Vornheim Contest Entry- This is My Last One- I Swear!

Zak S, the author of Vornheim, is doing a kick ass contest that really speaks to the spirit of the book!

Remember that his contest ends on July 27th, so if you’re going to submit something, get off your ass and do it! 🙂

The other day I was talking with my girlfriend about role-playing ideas and how I am running my Vornheim game and now a Castles and Crusades game and how both are a sandbox approach and dealing with coming up with “what is out there” for the players.

She stated something that was hard to make out through all the tears she was shedding A) due to boredom and B) The fact that she contributed to a role-playing idea.

I’m para-phrasing here but basically she said, “Well doesn’t Zak have a chart at the back of the book where you can just drop dice on and see what’s in the city (despite my g/f just doing RPG stuff for me she really does dig Zak’s book)? Why don’t you do something like that for the wilderness?” Fucking duh!?

Far-be-it for me to turn down an idea that is awesome AND is my g/f contributing to my nerdy gaming hobby!

So here it be:

What’s Out There?
Just Drop Dice on the Baby and BOOM!

Here it is as a PDF:
What’s Out There


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