Breaking the AGE Formula

I love the AGE system. It is simple, exciting, and a fresh spin on the rules-lite system. However porting it to your homebrew world takes quite a bit of work and effort, as I have experienced with Firefly, as the setting of Dragon Age is so entwined with the rules. I’m not bitching about this since it IS an awesome setting, but I don’t always want to take the time to create a bunch of new Backgrounds and possibly have to modify the classes on top of world building for a homebrew creation. So what do you do when you want to use the AGE system but don’t have the time or desire to create new Backgrounds?

What Do You Do?

Well it’s actually pretty damned easy. There is a rule in Set 2 offering advice for those who don’t want to roll 2d6 for their Background abilities. Looking at this I thought about how that would work as a builder in general.

I suggest taking that same rule and nixing backgrounds as a mechanic all together. The setting will be explained to the players, who then will come up with a class, concept, goals, and ties.

The player will then be able to choose to raise one Ability and take one Ability Focus or take two Ability Focuses. Boom done! This allows you to play a great system without have to create backgrounds if you lack the motivation or time.

Will you still have to possibly change the classes? That is up to you and your Homebrew setting, but at the very least this is one further step that you do not have to worry about at this time.


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One response to “Breaking the AGE Formula

  • anarkeith

    Good point, Mike. This also lets players flavor their character more specifically to their tastes, as opposed to picking a ready-made background (albeit from an admittedly rich assortment.)

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