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My Vornheim- While You Were Away Chart

Yesterday I posted my recap of running Death Frost Doom for Lamentations of the Flame Princess.

At the end of the adventure when the group finally stumbled back into Vornheim, I let them know that four months have passed.  We ended there and I told my players I would let them know next time of any big things that have gone on in their absence.  This is important because this is a living world and things continue on when the players are not around.

So I sat down yesterday morning and began thinking of what events I wanted to have happen.  I then started thinking about how massive my Great Graveyard is and if my players venture out again I’m just gonna have to make more stuff up and hope that it will be cool.  Or hell what if I have to do it on the spot because they arrive back in town mid-session or something?

Well I figured that a While You Were Away Chart would be the best way to handle this.  Now I made it system/setting neutral so anyone could use it in any “fantastical” setting.

Here it is in non-PDF form as well.

While You Were Away Chart


Weather turned for the better/worst.




Political Scandal.


Someone close to character was; 1) robbed; 2) murdered; 3) won a lottery; 4) was in a fight; 5) arrested; 6) honored.


A large funeral for; 1) Political Figure; 2) Clergyman; 3) Celebrity; 4) Humanitarian.




A large city fire.


Character’s home was burglarized.


Character’s favorite haunt has; 1) Been burglarized; 2) Caught fire; 3) Has/is expanding; 4) Closed down; 5) Hosting an amazing party; 6) Has risen up or is slumming.




Police/Authority Strike.


Workers Strike.


An epidemic.


Economic Prosperity/Collapse.


Crime Rates have; 1) Risen; 2) Fallen.


Supply Surplus/Shortage.


Gala Event of important figure; 1) Wedding; 2) Birthday; 3) New Child; 4) Anniversary.


New Play in city.


New Fad taking city by storm; 1) Wearing Flamingos on head; 2) Speaking in tongues and babbling incoherently when angry or happy; 3) Wearing clashing colors; 4) Wearing bright colors on a cloudy day and dull colors on a sunny day; 5) The eating of fermented animal testicles is high class; 6) The tattooing of ones deceased relatives on left cheek; 7) The throwing away and tarnishing of food in front of the homeless; 8 ) The shaving off of all body hair because it obviously keeps one filthy.


Serial Killer on the Loose.


Goblins (or other monsters) raided the city.


Major Arena fighting Event.


Price fluctuations; 1) Slightly lower; 2) Lower; 3) Slightly higher; 4) Higher.


New invention has been unveiled.


Natural Disaster has damaged the city; 1) not at all; 2) Slightly; 3) Moderately; 4) Heavily.

One Day to One Week- Roll 1 time.

Two Weeks to One Month- Roll 2 times.

Two Months to Three Months- Roll 3 times.

Four Months to Six Months- Roll 4 times.

Seven Months to One Year- Roll 5 tim

I haven’t submitted this to Zak S. Vornheim contest because I’ve already submitted three things and probably because Zak is getting tired o’ seeing my shit, but what the hell.  I thought that people might get some mileage out of this!


My Vornheim Session Recaps 3 and 4- Death Frost Doom

Warning- This recap contains spoilers to the Lamentations of the Flame Princess Module Death Frost Doom.  Don’t read if you want all of it to be a surprise. 

I will be doing more of a highlighted version of a recap for this one.

The adventure started with having Lady Zane, who appeared in the first session when she purchase Philip and Terra’s servitude contracts, walking into the Whining Dog Saloon and say that her Mistress has summoned them for a job.

The group made their way to The Bordello where they were introduced to Lady Zane’s Mistress, Nym Sorrowfield.

Nym explained that recent knowledge has been gained on the Great Graveyard through the reading of ancient texts recently discovered and it is believed that there is a large mountain some 2 months travel away where an ancient religion used to practice.  The texts stated that before the fall of this cult they procured a book on the truth of Vorn.

Nym: “I want this book.  There may be valuable information that the priest of Vorn do not want people to know.  If you get this, not only will your contracts be fulfilled, but you will also be handsomely rewarded.  You will not travel alone.  Six in my employ will travel with you.  I will supply a wagon, rations, and grazers for each of you.”

The group quickly gathered what they would need and set out early the next morning for this supposed mountain.

I did a few random encounters and the group stumbled across the small Thorpe of Deadenburg for restocking of supplies before leaving the Plains of the Slithering Shadow and seeing Death Frost Doom in the distance.

The Actual Module

I normally do not run modules, but this one seemed fun (and fucking deadly).  Not only did this one seem entertaining to me but it was simple and pretty straight forward.  There was no HUGE data dump or anything that I would really have to try to remember.

From here I will move into a more highlighted mode of the adventure

The Surface

The group had fun meeting Zeke and interacting with him.

