My Vornheim- The Questionnaire

This is a part two in a series of posts that will outline my homebrew campaign that utilizes the Vornheim Complete City Kit.

Yesterday I mentioned that I was taking the questionnaires chargen from Dread and using it in my upcoming Vornheim: The Last City game.

When I first read through Dread and saw examples of the Questions posed to the players, I thought it was brilliant. It forces the player to examine their character in a way that the usually don’t. Really making them look at who they are.. who they want to play. The big thing here is that the questions aren’t conventional ones.

I’ve been using player questionnaires for years, however they have been the same for all players, and, in many ways, just standard fair. The questions used for Dread are A) Written by the GM and unique to each player (save for a select few). B) Non-conventional questions. C) A major and defining piece of the character.

After I got the feel that I was going for in my Vornheim game and got a few of the outlying territories lined up I sat down and started writing the questions.

I have three players in this upcoming game. Here they are:

Questionnaire 1
1) When you were young you were bit by an asp and managed to survive. Some say you are blessed and others cursed.. How do you feel and why?
2) Vornheim looks beautiful in what season and what time of day? Why?
3) What do you tell friends about yourself that isn’t true?
4) What instrument can you play? Why?
5) When alone and in the dark you…?
6) You have a gem worth 200 gold in your pocket. How did you get it and why can’t you sell it?
7) Why do you react the way you do when threatened?
8 ) What are you most proud of about yourself? What is your biggest fault?
9) Why do you favor the color ________?
10) What creed do you live by?
11) You are afraid of _______________. Why?
12) Who is living in your immediate family?
13) How did you meet the group? Why stick together?
14) What is your name?
Questionnaire 2
1) Your mom sang a song to you when you as a child. Why do you cry now when you hear it?
2) What did your grandfather give you give you or say to you as a child?
3) Why do you favor ___________ weapon over all others?
4) The glass is half empty or half full? Why?
5) You have a reoccurring nightmare. What is it about? Where does it stem from?
6) What are you really good at? What do you wish you were better at?
7) On an average day what is in your pockets? Why?
8 ) Coming from a noble family why do you sometimes “slum”?
9) You have a habit or twitch that drives the group crazy. What is it?
10) Old people creep you out. Why?
11) What do you want to accomplish before you die?
12) Who is living in your immediate family?
13) How did you meet the group? Why stick together?
14) What is your name?
Questionnaire 3
1) An old crone read your fortune four days ago. What did she say? How do you feel?
2) Why do you strive to make your father proud?
3) You feel ______________ about bullying. Why? What happened?
4) Your house is burning down. You see your puppy, an old photo of your grandmother, and an old tome of knowledge but you can only save one. Which and why?
5) When a friend is in danger you ________________. Why?
6) You have your mom’s necklace. What does it mean to you and why?
7) What does Vornheim mean to you?
8 ) Your birthday is next week, what do you want? Why? Why won’t anyone get it for you?
9) Other people’s opinions matter to you in what way?
10) When you were a kid you got lost in Vornheim. What happened? What did you discover?
11) What do you routinely do? What will happen if you don’t or aren’t able to do it?
12) Who is living in your immediate family?
13) How did you meet the group? Why stick together?
14) What is your name?

I know some people my bristle at these questions and feel that they pigeon hole them into a certain type of character. While I understand that sentiment, I have played in/ran games where concise characters were created and it lead to some awesome game play.

I tried to leave these questions as open as possible so the player could dictate the terms within the implied confines of the narrative.

While freedom is awesome and amazing, I’ve experienced the negative as well (especially in lazy, casual, or apathetic players) where a situation occurs and when I ask the player how their character reacts (especially if it is an unexpected/out of the box situation) I tend to get the big ol’ deer eyes O_O;;..

I want to avoid that in the case of this campaign (not that these players have any issues being creative). Also this is a learning experiment. How will this work? What will my players come up with?

I’m really excited to see where it goes.

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