Dices? Dice, Fun, and Games gives Wrath of Zombie a Great Review Which Has Also Hit 1000 Downloads!

I got a link back to this awesome blog (it’s in French) reviewing several different zombie survival horror games and my Wrath of Zombie Full Arrangement Illustrated With Art was one of the titles he listed.

Here is the review:

4. The fury of the zombies:

Finally, the site Savage Heroes , is Wrath of Zombie , a setting dedicated to comprehensive and free kind . The game comes in the form of a pdf file over 52 MB (because of its iconography in charge, unfortunately). The text is very good performance, well thought out and openly facing post-apocalyptic. Thus, interactions with the living can result in many campaigns and the author mentions the Fallout trilogy among her sources of inspiration. Unfortunately, a version of “printer-friendly” is missing. It would be welcome here. The site also offers:
an illustrated bestiary (11 pages)
a blank character sheet,
Finally, five sheets of PJ Preprints: mercenary, psychological, scientific madman, robber and “scum-bag” (“dung” in French).

I’m flattered that Oliver thought it was worth pointing out, so a big thank you for that.

This is serendipitous because with the release of Savage Worlds Deluxe I have begun revamping WoZ to incorporate the new cleaned up rules and new ideas and etc that I have had floating around in my brain. I was also

This will be the largest update I’ve done for WoZ (save for the initial release).

Some of the things to look forward to:
Reference to the SWDX rules
New Art
New Organizations
Quick and Dirty NPC creation rules.
Charts and Tables for quick adventure/Scenario generation.
New Enemies.
FINALLY (as addressed in the review) a Printer Friendly version of WoZ
Cleaned up and sized down layout

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded WoZ and played it. I hope people have enjoyed it!

I look forward to finishing this current update and hearing peoples thoughts!


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