Wrathofzombie Frankengame Alchemist.

In keeping with my Frankengame philosophy (Part One, Part Two, and Part Three) I decided I wanted to incorporate the Alchemist from the Pathfinder Advanced Players Guide using the Castles and Crusades class structure and system as a base.

Alchemist (Intelligence)

Level 1 Alchemy– Alchemists are able to create standard alchemy fare with ease.  Things like Twinder Twigs, Alchemist Fire, Acid Flasks, Tanglefoot Bags, Smoke Sticks, Sunrods, and Thunder Stones all are able to be made without a roll from the Alchemist.  Each costs ¼ of the original cost and takes one hour to make.  An Alchemist must have an Alchemist Lab to be able to create these.

Bomb– Alchemists are able to create explosive compounds by using strange chemicals and herbs.  As the Alchemist experiments and becomes more experienced he can make more bombs each day and they are more potent.

An Alchemist can make a number of bombs equal to ½ their level (minimum of 1) to a maximum of 5 at level 10.  An Alchemists bombs do 1d4 damage from levels 1-5, 1d6 damage from 6-8, and 2d6 damage from 9-10.


Examine Potions– An Alchemist can identify what a potions is by holding it in his hands for one minute and succeeding on an Intelligence check minus the level of the potion.

Extracts- Extracts are quick potions that an Alchemist can whip up in one minute.  An Alchemist can only make a number of extracts equal to their level +2 per day.  Extracts are unstable and go inert if not used by the end of the day.

An Alchemist starts with 2 level one Extracts.  Each level an Alchemist makes a discovery through research and gains two new Extracts (to be determined randomly).

Level 1- (White)- Cure Light Wounds, Endure Elements, Elixer of Invigoration*, Obscuring Mist, Remove Fear, Resist Elements

(Grey)- Change Self, Charm Person, Comprehend Language, Command, Detect Secret Doors, Feather Fall, Jump, Sleep, Spider Climb,

(Black)- Detect Undead

Level 2- (White)- Remove Paralysis

(Grey)- Alter Self, Detect Thoughts, Levitate (drinker), Mirror Image, See Invisibility

(Black)- Darkness, Invisibility, Scare, Web

Level 3- (White)- Remove Curse, Remove Disease, Water Breathing

(Grey)- Clairvoyance, Dispel Magic (Drinker), Fly, Nondetection, Tongues

(Black)- Blink, Gaseous Form, Stinking Cloud

Level 4- (White)- Air/Water Walk, Create Water, Delay Poison, Cure Serious Wounds, Remove Curse, Freedom of Movement, Neutralize Poison

(Grey)- Confusion, Detect Scrying, Discern Lies, Shout

(Black)- Fear, Improved Invisibility, Polymorph

Level 5- (White)- Create Food

(Grey)- Dream, Nightmare, Telekinesis, True Seeing

(Black)- Cloud Kill

Level 6- (White)- Restoration, True Strike

(Grey)- Anti-Magic Shell

(Black)- Transmute Flesh to Stone

Level 2- Mutagen- The Alchemist has begun experimenting with potions and using his own body as the test subject.  Through error or on purpose he has discovered a concoction that turns him into a horrible monster.  The potion takes one hour to make and contains some of the Alchemists own blood. An Alchemist can only make one of these per day.  If another person drinks this potion they must succeed a Constitution based save or become horribly ill for one hour.

After drinking the potion the Alchemist undergoes a painful transformation that takes a full round action.  Once transformed the Alchemist is considered a Large creature and looks like a hideous monster.  The Alchemist chooses either Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution and gains a +4 modifier to it.  He also takes a -2 modifier to either his Intelligence or Wisdom as well as a -4 modifier to his Charisma.  He gains +2 Natural Armor bonus and his fists now do a 1d6 + Str mod damage.

This transformation lasts 10 minutes per level of the Alchemist and cannot be ended prematurely.

Level 3Craft Poisons (Intelligence) – Alchemists are able to craft various poisons, so long as they have the correct ingredients.  An Alchemist must succeed at an Intelligence check to successfully craft the poison (as per the rules in Castles and Crusades Monsters and Treasure, pg 126).

Level 5- Poison Training– The Alchemist has become adept at handling poisons and no longer runs the risk of poisoning himself when applying poison to a weapon, etc.

Level 7Brew Potion– An Alchemist has learned to give their Extracts permanency by taking time at an Alchemists lab and allowing the strange concoctions to simmer and stew.  Brewing a potion takes a number of hours equal to the extracts level which consumes the Alchemists use of that Extract for the day and costs an amount of 100gold per spell level in components needed to preserve the potion.

Prime Attribute– Intelligence

Armor– Leathers and no shields (except Buckler).

Level Hit Dice Base Attack Bonus























Author: Mike Evans

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