The area outside of the cabin really started messing with the players.  When Liam discovered the shaft leading down into the actual Shrine he tried to intimidate on of the helpers (Red Shirts) to go down there.

Reynold: “You aren’t my boss.  I’m here to help you, not do something crazy and die for you.”

Philip: “Let’s get something straight.  One of us is going down that hole, and it isn’t going to be me.”

With that Liam pushed Reynold down the hole.  Who screamed and fell to his death.  The other 5 Red Shirts all saw this and began shooting crossbows at him, while the leader, Dominick, brandished a sword and cried, “You will pay for what you have done to my brother!!”

Liam took a good beating and was brought down to Wounds -2 before Kepin bellowed out a blood curdling scream that caused everyone to stop in their tracks.

Once everyone was calmed it was worked out that Terra and Kepin would hold a rope tied to Dominick who would go down the hole to see if he could find his brother.  As he got down part way he complained about brownish vines blocking the shaft.

Terra: “Just hack at them and get through!”

The sound of hacking could be heard for a few seconds before the rope started becoming tight and Dominick started screaming.  Then there was silence.  The group pulled the rope up to see it snapped and blood splattered all over it..

Terra: “Well shit.”

Two Red Shirts down.

The group found the cabin unsettling and they seemed especially Fletch) completely fixated on the harpsichord.

Eventually they found the door that led down to the Shrine.

The Shrine

If the surface unnerved my players the Shrine really did it.  I think that the lack of enemies and all the obvious demonic, death, and torture décor really helps to cement the feeling of unease.

The group wandered through the Shrine.  Terra picked up a locket and is now cursed with Unluck (she rolls twice on everything and takes the lowest of the two rolls).  Nate was thrilled.

Eventually the group found the base of the Torny plant and threw Whiskey Molotov Cocktails on it.  The plant eventually stopped thrashing around and went very still.  The weird music is was making ceased suddenly as well.

Aside:  The group had gone through a long passage way with several doors here.  They had commanded 3 of the 4 Red Shirts to each stay at a door to make sure it didn’t close on them.  When the music stops the dead in the Shrine and on the surface come alive.  I did this very subtly instead of dramatic. 

The players messed around with an alter in the room, which had several goblets  on it and two books, and Terra attempting to sacrifice herself on it before coming to.  Suddenly the group heard staggering foot falls and panting.  Two of the Red Shirts appeared.  One sweating and half carrying/half dragging the other Red Shirt who was basically torn apart.

Bethany: Corpses!  Walking Corpses!  Pouring out of the rooms back there.  Rebecca was torn apart!  I barely got away with Gystal!”

The group lit the hall way on fire and began looking around and eventually found a secret passage as the undead began spilling into the room. Bethanytossed the now dead Gystal down as she jumped through the door, Kepin closing it behind her.

Four Red Shirts down.

The Greater Tomb

Here is where the adventure became dangerous.  Liam was at wounds -2 and Nate had a curse making all of his awesome rolls turn into fresh piles of shit.

The group started making their way through the rooms, almost all had stronger undead in them.  The players fought valiantly through this.

When Philip was opening a door he was taken by surprise as an Undead grabbed him and bit his shoulder.  Terra reacted instinctively and put the barrel of her blunderbuss right against its head and fired, blowing the things head into powder.  Philip looked up after clutching his ears for several minutes.  Blood was seeping out of his ears.  He was deaf.

Aside: I asked Liam to roll a Vigor check here.  He rolled a one and decided not to use a benny to reroll.  Thus permanently deaf.

The next room is where it got bad.  Three Skeletal Warriors in armor with shortswords burst from the door.  Kepin sent his loyal dog Tank to attack one of them.  Sadly Kepin watched in horror as his dog was decapitated before his eyes.

Fletch: “Ok.  Now I’m pissed.”

All three players were engaged with a Skeletal Warrior.  The next big shock happened when Philip was downed in one hit.  He burned a benny to stabilize but remained unconscious.

Suddenly the hallway was filled with a blood curdling scream.  Terra and Keplin turned their heads to see the Skeletal Warrior standing over Philip forcing his bony thumbs through Philips eyes.  There was a sickening pop as blood and some clear liquid gushed forth and then Philip went silent, save for some final twitches from his body.

Aside: I felt like an ass doing this, but in playing honestly it made sense.  Especially since I’m playing a more deadly old school feel.  In the past when a player was down I would have the enemy move onto another player.  Now I think this may be the case with some sentient beings.  Obviously this unconscious person isn’t a threat to me right now.  However I just felt that these undead, guardians of this ancient temple, would take out anyone who fell before them before moving on to the next person.  Also- and I may be wrong on this- I felt like Liam was ready to play a new character after all that had befallen Philip.

After that I gave control of both Red Shirts to Liam instead of rotating it between all three players.

