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Meeting the Parents

We kicked off the session (where we left off last time) with Philip stuck in the bedroom of a dead soon-to-be Priestess of Tittivilla as a knock and call of a male calling more urgently through the door.

Philip ran to the window and attempted to climb out onto the ledge. However he lost his footing and ended up with his head and arms stuck in the window while his feet dangled towards a 90ft drop.

The door knocked in and a large man with concern etched on his face ran to the bed, oblivious of the unwelcome stranger dangling precariously out the window. The man’s concern turned to shock and grief as he discovered his daughter was dead.

Philip seized opportunity of the man’s emotional pain and quietly heaved himself out of the window, slinked across the room and down the hallway grabbed the man’s coat and headed out the door as a ravaged pain scream tore from the bedroom. Philip heard two women exclaim concern and footfalls coming from the kitchen. He quickly closed the door and made his way towards the 4th floor bridge which connected to the tower that housed the Whining Dog Saloon on the 1st floor.

Walking along the bridge Philip nonchalantly threw the coat over the ledge of the bridge.

Aside: I rolled randomly to see if Keplin was around. I rolled a d100 and gave a 25% chance. I rolled a 02. Not only was Keplin walking by to the Whining Dog Saloon, but the coat landed on him.

Keplin searched the pockets, found some gold and a bracelet for the now dead girl and walked into the Saloon just as a sweaty Philip arrived. The coat provided a nice bit of RPing between Fletch and Liam.

The two drank for a few and decided to go hit up the local Jobs Office to make some spare coin.

Anger Issues

As Philip and Keplin walked towards the Jobs Office they literally ran into an 8’ ½” Orc staring down at them. Looking at Fletch, “You Keplin?” the large orc rumbled.

“Yeah. What of it?”

“Come with me down this alley way to discuss business.”

Keplin shrugged and walked into the aforementioned alley with Philip bringing up the rear, keeping an eye on the lumbering orc.

Sitting on a trashcan was a 3’ Halfling a white tunic and a Lynx fur vest.

I introduced them as Happen Ankle-Bitter and his lieutenant Targrak. I role-played out that Happen was in a bit of a problem. Keplin’s dad owed him a bit of money ($2,000) and that Keplin could either do a job for him (assassinating a Noble who has been giving Happen too much trouble) or he’ll take the payment out of his father, “I’ll brake his fucking legs and make sure he never works in the steam pipes again. He’ll be a useless cripple. Got me?”

Aside: Fletch took an interesting approach on this. I figured he would charge the little bullying bastard or something. Instead he calmly rebuked the threat to his family and then tried to get more money out of the situation.

Happen nodded at Targrak who made a grab to face-palm Philip, who proved to be too agile for the large creature. A quick fight broke out, with the players getting the upper hand. However before anything more than an unconscious Targrak could be accomplished, Happen (at wounds -1) threw a gas grenade at the players, who failed their saves, and ended up unconscious.

At this point Nate (Terra) joined us on Skype and I tied him into the story. Having him walk from his apartment towards the Whining Dog Saloon he ran into his friends just coming to as onlookers gathered.

Here the group went back to the Saloon, Liam almost died twice due to botched Healing Rolls by Fletch (which we are now calling “Orc Healing.” In the dungeon coming up he killed two enemies by healing them.

While resting up, Karl and his daughter Elywnn arrived and were ready to hit the sewers to find the gangers who were selling boot-legged Wisps of the Web.

Into the Stinking Depths of Vornheim

This next session of the review I am going to describe the layout of my sewer dive and a few highlights. There was quite a bit of role-playing and hilarity during the dive, but I will gloss over that for the sake of (possibly) useful information to others.

Tidbit of Flavor Info for my Vornheim- The sewers (as you’ll see in the notes below) are quite expansive and I got to thinking how the city accomplished creating these huge cylindrical tunnels that are about 10 ½ feet tall and about that wide.

Zak mentions Grub fighting as a past time in Vornheim and I decided that I wanted emphasize that even further. In the past long forgotten Vornheim grew too fast and did not have an adequate sewage system. Filth and plague was very common.

The leaders of the great city knew it was only a matter of time before plague killed off the entire population. The leaders bred massive grubs and had “handlers” guide them through the solid rock beneath the city, creating massive tunnels. As the grubs burrowed and created what was to be the new sewer system, indentured servants laid down the brick and mortar along the walls and added grates, doors, levies, etc.

