Castles and Crusades- Session Recap 2

This was a really fun, albeit short, session. The reason it was so short (only two hours) is because of the heat wave that has been slamming the East coast the last week (yes I know Texas has been getting it worse~.<). Anyways, my office, where I'm running my Skype game doesn't have AC.. So after two hours of sitting in my boxers and still sweating profusely I felt like a day old used condom left out in the sun. I called the game and went with my g/f and got our asses ice cream.

So first off I have created an Obsidian Portal Page for the game to help keep track of all of the shit and info. If you follow my other OP campaigns you might notice that this one is a bit sparse compared to, say my Vornheim one, at the launch of the campaign.

I’m taking a different approach to this campaign in regards to world building. This is a sandbox game, but rather than taking a backbreaking detailed approach to it, I’m winging it as I go along, more in line with this.

Last session I had a rough idea of where I wanted to have the players start and I gave a good hook. And now as we progress I am adding stuff. Much of it I’m making up on the fly as we play. I’ve told my player I may have to pause here and there to add notes and shit if need be.

Jumping Right In
We began the session with the group arriving back at East End Outpost and deciding to search around and rest before beginning the task of tracking down a Medusa. The group found some goodies at the outpost and rested.

The next morning, Tomlin, the Cleric of the Harvest, began looking through the bog and picked up the tracks quite easily! Jordan, Tomlin, and the 4 NPC’s (Gregory, Benjamin, and the two Goblins, Cranky and Stinky) headed out into the bog confident of finding the hideout of the vile creature.

Aside: Liam (Tomlin) rolled a one on his Wisdom check so we joked about that for a second. Then I told him that he found the trail. There was some confusion and Liam asked if I rolled a d100 or something to see if he still had a chance. I said yep and that he did (I really didn’t. He crit failed, his ass is getting in trouble). The best part of this was I barely hear Fletch whimper on the mic, “Oh noooo.” When I said he found the trail. Hilarious.

Eventually after traveling through hip deep bog water the group comes across a huge hill that has a 20ft high and 15ft wide opening. The group ventured inside the dark dank cave (here I had them roll Intelligence checks to see if they were surprised or not. They made it, the NPCs (lump roll) were not so fortunate). Red eyes opened and a growl issued that seemed to rumble in the cave. Towering over them was a huge troll.

The goblins started shrieking, as did Gregory (it’s all he seems able to do really). There was a flash of something huge and Gregory disappeared in a spray of blood. His body was seen cartwheeling into the darkness of the cave. Jordan threw a shortspear to no affect and Benjamin ran in to take down the troll. He was then grabbed and pulled apart by the troll, how then stuck the bottom half of the corpse in his mouth and began sucking on it, like a cud, while continuing to threaten to turn Jordan and Tomlin into jelly.

Eventually the characters, realizing that they were in WAY over their heads made a break for it. Here I drew up a chart (see pic)

Yeah yeah.. My handwriting sucks ass.

and told the players that they would be making Dexterity Checks. Both of them groaned since neither had this attribute as a primary. Success meant that they moved up on box. Failure meant they made no progress. Crit fail meant that they injured themselves and got no roll next turn. Crit success meant they moved two boxes.

We did about four rounds of rolling and the troll was right behind Jordan before he popped a smoke stick to blind the creature and attempted to hide in the bog (he rolled a natural 20- so he snapped off the head of a cattail and laid underwater, undetected).

I described Tomlin looking back and seeing smoke and this huge troll blowing through it completely enraged. The goblins on Tomlins shoulders started screaming even more and began to accidentally choke him out of fear.

Eventually Tomlin hid as well and after several tense minutes of searching and yelling threats the troll left to go feast on their dead comrades.

Fletch: “I’m totally coming back to kill that fucking thing.” Yay! I have a reoccurring nemesis now. And it was all on accident.

The group made their way back to East End Outpost, slept, and then decided the next morning it would be prudent to head back to Saltmarsh and inform the city guard of their friends deaths and see if they could hire out more help to tackle the Medusa problem.

Saltmarsh (while inspired by the 3.5 DMG II) is slightly different for me. It is a town built entirely on stilts with plank walkways since the bog floods quite often. It rests on soggy land in between two steadily flowing rivers.

The town roughly a population of 10,000. Most of which are brigands, thugs, and wanted criminals. The government is happy to not pursue them, even though there is a law office and a constabulary here, if they stay in Saltmarsh. Chances are they’ll die in the bog anyways.

Here the group split- Tomlin went to meet Marshal Timmons to inform him of the death of his men and to request for more aid while Fletch went to the Adventure’s Guild (ran by Vickie “The Right Eye”) and the Thieves Guild (ran by Mercer Baltus) and see if he could hire out some trained hands.

In the end here is what they ended up with

Adventurer’s Guild- “Troll Slaying” Johnson, Ranger, level 3.
Thieve’s Guild- The Rat, Rogue, level 2.
Marshal’s Office- Byllis, Wizard, level 1.

I rolled all of the levels randomly from 1-3.

We ended then with them meeting back up and getting ready to head to the Bloated Orc Corpse Inn to grab food, info, and sleep.

It was a really great session for only being two hours. I like how this campaign is shaping up and, again, C&C is proving to be an amazingly fun system that is not bogged down by rules or “hold on let me look at what this feat does.”

I don’t know if the next time we play will be Vornheim or C&C, but I’m generally excited about both!


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