Terra quickly looted Philip’s body before moving on.

The second to last room the players came across had a curious pyramid with a glass top on it.  Kepin climbed to the top and saw two vials inside.  He removed the top and grabbed them.  In doing so he also freed the ghost that was trapped inside.

The ghost was a nasty customer and Kepin decided the best way to deal with it was to throw a keg of gunpowder at the base of the pyramid and blow the shit out of it.

The problem was Terra wasn’t quite out of the room when it went off.  The blast took her from full health to Wounds -3.  Even with Nate rolling soaks (the curse hurt him here) he got to wounds -2 and he had to burn two bennies to get there.

The group limped down to the final room and was greeted by a rather pleasant and quite alive looking man.  The conversation quickly revealed that the man was actually a vampire..

Terra and Kepin came to an accord quickly, agreeing to carry the Vampire’s coffin to Vornheim if he would get them out of here alive.

The players did ask him, “So we get you to Vornheim and you can begin trying to take over the world or something?”  The vampire just smiled at them, “That’s for me to know.. The alternative, in the immediate, to you helping me is I knock you around and bring the horde of undead in here and have them tear you apart slowly, one by one, from the legs up..  Your choice…”

With that the group quickly made their way back through the tunnels, out through the cabin.

Vampire: “There is one problem; my control over the undead breaks as soon as I exit the cabin.”

Terra: “Well that’s fucking wonderful.

The group ran, got back to Zeke’s told him what was coming.  He shrugged it off and said this was his home, he’s staying.  The group bolted.

They made their way back to Vornheim (I decided not to do anymore random encounters as it was getting late) and had we closed off the night with them just getting to the outskirts of Old Vornheim.

Overall this was an awesome module.  I would recommend it to people.  However there is the possibility of several party member dying or even a full TPK.

One thing I will state is when a character dies it would be hard to “insert” a new character into play, especially if the undead are up and about.  I would recommend each player having two chars or their main and a mook as I did.

Now I have the fun of figuring out what has happened in Vornheim since the characters have been gone for four months.

Five Weeks Left on Two Year Anniversary Contest!

Here is a description and rules for the contest.

I will be doing a reminder each week on Monday for the contest till it is closed. Looking forward to your entries!

My Pathfinder-Lite Updated

The other day I posted that I was trimming the fat of Pathfinder and getting rid of the superfluous choices in the game.

Before I decided to do this I just pondered sticking with E6, which is an amazing option if you are looking for a more low level/intense game setting.  I’ve done E6 in the past and while I enjoyed it I still felt that there were too many abilities and play got bogged down while people sifted through all of their class abilities, feats, race abilities, weapon abilities (if there were any), and spells.

Let’s look at the Monk at level 6- they have 14 class abilities (not including 1 upgrade) and 3 feats.  That’s quite a bit to keep track of.

When trimming the fat of “choices” for Pathfinder, I did this with my players in mind and honestly new players as well.  Sometimes the sheer amount of choices and abilities is daunting to new players.

The Breakdown

Players level up regularly till level 10 where they plateau and after that get nothing.  Only their HP goes up a certain amount (al la old school) and their base attack bonus and saves go up +1 every four levels.

The classes get abilities at levels 1, 5, and 10.  Casters get spells as normal till level 10.  I have included a select group of feats that players can choose from at levels 5 and 10.  This gives them a bit more “customization.”

I nix swift action from combat as it really didn’t serve a purpose in my games.

I changed how Sunder  works, moved the Stand Still feat to a normal Combat Maneuver, and added a CM called Sap.

There are other things as well, but I’ll let you read the document itself.  I’m currently trying to tackle conditions.  There are just so many in Pathfinder.  Honestly almost all the ones that deal with fear (cowering, panicked, shaken, etc) almost all do the same thing.

I want to merge those and get rid of some.  However I’ve kind of hit a wall here because so many of the conditions are entrenched in the spells and the like.  So if you have any suggestions please feel free to let me know.

On Feats I got rid of most of the prerequisites that were required.  Only a few remain, and most of those are built upon another ability.  Such as needing Power Attack to take Cleave or Whirlwind Attack.

Here is the PDF of what will be displayed below: Pathfinder-Lite.

Character Creation-

 Roll 4d6, keep highest three (no rerolling of 1s).  Allocate in order of player choosing.  Then choose race and class.




Racial Attributes– +2 Dex, +2 Chr, -2 Con.

Darkvision– A Drow can see 160 ft in the dark.

Drow Immunities– Drow are immune to sleep effects and receive a +2 against Enchantment Spells and effects.

Spell Like Abilities– Dancing Lights, Darkness, and Faire Fire each 1x/day.

Light Blindness– Stunned for 1 round and is dazzled while in affected area.


