day the goat will raise its head and let out a terrifying and mournful bray that shakes any target that hears it to their core.  Targets must succeed on a Wisdom based save or be overcome by the cry and unable to act until they make a successful save.

 Possible World Knowledge

  • Chimera’s are fearsome creatures that prey on the weak.
  • A Chimera is immune to damage that is the same as their breath weapon.
  • Chimera’s are moderately intelligent.
  • The first Chimera was a dragon cursed by an angered God [F].
  • A Chimera’s gaze is able to turn a person to stone [F].
  • A Chimera’s blood is magical [F].

Choker [Pathfinder and Monster Manual]


I like these guys for some reason.  I always have.  I like the description in both books and have enjoyed putting these little bastards in dungeons where players least expect them.  I pretty much leave them as is.

Chuul [Pathfinder and Monster Manual]


Obviously another monster inspired by H.P. Lovecraft.  I could see these creatures making good guards and slaves for the Aboleth’s.  Maybe they are extremely loyal to the Aboloeth who give them prey to torture.

Cloaker [Pathfinder and Monster Manual]

There is no amount of alteration that can make a cloaker cool.  It is a manta ray looking enemy that pretends to be a cloak waiting to attack and eat those that are stupid enough to put it on..  yeah..  The only time you put this up against your party is when you clearly want to send the message of, “I have better shit to do.”  Nix.


 Cockatrice [Pathfinder, Castles & Crusades, Monster Manual]


The Cockatrice really is just another version of Basilisk.  I was going to nix the beastie due to sheer redundancy until I read the C&C version.  “Their feathers are foul and always falling out, leaving patches of their serpentine skin exposed… They prefer to eat rotten meat more than anything else, and for this reason they are foul-smelling creatures” (16-17).

What if we get rid of the whole petrify bite aspect of the Cockatrice and take it in a different route?

Necrotic Bite- A bite from the Cockatrices causes the skin of the target to begin to blacken and die, eventually falling off in a clump (much like leprosy).  Targets must make a Constitution based save or take 1d4 Con damage per bite.  If a targets Con falls to 0 they die, resembling an extremely rotted corpse, which the cockatrice will feed upon hurriedly.  Only a remove disease style spell will restore lost Constitution and cure the blackened and dead skin.

Possible World Knowledge

  • A Cockatrice smells so foul people can usually tell that they are around.
  • Cockatrices become enraged when confronted by a healthy rooster and either attack it with abandon or flee.
  • The Cockatrice is born when a rooster or hen sits on and hatches toad eggs.
  • A Cockatrice’s bite turns a person to stone [F].
  • The Cockatrice is undead [F].
  • The Cockatrice can be tamed and used as a guardian pet [F].

Couatl [Pathfinder, Castles & Crusades, Monster Manual]

Benevolent Snake creature based on the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl.  Too much like a God and doesn’t fit in with the way I run monsters. Nix.

There is room for the Couatl to be not benevolent but truly fucked up in its desires and what it demands from its worshipers.  That would have merit, but I’d still want to think about it before going gun-ho and putting one in my game.


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