My Vornheim- Some Magical Items

These are magic items I have created for my Vornheim game.  Some of them provide mechanical bonuses (albeit small ones).  I wanted to have most of the magic items be A) Weird and different than the standard fare.  B) Have a difficulty or cost to use that would cause the player question whether or not to rely on the item more than just a mystic Pez dispenser.

Aside: These items are formated for Savage Worlds, but can easily be redone for pretty much any system.

Note to my Players: These will probably end up in game at some point, but that doesn’t mean I won’t have other items in there just to fuck with you.


Magic Items

Cloak of the Damsel– This silky cloak allows the user to turn into a beautiful woman when the hood is raised.  The character gets +4 to charisma rolls.  While wearing this they gain the “Utterly Desirable” Aspect and men (and women) will pursue them (often times leading to trouble.

The problem is taking the cloak off.  The cloak requires the wearer to perform some function of a Damsel (IE- a noble party, wooing a nobleman, damsel in distress, etc).  When the requirement has been met the cloak can be removed.  If not removed in 5 minutes the wearer must do this all over again.

Dagger of Horrible Wounding– This jagged dagger can inflict a grievous wound on the victim and all it asks for in return is help from the wielder.  The Wielder pushes a small button on the handle, which inflicts 1 wound (no save) and this cannot be soaked.  If the dagger hits successfully and the targets toughness is passed the target automatically gets one wound (on top of whatever other damage might be inflicted).  This must be decided before the wielder makes their attack roll.

Bracelet of Cat’s Grace– This simple silver bracelets power only comes out at night.  The wearer’s dexterity goes up by one die level, however the characters eyes become feline like and they suffer -2 to charisma off putting appearance.  Once worn this cannot be taken off until morning.

Summoner’s Blanket– This intricately designed and woven blanket has ancient runes etched onto it.  This blanket serves as a focus for a magic user to channel their energy into this to summon something from the nether to do their bidding.  This blanket gives a +2 to the Magic roll of the Summoner.

Collar of Pain– This black leather collar has small pins that gently stab into the wearer’s neck.  The targets toughness is reduced by 2 while wearing this, but they gain +2 to damage.

The Other Self Cloak– This amorphous mass has some sentience.  It can allow a person to assume the shape of a humanoid it has touched in the past week.

The process is not with out pain however.  The creature stabs small tendrils into the pours of the host and begins reshaping the person’s bones and muscle mass.  The wearer must make a Vigor check (for both putting on and removing the Cloak).  Success= 1 wound.  Success with a raise= Perfectly fine.  Failure= 2 wounds.  *A soak roll can be used for this.  While wearing the cloak the wearer gets +4 to deception type rolls against people who know the “face.”

Here are a bit more “normal” items that will be incorporated in my game.

Torch of Firebreath– This torch has 10 charges.  Functions just like Blast Spell (2d10 Fire Damage).  Target must make a Spirit or Magic Check TN 4 to use.  Failure means nothing happens.  A roll of a 1, regardless of Wild Die results in an explosion (blast) centering on the user and that the charge was consumed in the attempt.

 Poison of the Ruby Asp– This vile concoction is one of the most deadly snakes in the Great Graveyard.  This snakes red sheen and gemmed forehead makes it a sought after prize for that alone.  However its poison is deadly and excruciating.  One vile contains 2 applications.  The target must pass a Vigor Check -4, failure means the target is incapacitated and must roll another Vigor Check -3 to keep from dying.  This poison is a contact poison.  Anyone wishing to put this on their weapons must make a Poison Use Skill check -2.

Choking Cloud Grenade– This grenade lets loose a thick green cloud of stinking gas that causes everyone in a small burst template to gag and cough.  Targets get to roll a Dexterity Test to avoid being caught in the blast.  Failure means they take begin choking and receive 1 level of fatigue and must make a Vigor Check (now -1) to avoid secondary effects.  Secondary effects- The targets eyes are streaming and stinging, they suffer -2 to attacks for the rest of the encounter.  Each round the target is in the cloud they must make the Vigor Save or take an additional level of Fatigue.

 I wanted to create a summoning spell that was simple and quick and allowed for the player to customize exactly what they want (in some fashion).  This hasn’t been play tested yet, so I’m not sure how successful I was in creating it.

 Summoning Ritual– The Base cost for this is 2, and TN 4.  The player then describes what exactly they want to pull forth.  Each degree ups the MP and TN cost by 2.

Others can help on this roll- using their magic or spirit as the test.  They suffer the modifiers as well.  For every success they receive you gain +1 (+2 with a raise).  Summoning takes 10 minutes.

Once the creature has been summoned it must be placed under your domination.  The summoner must roll a Spirit Check VS the Demons Guts (the demon gets a +2).  Success means the creature will stay for the 1d6 hours.  Success and a raise means the creature will stay for 1 day.  Failure means that the creature will act independently.  A roll of 1 on the magic die, regardless of Wild Die, means the creature will go after the summoner and kill them.  They will fight until one is dead.

The base creature is a Glop demon:

Attributes: Agility: d4  Smarts: d6        Spirit:   d6        Strength: d6      Vigor: d6

Skills: Fighting: d6        Guts: d6           Intimidation: d6 Knowledge (?):  d6

Pace:    5          Parry: 5            Toughness:  6 (+1 slick skin).

Claws: Str +d4

Idea- Player (Nate) is half Succubus.  Father/Mother wasn’t who they seemed.  Was demon in possession of body or in disguise.  Character get +1 to Charisma and Charm Person (Puppet Spell) 1x/day.  Rule functions same, save for duration which is 1d4 + Chr Modifier.


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One response to “My Vornheim- Some Magical Items

  • Chuck

    What? Non-standard magic items that are more than a better to kill monsters and take their stuff! Incredible! 😉
    But seriuosly they look pretty good and interesting.

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