Racial Attributes– +2 Con, +2Wis, -2 Chr.

Hardy– Dwarves receive a +2 to saving throws against Poisons, Spells, and Spell-like Abilities.

Hatred– Dwarves receive a +1 on attack rolls against Orcs and Goblins due to a special training against these enemies.

Darkvision– A Dwarf can see up to 60ft in the dark.

Dungeon Knowledge– A Dwarf has 2 in 6 on Architecture when dealing with stone-working and dungeoneering.

Slow and Steady– Dwarves move at 20 ft, but their speed is never affected by armor penalties.


Racial Attributes– +2 Dex, +2 Int, -2 Con.

Low-Light Vision– Elves can see twice as far as humans in dim light conditions.

Sharp Eyes– Elves have 2 in 6 Perception Skill.

Elven Immunities– Elves are immune to sleep effects and receive a +2 against Enchantment spells and effects.

Meditative State- Elves enter a meditative dream-like state for 4 hours to feel rested.


Racial Attributes– +2 Con, +2 Chr, -2 Str.

Small– Gnomes receive a +1 AC and Attack Rolls, but a -1 to their CMB and CMD.  They also have a 2 in 6 Stealth Skill.

Low-Light Vision– Elves can see twice as far as humans in dim light conditions.

Gnome Magic– Gnomes add +1 to the DC of any saving throws against illusion spells that they cast. Gnomes with a Charisma of 11 or higher also gain the following spell-like abilities: Dancing Lights, Ghost Sound, Prestidigitation, and Speak With Animals. The caster level for these effects is equal to the gnome’s level. The DC for these spells is equal to 10 + the spell’s level + the gnome’s Charisma modifier.

Illusion Resistance– Gnomes get a +2 racial saving throw bonus against illusion spells or effects.

Slow Speed– Due to their small stature Gnomes have a 20 ft movement.


Racial Attributes– +2 to any one Attribute Score.

Low-Light Vision– Half-Elves can see twice as far as humans in dim light conditions.

Sharp Eyes– Elves have 2 in 6 Perception Skill.

Elven Immunities– Elves are immune to sleep effects and receive a +2 against Enchantment spells and effects.

Human Blood– +1 Will Save Bonus.

Half Orc

Racial Attributes– +2 to any one Attribute Score.

Dark Vision– Orcs can see up to 60ft in the dark.

Orc Rage– 1x/day (like Barbarian Rage.  This stacks if playing Barbarian Class).  Ferocious Presence– +1 to Charisma checks when intimidating.


Racial Attributes– +2 Dex, +2 Chr, -2 Str.

Small– Halflings receive a +1 AC and Attack Rolls, but a -1 to their CMB and CMD.  They also have a 2 in 6 Stealth Skill.  Due to their stature a Halflings movement is 20 ft.

Fearless– Halflings receive a +2 racial bonus on all saving throws against fear. This bonus stacks with the bonus granted by halfling luck.

Halfling Luck– Halflings receive a +1 racial bonus on all saving throws.

Sure Footed– Halfings have 2 in 6 to Acrobatics and Climb


Racial Attributes– +2 to any one Attribute Score.

Human Ingenuity– A human receives +1 in two skills of player’s choice.

The Human Will– Humans are a driven people.  They receive +2 to their Will Saves.



Racial Attributes– +2 Dex, +2 Int, -2 Chr


Spell-like Ability– A Tiefling can tap into their infernal blood and cast Darkness 1x/day.

Infernal Parentage- Choose One: Charm Person or Cause Fear as a Spell-like Ability (this reflects the type of Infernal that sired the Tiefling).  They can use this 1x/day.

Fiendish Resistances– Due to their heritage a Tiefling receives a +2 to any save when dealing with the following types of damage; Cold, Electric, and Fire.


*All classes progress normally on Saves, HP, and BAB until level 10 where they plateau.

From level 11 on- HP gain:

+1 Alchemist, Oracle, Sorcerer, Wizard, and Witch.

+2 Bard, Cleric, Inquisitor, Magus, Monk, Ranger, and Rogue.

+3 Barbarian, Fighter, and Paladin.

BAB and Saves upgrade 1 every four levels from level 10 on.  .

At level 4 and 8 a player may raise one attribute.  This does not happen any further past level 8.

Feats– At level 5 and 10 a player may choose one feat from the list.

Spells– All casters reach their limit at level 10.  Any spell of 6th level or higher is considered to be a ritual/incantation which requires special objects, time, and money to cast.  Anything past level 10 spell ability is considered ritual/incantation for Rangers, Paladin, and Bards.

Skills– This is handled like Lamentations of the Flame Princess- all characters (Save for Rogues and where else indicated) have a 1 in 6 chance to succeed on a task.

