Vornheim Contest Entry- Part II

Zak S, the author of Vornheim, is doing a kick ass contest that really speaks to the spirit of the book!

I’ve already submitted one chart, but felt like doing another!  Aren’t we all lucky..  Probably not.. but oh well.

This time around I’ve decided to create a Wilderness and Other Encounters Chart.  Hopefully some of you will like it and get some use out of it.

Here it is a cleaner handy dandy PDF.  Wilderness and Other Encounters.

Random Wilderness and Other Encounters


The group stumbles across a party of Dark Elves on the surface.  They are looking for a group of exiled brethren.  This does not need to be a direct encounter.


Group comes across the ruins of a laboratory.  Several books in an ancient looking language.  There are bones that don’t seem “normal/natural” in cages and littered on the floor.


Player stumbles on a trap from some long ago battle.  1) Electric; 2) Fire; 3) Poison; 4) Quicksand; 5) Roll Again and now Area of Effect; 6) Mechanical.


A Demon is tearing the soul out of a young woman and begins eating it.  There are several other people in cages behind it.  Demon begins talking about how different each soul takes and savoring particular ones.


A natural disaster strikes.  This can happen in a town or rural.  1) Volcano; 2) Earthquake; 3) Tornado; 4) Lightning Storm; 5) Sand Storm; 6) Blizzard; 7) Giant Hail; 8) Hurricane.


Something terrifying is hunting the party.  It will strike the first player that wanders off alone.


Death suddenly materializes out of nowhere telling a certain member of the group their time is up.  That all their close calls and near deaths have finally caught up with them.  This is a great role-playing opportunity for the player to try and talk his/her way out of dying.  Death can give them a quest to do to.  Killing a king, framing someone so they will die, someone that has escaped death.  Find someone who is eluding death, etc.


The group comes across a goblin raiding party, they may hear the goblins first, or they may simply stumble upon them.  The goblins are planning on raiding a nearby village.  The goblins are being led by 3 arguing Hobgoblin triplets. *Can be repeated, just take out Hobgoblins.


Either through hearing from a village, passing travelers, or just coming across it, the group discovers an abandoned plantation manor.  If info was given it is rumored that the manor was abandoned after matriarch of the plantation killed herself after her secret lover abandoned her for another.  The house is said to hold wealth and artifacts.  A banshee and a few undead servants still occupy the house.


The group stumbles upon a body in the middle of the street.  It looks like it has recently murdered.  The body has been chewed on and clawed at.  Further investigation shows that there is no sign of infection around the wounds.  Was the person killed by a werecreature, a cannibal, some other form of monstrous creature?


The group, either through being smart-mouths, being too good or too bad, or for no reason at all has attracted the attention of a sociopath.  A good intro here is he asks to travel with the group.  When they are sleeping one night he makes his move to kill the one standing guard.  He always has a plan for escape, and always shows up at the most inopportune times.  (Wouldn’t it be great, in the middle of a pitch battle if suddenly coming out of the shadows is this running at whatever character he has marked for death this time).  When this card is drawn, he shows up.


The group finds a huge pile of corpses, could be people, monsters, animals.  They are all recently killed.  What did it, is it still in the area, are the group members targets?


A sudden flash of light from above, followed by a scream, a thud, and there is a dead bloody human man on the ground.  If looking through his clothing; find a few pieces of copper, a spell book, some parchment, and very fancy and nice boots that when identified say boots of teleportation.  Actually a cursed item..  When used transports random distance in any direction.  Boots can only be taken off with a remove curse in a holy area or if the person is dead.


A PC has attracted the attention of an annoying suitor, and no matter what the PC does to try and dissuade them, they keep coming back.  Possibly more obsessed and devoted each time.


That something that a PC has been dreading has happened (up to GM)..  Or even better, the PC’s recklessness has finally caught up to them.  (A woman that the male PC got pregnant comes calling, a Lord comes to extract revenge for the PC’s stealing something or sleeping with his daughter, etc).


