Cool New RPG Swords and Wizardry Setting and Rules Coming and Possibly a New Campaign on the Horizon

The other day Chuck over at Geek Life Project brought a new retro-clone that uses a variant of the Swords and Wizardry rules called “Crypts and Things.”  I looked over the summary of what is in the game, plus the 15 page preview and I have to say I’m looking forward to this.

I also appreciate that the author gave credit where it is due and linked where he took many of his adapted rules from: Akratic Wizardry.  Since I was interested in Crypts and Things I looked these over and I have to say I LOVE the alternate rules for Hit Points, Sanity, and Magic casting and will be absorbing those into my Pathfinder/Castles and Crusades Hack that I run on occasion.

Seeing new rules and takes on settings always gets me excited because I like seeing that creativity is still out there and that constantly rehashing something isn’t always the norm.

New Campaign- Possibly

I will be running a game at the beginning of November for a few friends, some of which are first timers to role-playing and there is a chance that this could be come a semi-regular game (whenever we have that mythical thing called TIME).

Since it is starting off as only one session and my free time is by no means copious I’m having the game start in a moderate sized town by the name of Fairweather.  This will be an extension of the Castles and Crusades Hack I’ve already ran (Part 1 and Part 2).

I plan to use Vornheim, Red Tide (I just purchased this today.  I’ve been reading awesome things about it, and I’m also a fan of Stars Without Number) to aid me in my Sandbox building.

I’m looking forward to breaking in a few newbies to our awesome hobby!

Monday: My Castles and Crusades Hack incorporating Akratic Wizardry’s house rules and a description of my setting.


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