Alchemist– Level 1- Alchemy, Brew Potion, Bomb 1d6, and Mutagen.

Level 5- Bomb 2d6, Swift Alchemy, and Discovery.

Level 10- Bomb 3d6, Discovery, and Poison Immunity.


Barbarian– Level 1- Fast Movement, Rage 3x/day, Rage Power.

Level 5- 1 Rage Power.

Level 10- DR 2/- and Rage Power.

Bard- Level 1- Jack of All Trades (they have 2 in 6 chance on all skills rather than 1 in 6). Bardic Performance 3x/day- Distraction, Fascinate, and Inspire Courage +1.

Level 5- Bardic Performance 3x/day- Suggestion.

Level 10- Bardic Performance 4x/day- Inspire Greatness.

Cleric– Level 1- Channel Energy 2d6 3x/day and 1 Domain.

Level 5- New Domain and Channel Energy 3d6 3x/day.

Level 10- Channel Energy 5d6 3x/day.


Druid– Level 1- Natures Bond and Wild Shape 1x/day.

Level 5- Trackless Step and Wild Shape 2x/day.

Level 10- Venom Immunity and Wild Shape 4x/day.

Fighter– Level 1- Power Attack, Cleave, Martial Training, and Weapon Focus.

Level 5- Weapon Training and Bravery +2.

Level 10- Improved Critical and Vital Strike.


Inquisitor– Level 1- Domain and Judgment 1x/day.

Level 5- Track, Bane, Judgment 2x/day.

Level 10- Second Judgment, Judgment 3x/day, Discern Lies, and Improved Track.


Magus- Level 1- Spell Combat and Spell Strike.

Level 5- Medium Armor Training and Weapon Focus.

Level 10- Improved Spell Combat.


Monk– Level 1- Flurry of Blows, Unarmed Strike, and Acrobatics 2 in 6.

Level 5- Stunning Fist and Evasion.

Level 10- Wholeness of Body and Slow Fall 30 ft.


Oracle– Level 1- Oracle Curse, Mystery, Revelation.

Level 5- Mystery Spell.

Level 10- Revelation and Mystery Spell.


Paladin– Level 1- Smite Evil 1x/day, Detect Evil, and Lay on Hands 1x/day.

Level 5- Aura of Courage and Smite Evil 2x/day.

Level 10- 1 Mercy point and Smite Evil 3x/day.

Ranger– Level 1- Favored Enemy, Track, and Combat Style.

Level 5- Hunters Bond and Improved Track.

Level 10- Combat Style.

Rogue- Level 1- Improved Sap, Sneak Attack 1d6, Evasion, and Skills.

*Rogues start with 4 skill points and gain 2 every level until level 20.

Level 5- Uncanny Dodge, Rogue Talent, and Sneak Attack 2d6.

Level 10- Sneak Attack 3d6 and Advanced Talent.

Sorcerer– Level 1- Bloodline Power and Bloodline Spell.

Level 5- Bloodline Spell and Bloodline Power.

Level 10- Bloodline Power.


Summoner– Level 1- Eidolon, Life Link, Summon Monster, Bond Senses, and Summon Spell 3x/day (as per Lamentations of the Flame Princess).

Level 5- Masters Call.

Level 10- Aspect.


Witch– Level 1- Witches Familiar and Hex.

Level 5- Hex.

Level 10- Hex or Major Hex.

Wizard– Level 1- Arcane Bond, Scribe Scroll, and School Focus.

Level 5- Combat Casting.

Level10-SchoolFocus and Craft Wand.






Disable Device




Pick Locks


Sleight of Hand



Use Magic Device

Tracking– Goes off of Search.  Rangers and Inquisitors have a 3 in 6 chance when using this skill in this fashion.  Improved Track raises skill to 4 in 6 chance.

Weapon Damage, Armor, Spells- save for Summon Monster which is not available- this game will use LotFP Summon Spell, and CMB/CMD all as Pathfinder.

XP Allowance: If a player wishes to learn the use of a new language or weapon they can spend 500xp to do so.  An Alchemist, Barbarian, Oracle, Paladin, Rogue, and Witch can also spend 1000xp to drop their current Discovery, Rage Talent, Revelation, Mercy, Rogue Trick, or Hex and learn a new one.

Martial Training– Fighters receive a +2 to their CMB when disarming an opponent, Bull Rushing, Shield Bashing, Stand Still, and Sunder.

Multi-attack– Only Fighters get the Multi-attack option at level 6.  Rangers and Monks can get more than one attack through their special abilities.  Only Fighters get standard.

Improved Sap– Rogues add +2 to their DC when using the Sap combat maneuver.

*Handling Class Abilities- Some class abilities such as certain Barbarians Rage Powers will need to be modified for this Pathfinder build.  Example: Raging Climber- the bonus provided would up climbing chance by +1; so 2 in 6 chance for success.


