My Vornheim Session Recaps 3 and 4- Death Frost Doom

Warning- This recap contains spoilers to the Lamentations of the Flame Princess Module Death Frost Doom.  Don’t read if you want all of it to be a surprise. 

I will be doing more of a highlighted version of a recap for this one.

The adventure started with having Lady Zane, who appeared in the first session when she purchase Philip and Terra’s servitude contracts, walking into the Whining Dog Saloon and say that her Mistress has summoned them for a job.

The group made their way to The Bordello where they were introduced to Lady Zane’s Mistress, Nym Sorrowfield.

Nym explained that recent knowledge has been gained on the Great Graveyard through the reading of ancient texts recently discovered and it is believed that there is a large mountain some 2 months travel away where an ancient religion used to practice.  The texts stated that before the fall of this cult they procured a book on the truth of Vorn.

Nym: “I want this book.  There may be valuable information that the priest of Vorn do not want people to know.  If you get this, not only will your contracts be fulfilled, but you will also be handsomely rewarded.  You will not travel alone.  Six in my employ will travel with you.  I will supply a wagon, rations, and grazers for each of you.”

The group quickly gathered what they would need and set out early the next morning for this supposed mountain.

I did a few random encounters and the group stumbled across the small Thorpe of Deadenburg for restocking of supplies before leaving the Plains of the Slithering Shadow and seeing Death Frost Doom in the distance.

The Actual Module

I normally do not run modules, but this one seemed fun (and fucking deadly).  Not only did this one seem entertaining to me but it was simple and pretty straight forward.  There was no HUGE data dump or anything that I would really have to try to remember.

From here I will move into a more highlighted mode of the adventure

The Surface

The group had fun meeting Zeke and interacting with him.

The area outside of the cabin really started messing with the players.  When Liam discovered the shaft leading down into the actual Shrine he tried to intimidate on of the helpers (Red Shirts) to go down there.

Reynold: “You aren’t my boss.  I’m here to help you, not do something crazy and die for you.”

Philip: “Let’s get something straight.  One of us is going down that hole, and it isn’t going to be me.”

With that Liam pushed Reynold down the hole.  Who screamed and fell to his death.  The other 5 Red Shirts all saw this and began shooting crossbows at him, while the leader, Dominick, brandished a sword and cried, “You will pay for what you have done to my brother!!”

Liam took a good beating and was brought down to Wounds -2 before Kepin bellowed out a blood curdling scream that caused everyone to stop in their tracks.

Once everyone was calmed it was worked out that Terra and Kepin would hold a rope tied to Dominick who would go down the hole to see if he could find his brother.  As he got down part way he complained about brownish vines blocking the shaft.

Terra: “Just hack at them and get through!”

The sound of hacking could be heard for a few seconds before the rope started becoming tight and Dominick started screaming.  Then there was silence.  The group pulled the rope up to see it snapped and blood splattered all over it..

Terra: “Well shit.”

Two Red Shirts down.

The group found the cabin unsettling and they seemed especially Fletch) completely fixated on the harpsichord.

Eventually they found the door that led down to the Shrine.

The Shrine

If the surface unnerved my players the Shrine really did it.  I think that the lack of enemies and all the obvious demonic, death, and torture décor really helps to cement the feeling of unease.

The group wandered through the Shrine.  Terra picked up a locket and is now cursed with Unluck (she rolls twice on everything and takes the lowest of the two rolls).  Nate was thrilled.

Eventually the group found the base of the Torny plant and threw Whiskey Molotov Cocktails on it.  The plant eventually stopped thrashing around and went very still.  The weird music is was making ceased suddenly as well.

Aside:  The group had gone through a long passage way with several doors here.  They had commanded 3 of the 4 Red Shirts to each stay at a door to make sure it didn’t close on them.  When the music stops the dead in the Shrine and on the surface come alive.  I did this very subtly instead of dramatic. 

The players messed around with an alter in the room, which had several goblets  on it and two books, and Terra attempting to sacrifice herself on it before coming to.  Suddenly the group heard staggering foot falls and panting.  Two of the Red Shirts appeared.  One sweating and half carrying/half dragging the other Red Shirt who was basically torn apart.

Bethany: Corpses!  Walking Corpses!  Pouring out of the rooms back there.  Rebecca was torn apart!  I barely got away with Gystal!”