This is how the great sewer system of Vornheim, which spans over a hundred miles, was created

Here are my notes from the game and the map:

This map is to “simulate” the long winding sewers under Vornheim. Each one of the pipes drawn on the map is actually 4 pipes heading in that direction. Each tunnel is 500 feet long. One lump equals 2,000 feet distance. Roughly each lump is 30 minutes of travel. That is not including fighting/excursion/role-playing. If the players want to “hoof it” to make better time, Agility rolls must be made. Failure means more time taken and possible injury.

They start in the Sewers at 6pm. They have until midnight to get to area.

Click to Enlarge

On room 1 and every two rooms after roll for a random encounter in the sewers. Roll 1d6. On a 5-6 there is a random encounter of some sorts.

1- Hear skittering but can’t see anything.
2- Find a skeleton 1) Animal; 2) Humanoid Adult; 3) Humanoid Child; 4) Monster.
3- Wall falls down- 3 Goblins are burrowing through tunnels w/ pick axes. Seem shocked. Try to run away. *Only once*
4- Rats scurrying around.
5- A bloated corpse completely looted.
6- Several bodies have been dumped here. There is a grate above you. The bodies have been brutalized, their skin flayed off in many areas. Seems ritualistic *Only Once*
7- Sewer Folk. Seem skittish. Filthy.. Mention that they are protected by their King.
8- 1) Group runs into thick spider webs that are wet and sticky. 2) Group hears a hissing and a splashing. Water ripples.
9- Monster Encounter.
10- Monster Encounter.

1- Giant Spider 1d4 +1
2- Rabid Rats Swarm
3- 1) Halfling Thug; 2) Human Thug; 3) Elven Thug; 4 Dwarven Thug 1d3
4- Corpse Grubs 1d2
5- Choker
6- Goblins
7- Semi-Sentient Refuse Pile. This fight can be avoided if item it desires is given to it. Roll character then roll on their items.
8- Roll twice- these are fighting each other and players stumble upon them.

I also had the Great Albino Spider Snake going around. I wanted this fight to occur at the end.

I had a few variations prepared depending on when the players actually got the far room in the upper right corner. The GASS (shut up about the acronym) could arrive before the player and have the gangers already killed and be lurking in the water (especially if the players arrived late). This is how it played out actually.

The Snake could come after the gangers were taken care of by the player or even during that conflict, just depending on how I rolled.

Highlights/Encounters of the Dive:

Goblins crashing through the brick completely excited at their accomplishment only to be frightened back into the darkness by a howl by Philip.

Tera slipping down a slope and getting completely submerged in fetid sewer water.

The group running across the Semi-Sentient Refuse Pile (I was extremely happy I rolled this one). The item it wanted was Keplin’s lamp. It kept lumbering after him saying, “Mmmmmmmmmiiiiiiinnnnnnneeeeeeee….” They had no clue until it lashed out and took it away from Keplin and moved away. Fletch pouted quickly then moved on.

Tera sneaking up 4 Sewer Folk and hearing their conversation about the King having trouble in Lower Vornheim, but that he’s promising more food than just toad and fungus soon.

The group being ambushed by 2 human ganger sentries. In the fight, Karl (NPC) was killed, yet Elwynn kept it together. The group tortured the two by Orc Healing, killing one then shooting the other in the head with a crossbow.

The Big Snake

As the fight ended the group heard screaming coming from ahead where the deal took place. Tera and Philip went to investigate and came upon a scene of total carnage. Dead bodies and pieces were strewn all across the floor.

Suddenly Philip heard a noise behind him and turned around just in time to dodge out of the way of a gigantic pure white snake with red eyes with spider legs coming out from its underbelly. The creature was about the size and height of a bull elephant.

Nate: “Holy shit.”

Liam: “Are you fucking kidding me?!”

The fight was very fast and the group actually made quick work of the GASS. Once it was knocked to wounds -1 I had it roll a check and it retreated back into the water and disappeared.

We ended the session with the group looting the bodies, picking up the undamaged container of Wisps of the Web, and getting level 2.

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  1. Lol. I love running characters thru sewers. It’s always a blast. I really like the way the PC’s are interacting with the NPC’s in the city rather than just a way collect quests and go shopping.

  2. Love running characters through sewers. You might want to look up the catacombs of Paris for some nice inspiration about underground spaces.

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