Combat Feats

Blind-Fight– Reroll miss chances for concealment.

Catch Off-Guard– No penalties for improvised melee weapons.

Improvised Weapon Mastery– Catch of Guard or Throw Anything- Make improvised weapon deadly.

Combat Expertise– Trade attack bonus for AC bonus.

Deadly Aim– Trade ranged attack bonus for damage.

Defensive Combat Training– NA- Use your total Hit Dice as your base attack bonus for CMD.

Dodge– Dex 13- +1 Dodge bonus to AC

Improved Critical– Proficiency with weapon, base attack bonus +8, Double the threat range of one weapon.

Point-Blank Shot– NA- +1 Attack and damage on targets within 30 feet.

Far Shot– Point-Blank Shot- Decrease ranged penalties by half.

Precise Shot– Point-Blank Shot- No penalty for shooting into melee.

Rapid Shot– Dex 13, Point-Blank Shot- Make one extra ranged attack.

Power Attack– Str 13, Base attack bonus +1- Trade melee attack bonus for damage.

Cleave– Power Attack- Make an additional attack if the first one hits.

Great Cleave– Cleave, base attack bonus +4- Make an additional attack after each attack hits.

Vital Strike– Power Attack- Deal twice the normal damage on a single attack.

Whirlwind Attack– Power Attack- Make one melee attack against all foes within reach.

Rapid Reload– Weapon proficiency (crossbow)- Reload Crossbow quickly.

Throw Anything– No penalties for improvised ranged weapons.

Two-Weapon Fighting– Reduce two-weapon fighting penalties.

Double-Slice– Two-Weapon Fighting- Add your Str bonus to off-hand damage rolls.

Improved Two-Weapon Fighting– Two-Weapon Fighting- Gain additional off-hand attack.

Two-Weapon Defense– Two-Weapon Fighting- Gain +1 shield bonus when fighting with two weapons.

Weapon Finess– Use Dex instead of Str on attack rolls with light weapons.

Weapon Focus– Proficiency with weapon- +1 bonus on attack rolls with one weapon.

Greater Weapon Focus– Weapon Focus, Base Attack Bonus +8- +1 on attack rolls with one weapon.

Weapon Specialization– +2 on Damage rolls with one weapon.

Arcane Feats

Arcane Strike– Ability to cast Arcane Spells- +1 damage and weapons are considered magic.

Arcane Armor Training– Ability to cast Arcane Spells- You are able to cast arcane spells and wear Light or Studded Leather.

General Magic Feats

Combat Casting– +4 bonus on concentration checks for concentration checks when character has taken damage while casting.

Spell Focus– +1 bonus on save DC’s for one school.

Greater Spell Focus– Spell Focus- Additional +1 on save DC’s for one school.

Brew Potion– Caster Level 3rd– Create magic potions.

Learn Incantation– Level 10- You learn 1 incantation/ritual spell (this cannot be unlearned) that is 1 degree higher than your highest casting level (ie- level 10 mage can cast level 5 spells- so the mage can learn 1 level 6 spell).

Barbarian Feats

Extra Rage– Rage Class Feature- Use Rage 2 more times per day.

Cleric Feats-

 Alignment Channel– Channel Energy Class Feature- Channel Energy can heal or harm outsiders.

Channel Smite– Channel Energy Class Feature- Channel energy through your attack.

Elemental Channel– Channel Energy class feature- Channel energy can harm or heal elementals.

Extra Channel– Channel Energy class feature- Channel energy 2 more times per day.

Improved Channel– Channel Energy class feature- +2 on channel energy DC.

Selective Channeling– Channel Energy class feature- Choose whom to affect with channel energy.

Turn Undead– Channel Positive Energy class feature- Channel energy can be used to make undead flee.

Druid Feats-

 Natural Spell– Wild Shape class feature- Cast spells while using wild shape.

Extra Wild Shape– Wild Shape Class Feautre- Use Wild Shape 2 more times per day.

Inquisitor Feats-

 Extra Judgments– Judgement Class Feature- Use Judgment 2 more times per day.

Paladin Feats-

 Extra Lay on Hands– Lay on Hands Class Feature- Use Lay on Hands 2 more times per day.

Extra Smite– Smite Class Feature- Use Smite 2 more times per day.

Other Feats-

Skilled– Receive 2 Skill Points.

Agile Maneuvers– Use your Dex bonus when calculating your CMB

Armor Proficiency, Light– No penalties on attack rolls while wearing light armor.

Armor Proficiency, Medium– Armor Proficiency, Light – No penalties on attack rolls while wearing medium armor.

Armor Proficiency, Heavy– Armor Proficiency, Medium – No penalties on attack rolls while wearing heavy armor.

