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My Vornheim- While You Were Away Chart

Yesterday I posted my recap of running Death Frost Doom for Lamentations of the Flame Princess.

At the end of the adventure when the group finally stumbled back into Vornheim, I let them know that four months have passed.  We ended there and I told my players I would let them know next time of any big things that have gone on in their absence.  This is important because this is a living world and things continue on when the players are not around.

So I sat down yesterday morning and began thinking of what events I wanted to have happen.  I then started thinking about how massive my Great Graveyard is and if my players venture out again I’m just gonna have to make more stuff up and hope that it will be cool.  Or hell what if I have to do it on the spot because they arrive back in town mid-session or something?

Well I figured that a While You Were Away Chart would be the best way to handle this.  Now I made it system/setting neutral so anyone could use it in any “fantastical” setting.

Here it is in non-PDF form as well.

While You Were Away Chart


Weather turned for the better/worst.




Political Scandal.


Someone close to character was; 1) robbed; 2) murdered; 3) won a lottery; 4) was in a fight; 5) arrested; 6) honored.


A large funeral for; 1) Political Figure; 2) Clergyman; 3) Celebrity; 4) Humanitarian.




A large city fire.


Character’s home was burglarized.


Character’s favorite haunt has; 1) Been burglarized; 2) Caught fire; 3) Has/is expanding; 4) Closed down; 5) Hosting an amazing party; 6) Has risen up or is slumming.




Police/Authority Strike.


Workers Strike.


An epidemic.


Economic Prosperity/Collapse.


Crime Rates have; 1) Risen; 2) Fallen.


Supply Surplus/Shortage.


Gala Event of important figure; 1) Wedding; 2) Birthday; 3) New Child; 4) Anniversary.


New Play in city.


New Fad taking city by storm; 1) Wearing Flamingos on head; 2) Speaking in tongues and babbling incoherently when angry or happy; 3) Wearing clashing colors; 4) Wearing bright colors on a cloudy day and dull colors on a sunny day; 5) The eating of fermented animal testicles is high class; 6) The tattooing of ones deceased relatives on left cheek; 7) The throwing away and tarnishing of food in front of the homeless; 8 ) The shaving off of all body hair because it obviously keeps one filthy.


Serial Killer on the Loose.


Goblins (or other monsters) raided the city.


Major Arena fighting Event.


Price fluctuations; 1) Slightly lower; 2) Lower; 3) Slightly higher; 4) Higher.


New invention has been unveiled.


Natural Disaster has damaged the city; 1) not at all; 2) Slightly; 3) Moderately; 4) Heavily.

One Day to One Week- Roll 1 time.

Two Weeks to One Month- Roll 2 times.

Two Months to Three Months- Roll 3 times.

Four Months to Six Months- Roll 4 times.

Seven Months to One Year- Roll 5 tim

I haven’t submitted this to Zak S. Vornheim contest because I’ve already submitted three things and probably because Zak is getting tired o’ seeing my shit, but what the hell.  I thought that people might get some mileage out of this!