Yep.. Just When You Think People Can’t Get Any Dumber…

Then this goes on..   Honestly what the hell?  Why is it nerd stuff that is always attack and labeled as violent, offensive, and “dangerous?”  Why is it that colleges shun this kind of stuff yet advocate football (which isn’t violent at all) and drinking?

Nevermind that many college towns have increased incidences of rape on nights after a game.  Nope.  No violence there..  but that’s ok..  but a post is obviously a dangerous and terrible thing.


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3 responses to “Yep.. Just When You Think People Can’t Get Any Dumber…

  • callin

    Actually the article only made mention of the Geeky parts in passing, or rather the article did not imply that Firefly or anything Nerdy was responsible for what was happening. The article put the actions squarely upon the Professor.

    In a way this is good. In the past some writers would have immediately attached the problem onto the Nerd parts.

  • mbeacom

    I think a poster that references killing people in the first person is probably fair game to be careful with. Not everyone understands the reference. In a perfect world, the administrator of the college would have let the professor know that the college thinks it’s not a good idea and he would have taken it down. But the professor didn’t handle it as well as he could have, thus making it worse. I’m as bid a nerd as the next guy, but c’mon, we have to be real here. People DO get shot at universities. This is something you have be careful about.

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