Endurance– +4 bonus on checks to avoid nonleathal damage.

Diehard– Endurance- Automatically stabilize and remain conscious below 0 HP.

Fleet– Your base speed increases by 5 feet.

Great Fortitude– +2 on Fortitude Saves

Intimidating Prowess– Add Str bonus to Chr bonus when intimidating.

Iron Will– +2 bonus on Will saves.

Leadership– Character level 10- Gain a cohort and followers.

Lightning Reflexes– +2 bonus on Reflex saves.

Nimble Moves– Ignore 5 feet of difficult terrain when you move.

Quick Draw– Draw a weapon as a free action.

Shield proficiency– No penalties to attack rolls when using a shield.

Toughness– +3 +Con bonus HP.

Creation Feats such as Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Craft Rod, Craft Staff, Craft Wondrous Item, and Forge Ring should be rituals/incantations with ceremonies and be very time consuming.  This is to avoid the magic-o-mart feel of many games and make magic items extremely valuable and cherished. 



Attacks ofOpportunity-Gone.

Charge- Same as Pathfinder.

Casting on the Defensive- Gone.

Fighting Defensively- Gone.

Concentration- Functions the same as Pathfinder.

Total Defense- Functions the same as Pathfinder.

Combat Maneuvers

Bullrush- Same as Pathfinder.

Disarm– Success means that the target drops whatever weapon is in their hand.

Grapple- You wrestle an opponent to the ground.

Sap- If a target is studied for 3 rounds without being made away of your presence you can roll a CMB VS their CMD.  Failure means the target is knocked unconscious for 1d4 hours.

Shield Bash– Target makes a Fort Save DC 10 + char Str Mod + ½ char level or is staggered for 1 round.

Stand Still– If you hold your action and an enemy moves past you, you make a CMB VS CMD.  Success stops them in their tracks.  They can finish out their turn if they have any options left.

SunderWeapons– Roll characters CMB VS CMD- on successful hit roll 1d6.  On a 5 or 6 you succeed in breaking the weapon.  Magical Weapons can only be destroyed on a roll of 6.

Objects– Roll of 4-6 will destroy most items.  Magical Objects– Magical Objects can only be destroyed on a roll of 6.

Glass– Roll of 2-6 glass is destroyed.

Trip– You knock an enemy prone.

Combat Actions

Standard Action

Movement Action

Full Round Action

Free Action

Immediate Action

Movement- 1 square or 1 inch= 5 ft.

Two Year Anniversary Contest!!

Yesterday I hit the 2 year mark on my RPG Blog and I decided what better way to celebrate than with a contest!

The Objective:

Take a song that inspires you and create a plot hook out of it. It can be for any genre of RPG. Don’t make this extremely detailed; at most one paragraph. The point is to create a cool plot hook that is open for a GM to take it where they want to go, but give them enough to inspire/motivate.

It doesn’t have to incorporate everything from the song, but I and other readers should be able to look at the song and see where you got the idea from (see Example below).

The Rules:

As stated above, no overly long submissions.

People can enter multiple times.

Submissions must be received by August 2, 2011.

Do not post submissions here. Email them to me at ihaveangerissues-AT-g-m-a-i-l dawt com.

Please include your name, Nick or Handle (if you have one), your blog address (if you have one), Song Title, Artist, and Song Lyrics, and a link to youtube with the song (if the song is on youtube, otherwise I’ll find it).

I am planning on releasing all submissions as a PDF for free once contest is over, so make sure you are comfortable with your entry being in the final product when you are submitting it. We’ll see how that goes however.

Winner and Prize:

There is only First Place Prize Winner and that will be determined by myself.

The prize is a $20 Gift Certificate to Drivethru RPG. I will send this to the email address I received the submission from and no other so please be aware of that. I will email you as well when I have sent it, so please make sure to check your spam and etc.

I will not be buying/sending a second one if you don’t receive it.

Disclaimer: Drivethru is in no way sponsoring, participating, or funding or advocating this contest. This is all funded, thought of, and monitored right here by me at wrathofzombie.

Check out the example below and feel free to email me with any questions! Good luck to all and I’m looking forward to awesome ideas!


The Fragile by Nine Inch Nails

She shines
In a world full of ugliness
She matters when everything is meaningless

She doesn’t see her beauty
She tries to get away
It’s just that nothing seems worth saving
I can’t watch her slip away

I won’t let you fall apart

She reads the minds of all the people as they pass her by
Hoping someone can see
If I could fix myself I’d-
But it’s too late for me

I wont let you fall apart

We’ll find the perfect place to go where we can run and hide
I’ll build a wall and we can keep them on the other side
…but they keep waiting
…and picking…

It’s something I have to do
I was there, too
Before everything else
I was like you

Plot Hook: A humble, yet stunningly beautiful, female who is important on some level one of the players (this can be lover, sister, cousin, mother, etc) has been raped, beaten, and left in an alley to die.

