Wrathofzombie’s Stab at Monster Manuals

I talked about some of the awesome ideas floating around the blogsphere about monsters, their various incarnations, and how they are handled (by myself and others) and how it inspired me to jot down my ideas as well.

Monsters…  Creepy and frightening things that go bump in the night and keep people huddled together in their homes.  Monsters have been a staple of role-playing games since the beginning, however somewhere along the way they became bland and generic.  An attempt was made to make it so these monsters could be fit into any setting.  The flavor was lost.  Recently many blogs and authors have discussed or began to recreate monsters.

I decided to look at the Pathfinder Bestiary, Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Monster Manual, and Castles and Crusades Monsters and Treasure as well as a plethora of awesome OSR blogs and historical reference to change the monsters into something I and my group would think was fun, cool, and entertaining.

This post will contain links to each of the entries as they come out.

A Monsters

B Monsters

C Monsters

D Monsters

E Monsters

F Monsters

G Monsters

H Monsters

I Monsters

No J.. So sad.

K Monsters

L Monsters

M Monsters

N Monsters

O Monsters

P Monsters

Q Monsters

R Monsters

S Monsters

T Monsters

U Monsters

V Monsters

W Monsters

X Monsters

Y Monsters

Z Monsters


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