My Vornheim- Session 5 Recap- A Bar Brawl, Character Death, and a Dubious Proposition.

Last session my players had just staggered back from Death Frost Doom with two books, hoping that one of them was the correct book they were hired to find, a coffin with a vampire stuck inside, and the slinking feeling that they were going to be in trouble for the death of a bunch of Nym Sorrowfield’s redshirts. Not to mention they lost their comrade, Philip, and Keplin’s dog, Tank, during the adventure.

Terra and Keplin felt the coffin shift slightly on the harness they made for it that was being drug by their Grazers. A muffled voice issued from within, “Thanks for bringing me here. The curse has been lifted. I am free. I shall look you up later.” The Grazers sped up slightly and the two decided to investigate and found the coffin completely empty.

Terra: “Ok.. So now he’s gone. Now what?”

Keplin: “Vampire’s can disappear?!”

Terra: “Guess so. Come on.. Let’s go get cleaned up and get us a drink.”

The two separated and went to their apartments to refresh and agreed to meet back at the Whining Dog Saloon.

Aside: When I started jotting down notes for this adventure after Death Frost Doom I was thinking how best to handle what happens in a living city while the players were away. I came up with this.

The first important piece of business for Tera was to rid herself of the curse she was afflicted with (she was cursed by a locked that she picked up that forced her to roll any check twice and take the lower of the two rolls). She made her way to the Whining Dog Saloon and asked Hazock if there was anyone he could get treatment from discreetly since she didn’t want to go to one of the churches for help.

Hazok: “Well if you’re looking for someone who won’t kill you after they take your money around here, and you’re willing to gamble, there is always Annie Babbton.”

He motions out the front window. Terra turned around to see “The Babbler” yelling something inaudible in the bar at a passerby.

Terra shrugged, “What the hell. Give me a shot Hazok.” She downed it easily. “I’ll be right back. Cook me up something strong.”

Terra walked up behind Annie as she finished professing a nervous and scared man a murderer. “Killed his wife he did! Murdered her for her love of another! Under the floorboards she is.”

After exchanging a few words and Annie agreeing to help, she and Terra made their way down the street, stopping here and there for Annie to shout out some prediction at a passerby, towards Annie’s basement apartment.

Once there Annie had Terra lay on the floor, “Are you sure you want this child? Sometimes there is a price for such things..”

Terra: “Yeah, I have gold. Let’s do it.”

Annie: “I wasn’t referring to gold child.” Without another word to Terra, Annie began a ritual that seemed to be sucking a black viscous substance out of Terra. The substance would splatter on the walls and begin to run down, but would evaporate and disappear before hitting the floor.

Aside: I had Annie speaking incomprehensibly, but twice she spoke with ringing clarity. I had Nate roll 2 d100 and then consulted the Fortunes chart in Vornheim (pg 56-57). Nate’s two fortunes were: “You will be given a message by a strange man with a spoon.” And “You will be impaled on a summer’s eve.” The second one was fortuitous because it was actually summer and evening during the session. So I just wanted to figure out how to incorporate this into the game.

After a few more sweeps, Annie went silent. “Is that it? Am I cured?” Terra asked, feeling completely drained and exhausted.

“That you are child.”

“Thanks.” Terra got up, left Annie some gold, and bid her farewell.

When Terra got to the street I made a heavy breathing noise and shouted her name. He took the bait and said he looked to where the voice came from. Behind Terra was a 5’3”, 300 lbs man with a blue mohawk, eating a tub of ice cream with a big spoon.

He professed his love for her and began offering her large sums of money for a good fuck. Terra made a quick get away by skirting down an alley and then made her way back to the Whining Dog Saloon (Fortune 1 inserted).

Back Into the Bar: This Isn’t Carousing.. This is Chaos!

Back in the bar Terra immediately downed a stiff drink and began probing Hazock about her reputation and why fat little men were hitting on her while Keplin laughed at her plight.

Before Hazok could really answer however the little man burst through the door professing his love, causing the whole saloon to go quite for a moment before bursting out laughing.

Terra yanked the man over to a corner, “What the hell do you want you little troll?!”

“I have.. I have a message for you… I’m a fat little man that no one pays much attention too.. I hear things.. I’ve heard that the Rat King is coming for you.. He blames you for the death of some of his men.. You and you’re friends. I just wanted to let you know.. Because I love you.”

“Wow.. That’s actually important and useful. Why didn’t you just tell me that?”

“I wanted you to know how I feel.”

“Well I’d rather scrape my eyeballs out with my own nails and eat them than fuck you, so get lost.”

The little man burst into tears and waddled from the saloon. The crowd laughed again and one man shouted, “Terra! Terra the fat fucker!”

“Who said that?!”

The patrons went quiet. A group of men sitting at the bar eyed Terra and their ring leader nervously. A greasy man with no teeth sat in the middle of his cohorts, trying to muster some bravado.