As she lay there bleeding, she is somehow able to reach out with her mind to call for help (possibly a magic-user) entering into the players mind. The player sees flashes of the incident and a glimpse of the alley.

The player must now find where she is before she dies. As she gets closer to death the images become much more intense to the player and start inflicting Wisdom damage (this can drive the player insane).

Two Years.. I’ll be Damned


Two years and still going strong! I really do enjoy blogging, sharing ideas, and having conversations with other people who share a passion for this awesome hobby!

Here are some really awesome blogs that I would love to give a nod to as I have found many awesome ideas, thoughts, or inspirations from them.

Lamentations of the Flame Princess
Playing D&D With Pornstars
Underdark Gazette
ADD Grognard
Dragon Age Oracle
Role-playing Tips
Geek Life Project
Critical Hits
Musings of a Chatty DM
Campaign Mastery

It’s been a busy year for me, but I managed to knock out a few good posts. Here are a few that I’m really happy with:

My two free games:
Firefly Hurtlin Through the Verse V2

Wrath of Zombie Full Arrangement Illustrated With Art

Regular Posts:
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My Vornheim World Building Post:
Part I– Overview and System Decisions

Part II– Player Questionnaires

Part III– Creation of the World- Races

Part IV– Creation of the World around Vornheim

Part V– Final Bits and Pieces

Part VI– Player’s Answers to Questionnaires

I look forward to blogging for another year and hopefully will still come up with some ideas or whatever that people find, at least, interesting.

Again thanks to everyone who stops by and reads my stuff. I appreciate you taking the time to do so!

Check back here tomorrow- A Contest Cometh.

Third Vornheim Contest Entry- Grave Diggin’

Zak S, the author of Vornheim, is doing a kick ass contest that really speaks to the spirit of the book!

I’ve already done two other submissions:

Vial Of… Chart
Wilderness and Other Encounters

Yesterday I saw that Nevermet Press did a post on grave robbing and I thought that would make a fun chart to have. You never know when players are going to go down that dark and creepy path.  Hell it might be something they HAVE to do;  Vornheim is a strange place after all..

I’m doing these charts, honestly not in the hopes of winning any of the cool stuff Zak is offering, but because I really think it’s a cool idea for a contest (hell without any prizes) and I look forward to (hopefully) seeing what other people have created.

So here is the PDF of the chart: Grave Diggin Chart.

Grave Diggin’

1 Bloated Rotten Corpse- Squishy.  Has golden ring (100gp) and a fine belt (50gp)
2 Only dust left in coffin.  Explodes out when open.  Character must make save or develop coffin rot.
3 A young woman is still alive in coffin.  Starts thrashing and crying.  Bound and gagged.
4 Freak of nature skeleton/body- 1) Giant; 2) Conjoined Twins; 3) Odd shaped body parts; 4) Bone Spurs; 5) Frail looking; 6) Organs on the outside.
5 Minor Undead launches out attacks 1) Zombie; 2) Ghoul; 3) Wight; 4) Skeleton.
6 Coffin is filled with riches and gold equaling 4,000gp.  One necklace is cursed with insatiable greed.
7 Coffin is chained up- Vampire inside.
8 Corpse of beautiful woman.  To one person her eyes open and she whisper a fortune (pg 56-57) to the player and go silent.  All other players she remains dead.
9 Dead body clutching tome of forbidden and forgotten knowledge of Demonology.
10 Body of famous hero.  Wearing gorgeous armor (magical) and has a sword (magical).  The coffin is ornate and tells tale of deeds.
11 Coffin is filled with blood and puss.  Spills out onto players and starts to burn.
12 Corpse is covered in large fat maggots that start crawling towards players and try to burrow into them.
13 The body of someone important to one of the characters is in here, obviously the victim of a violent death.
14 Double coffin- Husband and Wife- Finery on both equaling 500gp.
15 Coffin of a Half Orc arena fighter- has a master crafted battle axe clutched in hands.
16 Small box- in it is a still beating heart.
17 In coffin is an ornate vase with a stopper.  When opened a ghost of a philosopher comes out.  He is grateful for his freedom and begins following group around and won’t shut up.
18 Child’s grave.  Buried with a teddy bear and a music box (25gp).
19 When players open the coffin one of the characters that was helping dig is suddenly in there shaking and starved as if they had been in there for days.  This happens instantaneously.
20 Nothing in coffin.  Further examination reveals a secret door that leads down to a necropolis full of knowledge, danger, and riches.  All coveted by a demented, paranoid, and multiple personality Lich.