My Vornheim- Player Questionnaires Answered

This is a part six in a series of posts that will outline my homebrew campaign that utilizes the Vornheim Complete City Kit.

Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, and Part V.

Here are the answers that my players came up with to the questions I asked them.

Questionnaire 1- Nate

1) When you were young you were bit by an asp and managed to survive. Some say you are blessed and others cursed.. How do you feel and why?

A: Some same I am blessed, some say I’m cursed, I say I’m lucky and I’ll keep playing the odds until I’m not. People read to much in to stories.

2) Vornheim looks beautiful in what season and what time of day? Why?

A:Vornheim, in the fall just after the leaves fall, the lonlieness after the jubilation of summer is enchanting.

3) What do you tell friends about yourself that isn’t true?

A: A question that is almost always answered by a lie, how much I owe, how old I am, what I know, the truth depends on the beholder.

4) What instrument can you play? Why?

A: I’ve played the lute since I was a child, but I only play it alone now.

5) When alone and in the dark you…?

A: Find where the treasure is, whatever that may be.

6) You have a gem worth 200 gold in your pocket. How did you get it and why can’t you sell it?

A: I won it off an illegal bet, or stole it at an opportune moment.

7) Why do you react the way you do when threatened?

A: Hasn’t Answered Yet.

8 ) What are you most proud of about yourself? What is your biggest fault?

A: Pride is in the display, in the talk, and hopefully no one will notice all the mistakes that haunt my life.

9) Why do you favor the color ________?

A: Dark blue; reminds me of the cold pools of my child hood, and i could swim and float in peace.

10) What creed do you live by?

A: Who Dares, Wins.

11) You are afraid of _______________. Why?

A:I’m afraid of people learning about my past. My debts and problems now, are nothing compared to the troubles I escaped.

12) Who is living in your immediate family?

A: As far as I know, my husband and child are still alive, but that’s been many years.

13) How did you meet the group? Why stick together?

A: I met the group at the contracted job boards. After we brought in a good haul I challenged them to a game of chance and took most of their money. These are people I can stick with.

14) What is your name?

A: There’s a nickname everyone calls me by, Terra. My real name Daneya Roa’dell, is the answer, to this riddle, which has a prize at the bar I work at if anyone cares to wager a few gold on guessing my name.

Questionnaire 2- Liam

1) Your mom sang a song to you when you as a child. Why do you cry now when you hear it?

A: Because my family fell on hard times and my family sold me into being a human lab-rat.

2) What did your grandfather give you give you or say to you as a child?

A: “Never forget who you are and from where you come”–a silver pocket watch with a gold filigree.

3) Why do you favor ___________ weapon over all others?

A: Wakizashi it is an ideal weapon for a noble who never knows if he’ll be on the offensive of defensive.

4) The glass is half empty or half full? Why?

A: The glass is half empty…because everything good always comes to an end usually quite suddenly.

5) You have a reoccurring nightmare. What is it about? Where does it stem from?

A: The dream is of me as a young child camping in the woods before my grandfather’s death when suddenly we are surrounded by a pack of wolves that look absolutely ravnous when suddenly they attack my grandfather and i watch them tear is body apart while i am frozen there in terror watching them gnaw on his bones.–It presumably stems from some traumatic experience i had as a child which i have repressed and have no conscious recollection of.

6) What are you really good at? What do you wish you were better at?

A: I am really good at going unnoticed yet am equally clumsy.

7) On an average day what is in your pockets? Why?

A: The watch my grandfather gave me and usually a small amount of coin and a couple pieces of jerky.

8 ) Coming from a noble family why do you sometimes “slum”?

A: Because i realize nothing is right in the world and sometimes you have to do what is right even if it means questionable means to an end.

9) You have a habit or twitch that drives the group crazy. What is it?

A: Unbeknown to me my eyes flash between my nature color of hazel to an ice blue of an arctic wolf….or am constantly checking my pocket watch with no real concern of the time.

10) Old people creep you out. Why?

A: They remind me the walking dead with their sagging skin and their varicose veins and their boney structure.

11) What do you want to accomplish before you die?

A: Return to my family.

12) Who is living in your immediate family?

A: My younger brother and twin sister and my grandmother.

13) How did you meet the group? Why stick together?

A: I have no recollection of how we got together but i know we have been through a lot and that i probably owe them my life.

14) What is your name?

Philip Phineas Balder Molineaux.

Questionnaire 3- Fletch

1) An old crone read your fortune four days ago. What did she say? How do you feel?

A: I was told my life will be in much peril, most of which will be brought on by my companions. Which is the norm in this city. The crone also said “You know not what your truly seek, for you to find this answer you must travel with a band of misfits and trouble makers.”

2) Why do you strive to make your father proud?

A: Father is a Steamer (plumber for steam pipes) for the dangerous works dpt., knowing how to fight is half the requirement to work there. Any way I’m a bastard of father and a whore in outer town, he raised me to know how to fight and work. I could have turned out much worse or dead, I do what I can to show him my thanks.

3) You feel ______________ about bullying. Why? What happened?

A: I know it’s wrong so I try to stop it where I see it, because of the neighborhood gang was beating up someone I knew from the area so I jumped to help and got my beat up too, but I still do the same from time to time.

4) Your house burned down. You saw your puppy, an old photo of your grandmother, and an old tome of knowledge but could only save one. Which did you choose and why?

A: Puppy, There are other photos of grandmother, tomes can be replaced but I love that dog.

5) When a friend is in danger you ________________. Why?

A: I will stand with them or run with them, depending on the situation. it’s just the way I was raised.

6) You have your mom’s necklace. What does it mean to you and why?

A: Not too much, but I can’t bring myself to sell it, I some time have a romantic that she gave me to my father cause she loved me enough to know she couldn’t give me a good life.

7) What does Vornheim mean to you?

A: Its where the rump rests, I’ve heard of the portals and wouldn’t mind going there.

8 ) Your birthday is next week, what do you want? Why? Why won’t anyone get it for you?

A: There’s a set of brawlers shocker gloves at a pawn shop, but pops told me if I want something as dangerous as that I can buy them my damn self. There’s know one else I can ask.

9) Other people’s opinions matter to you in what way?

A: For most people I could care less what they think, but for people that are friends I try to keep in good graces.

10) When you were a kid you got lost in Vornheim. What happened? What did you discover?

A: It started with me running away from a street gang, I made a lot of random turns to ditch the guys, how were very persistent over 3 miles or better, when I found that I was in an area very unknown to me. A square filled with all manner of people, with a ring in the center. Thinking it was a festival of some kind I began to walk around and watch.

During the fights people were placing bets and cheering for one or the other fighter. I watched for a few fights with great enthusiasm before I came back to myself and had the since to find my way home, ever since I’ve wanted to become a fighter of note.

11) What do you routinely do? What will happen if you don’t or aren’t able to do it?

A: Not answered yet.

12) Who is living in your immediate family?

A: Only one known to me is my father.

13) How did you meet the group? Why stick together?

A: At the contracted jobs office common room in front of the board of jobs. We all agreed that the highest paying jobs we could get would be easier and faster as a group, and we have worked well as a team so far.

14) What is your name?

A: Keplin by name, bruiser by reputation.

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  1. I really love these questions. I feel like I know these PCs, without even a single session of role playing. I can definitely see how this could lead to better role play as well, since the players have a decent glimpse into their character without having to write up a 3 page essay about their background.

    I love the random questions like “what’s in your pocket?”, or “what’s the tic your group hates about you?”.

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