“What did you say to me?” Terra asked through gritted teeth.

“I’m just playing with ya girlie. No harm done.”

“Fine.. Fine.. Hazok, your strongest drink please.” Terra took the drink and threw it on the toothless heathen. “Let’s see you smile this off fuckwad.” She grabbed a candle and dropped it on him, instantly setting him ablaze.

Within seconds the place was in utter chaos, people quickly taking sides, drawing their weapons and fighting.

“Terra! I’m going to kill you for this!” Hazok bellowed over the sound of discharging pistols. “I just finished repairs from the LAST fight you started!”

“Sorry Hazok” Terra muttered as she dove over the bar avoiding the five cohorts drawn pistols as Keplin went to bear hug one, but missed.

Fight Highlight: This fight was fun and brutal. Terra, Keplin, and Hazok faced off against 4 men armed with guns, 1 with a knife, and Toothless (one he put himself out)- who was armed with a Blunderbuss and 2 pistols.

During the fight Terra and Hazok were shaken while Keplin sustained two wounds.

The funny thing about this was before the fight actually broke out, Nate stated he was about to do something.. Then decided he was being too rash, so he was going to just have his character drink. I got excited because I wanted to use the Carousing Table for a night of defeated drunken revelry… however, with egging on from Fletch, that went right out the window and instead Nate lit the poor man suffering from poor dental hygiene on fire. Not that I’m complaining because this was fun as well.

Finally the fight ended with Terra pulling out her blunderbuss and putting right at the guys chest, “Hey Toothless… Get your fucking teeth fixed!” She unloaded shot right into his chest and he rocketed back, his corpse crashing through tables, leaving only a bloody mist where he once stood.

Keplin then waded into the fighting crowd, trying to break up the fight, when people started running into the bar screaming in fear. There was a bright flash of light, searing pain, and then Keplin was lifted off his feet..

The Raven Clutch had dispatched one of their own along with the Vornheim Militia to break up the riot.

“By decree of the Vornheim Avian Court! You are all found in direct violation of the law; including murder, the carrying of weapons, and rioting. In accordance with the law, you will all be taken outside and flayed under the moonlight and have salt rubbed in the wounds. You will then be corralled and a Brain Worm will be tossed in. Any left alive will be found innocent and allowed to go free.”

Terra, who was still behind the bar, bolted through a secret passage down into the sewers and headed for freedom while the rest of the patrons, Keplin included, where hauled outside and flayed.

Sadly, due to the grievous injuries that Keplin sustained during the fight, his body succumbed to the pain and his heart gave out and Keplin was no more.

Aside: I felt bad that Fletch’s char died here, but he rolled poorly on his Vigor roll and I let the die fall where they lie. He’s working on his new character, a Halfling with Orc servant. We’ll see how far they make it.

Terra made it through the sewers and came up about 5 blocks from the Whining Dog Saloon onto the street. As she began to walk towards the alley there was a honking noise. She turned in time to see a small Put-Put with piping coming at her. She felt a sharp pain go through her shoulder and she was impaled by the sharp piece of metal.

The driver of the Put-Put slammed on the brakes causing Terra to be flung across the road and she landed with a thud in the alley she was originally headed for (insert Fortune 2).

After being injured Terra made her way to Elwynn’s for a place to hide and be healed up.

The next morning Terra was introduced to Auberon who had come to fetch Terra on behalf of his employer, Nym Sorrowfield.

When they arrived at the Bordello they were directed up to Nym’s office.

After some quick banter and informing Terra of her friends death, High Priestess Lieal, took the book from her before departing.

“You’ve gotten yourself into quite a situation, Terra.” Nym said smiling over a glass of wine. Auberon eyed her with intense loathing.

“What do you mean?”

“From what sources are telling me, Hazok is furious with you. He’s putting word out to have you killed.”

“What?! Over a lousy bar fight?”

“All patrons did not survive the judgment last night. That’s bad for business. You also caused $20,000 in fines, fees, and damage to his bar.”

“I’m a dead woman.” Terra moaned.

Nym eyed her for a moment apparently savoring the others discomfort and worry. “I have a proposition for you. I will pay off Hazok and give him a little extra as a cushion. In return you will work for me, under contract of servitude, until the $20,000 is paid off. That fair?”

Auberon scoffed at this deal. Nym threw him a look and clicked her fingers. Auberon grunted as pain wracked his body. “You see Terra, some dogs need to be reminded who their master is from time to time.. Lest they forget.” The pain left Auberon and he regained his aloof composure.

“I’ll do it. I’ve honestly got nothing to lose.”

After a few moments and the contract signed in Terra’s blood, they were all informed of a job going through one of the portals with illegal Baby’s Tears. The group would meet at the docks in three days time and take off with Neet the Battle Wench.

This was a great and fun session, despite Keplin expiring before his time. Our next session will hopefully be on 8/21/11!


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