The group lit the hall way on fire and began looking around and eventually found a secret passage as the undead began spilling into the room. Bethanytossed the now dead Gystal down as she jumped through the door, Kepin closing it behind her.

Four Red Shirts down.

The Greater Tomb

Here is where the adventure became dangerous.  Liam was at wounds -2 and Nate had a curse making all of his awesome rolls turn into fresh piles of shit.

The group started making their way through the rooms, almost all had stronger undead in them.  The players fought valiantly through this.

When Philip was opening a door he was taken by surprise as an Undead grabbed him and bit his shoulder.  Terra reacted instinctively and put the barrel of her blunderbuss right against its head and fired, blowing the things head into powder.  Philip looked up after clutching his ears for several minutes.  Blood was seeping out of his ears.  He was deaf.

Aside: I asked Liam to roll a Vigor check here.  He rolled a one and decided not to use a benny to reroll.  Thus permanently deaf.

The next room is where it got bad.  Three Skeletal Warriors in armor with shortswords burst from the door.  Kepin sent his loyal dog Tank to attack one of them.  Sadly Kepin watched in horror as his dog was decapitated before his eyes.

Fletch: “Ok.  Now I’m pissed.”

All three players were engaged with a Skeletal Warrior.  The next big shock happened when Philip was downed in one hit.  He burned a benny to stabilize but remained unconscious.

Suddenly the hallway was filled with a blood curdling scream.  Terra and Keplin turned their heads to see the Skeletal Warrior standing over Philip forcing his bony thumbs through Philips eyes.  There was a sickening pop as blood and some clear liquid gushed forth and then Philip went silent, save for some final twitches from his body.

Aside: I felt like an ass doing this, but in playing honestly it made sense.  Especially since I’m playing a more deadly old school feel.  In the past when a player was down I would have the enemy move onto another player.  Now I think this may be the case with some sentient beings.  Obviously this unconscious person isn’t a threat to me right now.  However I just felt that these undead, guardians of this ancient temple, would take out anyone who fell before them before moving on to the next person.  Also- and I may be wrong on this- I felt like Liam was ready to play a new character after all that had befallen Philip.

After that I gave control of both Red Shirts to Liam instead of rotating it between all three players.

Terra quickly looted Philip’s body before moving on.

The second to last room the players came across had a curious pyramid with a glass top on it.  Kepin climbed to the top and saw two vials inside.  He removed the top and grabbed them.  In doing so he also freed the ghost that was trapped inside.

The ghost was a nasty customer and Kepin decided the best way to deal with it was to throw a keg of gunpowder at the base of the pyramid and blow the shit out of it.

The problem was Terra wasn’t quite out of the room when it went off.  The blast took her from full health to Wounds -3.  Even with Nate rolling soaks (the curse hurt him here) he got to wounds -2 and he had to burn two bennies to get there.

The group limped down to the final room and was greeted by a rather pleasant and quite alive looking man.  The conversation quickly revealed that the man was actually a vampire..

Terra and Kepin came to an accord quickly, agreeing to carry the Vampire’s coffin to Vornheim if he would get them out of here alive.

The players did ask him, “So we get you to Vornheim and you can begin trying to take over the world or something?”  The vampire just smiled at them, “That’s for me to know.. The alternative, in the immediate, to you helping me is I knock you around and bring the horde of undead in here and have them tear you apart slowly, one by one, from the legs up..  Your choice…”

With that the group quickly made their way back through the tunnels, out through the cabin.

Vampire: “There is one problem; my control over the undead breaks as soon as I exit the cabin.”

Terra: “Well that’s fucking wonderful.

The group ran, got back to Zeke’s told him what was coming.  He shrugged it off and said this was his home, he’s staying.  The group bolted.

They made their way back to Vornheim (I decided not to do anymore random encounters as it was getting late) and had we closed off the night with them just getting to the outskirts of Old Vornheim.

Overall this was an awesome module.  I would recommend it to people.  However there is the possibility of several party member dying or even a full TPK.

One thing I will state is when a character dies it would be hard to “insert” a new character into play, especially if the undead are up and about.  I would recommend each player having two chars or their main and a mook as I did.

Now I have the fun of figuring out what has happened in Vornheim since the characters have been gone for four months.


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