The Homunculus

I have been working on fiddling with monsters, changing some of them to how I would run them in my games.  Hopefully I’ll start posting it soon, but here is a preview of one:


Homunculus [Pathfinder, Castles & Crusades, Monster Manual]

I’ve never been a huge fan of the Homunculus (aside from letting a player create one) because they’re basically weak and pathetic imp-looking creatures.  If I want a creature that will be troublesome for players..  It will be Imps, not a Homunculus.


The Monster Manual Homunculus is just fucking boring, there is zero flavor text.  The Pathfinder and Castles & Crusades at least have some flavor of this creature that goes bat-shit crazy should the master die.  That’s a little better.


Zak posted a link to wiki page about the Homunculus and there is some pretty cool info here.  Zak’s version of the creature offers some good food for thought and taking in what the Wiki page said, especially about Teratoma, made me think of how I would handle Homunculus from now on:


Wizards dabble in the secrets of the arcane and to some this is an all-consuming arduous task.  Wizards often require help but loathe to share their research or secrets with others, even possible apprentices.  Thus they delve into the strange world of the Homunculus.


These strange creatures are created from the wizard’s own flesh and blood.  The Wizard must craft a potion containing his blood, flesh, hair, and a tooth that are mixed with herbs and charged with arcane energies.  Once the potion is drunk the wizard’s body small pulsating lump on his side that grows over three months to the size of a large watermelon.  On the full moon of the third month the lump bursts and in a deluge of pus, blood, and worse this strange creature is deposited on the floor.


The Homunculus is an extension of the wizard and has some of his personality and features, although oddly distorted as if possibly showing what is really inside the wizard (this can be determined by the player or rolled randomly on the table below) standing roughly 18 to 24 inches in height.  The creature is absolutely dedicated to the wizard and will follow any command without question.  The Homunculus has a personality and is conscious but does not have free will.  The Homunculus also has one strange ability or power that is granted due to the magical nature of its creation.


Should its master die the creature obtains full free will but something inside the Homunculus has broken, as if a vital piece of itself has been lost forever.  This can lead to violent outbreaks of rage, sorrow, or even delusions of grandeur as the creature thinks it is now the master and seeks its own gains, but often these are strange and incomprehensible as the creature is an artificial being removed from humanity.


Should a Homunculus be destroyed the wizard suffers 2d10 damage.


Roll twice on table, once for deformity and once for ability.


Homunculus Table





Hunchback Ability to cast 2 spells (levels 1 or 2) as a 3rd level wizard


Odd colored Skin (blue, green, black, purple, yellow, etc) Able to discern lies


Curled hands Poisonous bite- 1d6 dex damage


Oddly deformed extremities Able to cause target relive terrible tragedy


Bleeding gums Fear aura


Needle fanged teeth Acidic Vomit- 1d8 damage


Scarred body Sprout Wings- gain flight


Enlarged head Change Shape into small animal


Exact copy of wizard Can attempt to merge and posses creature


Pustules all over body Cover area of floor with sticky thick mucus


No eyes Able to absorb memories from target


Constant Conjunctivitis Feed of creatures vitality- 1d6 con damage


Unable to talk only shrieks Ability to warp wood into any shape



Strange pot belly Ability to rust any metal it touches


Infantile body Blood is an airborne hallucinogen


Black pulsating veins Magic spells cast at it are absorbed and cause creature to grow in size


Organs on outside of its body Is able to create food and water for one person once per day



Necrotic Body parts that fall off and eventually grow back Is able to mimic the skills of a person it touches for 24 hours



Shallow hollow face with terrified eyes Its fingers are edible and grant the wizard strange random effects.  Once all have been eaten they grow back



Constantly twitches, spits, and wets itself Causes nodes to appear all over target that turn into edible fungus and mold in 1d4 days.



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