Want a way to really scare a PC?  Rust Monsters..  Even a PC that doesn’t know what they are will figure it out soon…  A group of (whatever really) attacks the PCs, after a few, they toss bags at the players and erupting out of them are Rust Monsters that immediately go after the PC’s metal armor and weapons.  The attackers are all using clubs or bows and arrows with stone arrow heads or magical spells. 


A stray cat follows the troupe, or one pc in particular.  It is a scrawny, scraggly and flea-bitten critter.  It’s pathetic.  The cat seems especially fond of the pc who will like it the least.  The cat follows incessantly, and has a real instinct for locating the troupe.  It will plaintively meow constantly.  This is true even if it is fed, but the cries become worse if it is not.  It is not aggressive, but will make a nuisance of itself:  scratching the wizard’s staff, coughing hairballs into your boot at night, getting fleas & ticks everywhere, et cetera.


You encounter a dead body.  This is left rotting in a ditch, in the middle of the road right in front of you, or in the seat behind you on the train.  The corpse is wearing an outfit identical to one of the player characters, and fits their general description.  Except, this copy has no head.


A very unattractive prince/noble has heard of the PC’s actions, deeds, and heroism, and wants to tag along with the group, hoping to not only improve his reputation, but woo a potential bride as well.  He is clumsy, inexperienced, and has major self-esteem issues.


A powerful mage asks the players to obtain for him a magic item that is lost in some ruin, dungeon, etc, and that he is sending his most valued student with them to help in any way he can.  The student is actually a pain and the mage just really wants to be rid of him for awhile.  The magic item, for comic sake, can be something actually mundane or of little value.  The student, called Haus, is an over-weight mage who only has 1 or 2 actual damage spells (burning hands x1, magic missle x1, but other than that all his spells are geared for him to escape and avoid damage, not the party as a whole, just himself.  He is an extreme coward.


A group of sick looking orcs/ogres attack the group while sleeping, attracted by their camp fire.  During the fight the orcs/ogres try to grapple or just fight and necrotic ticks fall off of them and try to attach themselves to the players.


During the fight something happens.  It can be good, it can be bad.  Whatever it is, it changes the tide of the fight.  Examples:  Some creature comes in and wants to eat the fallen, or is just taking advantage of the situation.  The player that is about to attack kills the creature that seemingly has no wounds, the mage or cleric does max spell damage or healing, the spell fizzles or does the opposite for no reason.


The group comes across a merchant who is selling wares.  Most of his items are mundane, but he has one artifact of low to moderate, to even high value and power and he doesn’t even know what it is.


A local crime family tracks down the group and wants to have the party do something.  They can use coercion, blackmail, bribery, or outright torture to try to get the party to “see” their situation.


A ship suddenly runs aground.  Screams can be heard for a moment and then silence (this could also be an airship that crash lands).


Something has happened with the magic in the world for the day.  The players wake up, prepare their spells, prayers, etc for the day as normal, but when they go to use them there is either no effect, opposite, or random effect.


The weather suddenly turns for the worst.  This could be a snow storm (blizzard), torrential rains and winds, brutal heat wave, etc.  The players make little to no progress traveling and must bunk down.


Bandits spring or attempt to spring an ambush on the players!  The leader is screaming about a particular item that the players may or may not actually possess.  *Can be repeated, just change scenario.


The players, while traveling, come across bandits attacking a traveling caravan or people.  The caravan has something of great value for a king/queen/noble and asks the group to help protect it.


The group comes across a band of NPC travelers that have made camp and ask if the group would want to join them for a meal, or they could act hostile to the characters and ask them to leave.  They could be the competition.

Author: Mike Evans

I am a History major attending a community college until I can get more financial aid and attend a four year school. I am living in NJ with my girlfriend who is currently wrapping up on obtaining her PhD in Toxicology. I love Star Wars, Role-playing, video games, working out, reading, writing, and hanging with my girlfriend, dog (Perfect), and two kittens (Birch and Brambles). My main focus on this site will be my discussion of Role-playing games and ideas and hopefully contribute something worth a damn.

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