So You Want to Sleep in a Dungeon Eh?

Go ahead.. Rest for a spell...

Dungeons are dangerous places where mortals fear to tread, save for those brave enough (or stupid and desperate enough).  Adventures throw their bodies and wits against dangerous traps, horrible horrors, and ravenous beasts all in the hopes of gaining some glory and loot.

However, often times, characters are tired after slogging through the dungeon for several hours and need to rest.  What happens when characters make camp in a place filled with unspeakable things?!

Just random encounters?  Naw!  Take a step to the plate and roll a d20 and enjoy!  PDF Version: So You Want to Sleep in a Dungeon Eh?!

So You Wanna Sleep in a Dungeon Eh?

1 An insect bites you in the night and you wake up with your face completely swollen.  -2 to perception checks for next 8 hours.
2 You wake up with strange leach-like creatures all over yourself and feel queasy.  -2 to Con/Fort rolls for 8 hours.
3 Some strange voice/presence invaded your dreams and you were unable to rest properly, you are now fatigued.
4 A snake bites you in your sleep.  Roll a Con/Fort check or become poisoned.
5 The spirits of those that have fallen in the dungeon seek out the characters to 1) Give them a warning; 2) Attack them out of rage; 3) Converse about the world;               4) Attempt to posses the members of the group so that they can live again.
6 Monsters attempt to sneak up to the camp and: 1) Attack; 2) Are curious; 3) Parley; 4) Open up trade with party; 5) seeking aid against a more frightening monster; 6) Run in frenzied driven panic.
7 Character wakes up with a weird fuzzy fungus growing on their body (single or multiple places).
8 Character wakes up and has a strange sense of anxiety that is completely new to them.
9 Character wakes up to find something of theirs missing even though no one saw anyone/thing come into camp.
10 Character wakes up covered in spider webs.
11 Character wakes up covered in slime.
12 Character wakes up hearing a strange ripping sound and feels claw marks on their face.  They take 1d6 damage.
13 Walls start bleeding- blood burns if it touches characters for 1d3 damage per round.
14 Crying can be heard echoing all through area.  Characters begin to feel a sense of loss and blame others for it.
15 Character sees dead loved one walking down corridor away from them.
16 A Slime or Ooze plops down from the ceiling.
17 A strange putrid wind blows through the camp extinguishing all light.
18 A survivor from another party wanders into the camp babbling incoherently about something terrible.
19 Thousands of insects begin flooding the area biting the characters 1d3 damage per grouping of insects.
20 Characters food turns rotten and maggot infested and all water evaporates.

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