Firefly: Hurtlin’ Through the ‘Verse, Session 3 Part 3.

These sessions are using my Firefly: Hurtlin’ Through the ‘Verse Rules based on AGE: Here’s the document if you are interested:

Firefly Hurtlin Through the Verse V2

Part one- here.

Part two- here.

Angie– Raina Patel
John– Justin Dodge
Elmer– John Salem
Chad– Derek Cyan (Not Present)
Drew– Max Power
Omar– Oscar Jennings
Liam– Nadicus Manners

A Really Big Fight

No one could really argue that Max’s plan wasn’t working. In fact they might have argued it was working too well. They might have pointed it out when he tried to assault a man, apparently a martial arts champion, who dodged Max’s attack, picked him up and slammed him to the floor.

They might have pointed it out when a woman climbed on Max’s back and began pulling his hair and screaming at him for ruining her fine silk dress.

“I’ve got to help him!” John said. He watched the drunken guard beside him clumsily pull out his stun baton and start to move forward. Possessed with a crazy thought John reached out and knocked the baton back at the guards head, rendering the man unconscious. “Oh my! You’ve had too much to drink you poor soul!” John cried out to no one in particular. John gave a quick prayer of apology, grabbed the guard’s stun baton and the identification and security keys, and headed to into the fray to aid Max.

“Should I start a fire?” Justin asked excitedly.

“No don’t start a gorram fire! I think we have all the distraction we need!” John said into the comlink.

Justin looked down at all of the alcohol and grease he had prepared for an accidental fire sadly, “Fine..”

In the Vault

Raina and Oscar were enjoying a tour of the vault and all of the exquisite pieces of art that Yelum Turrin had managed to procure over the years.

In the center of the room, in a casing of thick glass, was their target: Modigiliani’s Little Peasant. They both decided, wisely, to look at the piece, but not pay much attention to it.

Yelum’s comlink came to life, “Sir! This is Guard Chief Maxwell. We have a situation.”


“There.. Seems to be a riot among the guests. They are throttling one of the servers!”

Yelum sighed, “Get the men ready with stun batons and stun guns. I’ll be up momentarily.” He then turned to Oscar and Raina, “Unfortunately we must return to the party, such as it is, and deal with some unpleasantness. If you’ll follow me?”

The group headed back through the vault door and took a look at the security screen which showed a full scale brawl happening in the main hall. Pay little attention to his guests, Yelum and all, save one, of his security compliment rushed out of the door to try to stop the fight.

Raina began flirting with the remaining guard as Oscar snuck up behind him and fired his stun gun at his head. The guards head slammed down hard on the control panel. His head seemed to bounce back up, his face contorted in pain and blood leaking from a fresh wound. “Oh! Wha–?!” Oscar let off another shot that took the guard out causing him to topple out of his chair.

“That was a tough bastard.” Oscar said causally, holstering his stun gun. “You think you can get this vault open?” He looked down at Raina, who already had her hacking terminal plugged into the computer, her fingers clicking the pad furiously. “Wait, where did you have that hidden?!”

“None of your business.” She said with a smile. “I’ve already deleted all the video surveillance for the evening. We won’t have to worry about that. However this is gonna be a bit more tricky.” She nodded to the vault. “Give me a few minutes.”

Oscar looked down at the screen, “I’m not sure your Max has a few minutes.”

A Sudden Inspiration

John attempted and failed to pull Max bodily from the fray. A man was on Max’s back punching him all over while other patrons started pummeling one another. John threw caution to the wind and rolled the stun baton to Max, who grabbed it and stabbed it over his shoulder at his assailant. Max’s strike landed a bit too true and hit the man right in the eye. The electrical surge from the baton caused the man’s eye to burst, sending him reeling off of Max.

John ran and burst into the kitchen, looking ruffled and battered, “They’re.. They’re attacking one of our own.” He said breathlessly, “A fight started.. Something about us not deserving protection. A union.”

Aside: Elmer decided that he wanted to enrage the other workers and decided to introduce the whole union scenario into the adventure (that is why I added it to Part 2 of the session recap for flavor and to develop it slightly). He rolled a Communication (Persuasion) test and got a really high roll and doubles.

I asked him what he wanted to do and what he wanted the reaction of the crowd to be (my philosophy here is that Elmer came up with a unique and really cool idea and I wanted to reward him. Rather than I coming up with something that may or may not have been as cool as what he had in his head, I decided to let him tell me how he wanted them to react and I took it from there).

Elmer wanted them angry and ready to fight. So suddenly I channeled the old union buster issues of the late 19th and early 20th century and for some reason they all became Irish fighting boys!^_^

The workers fired up at once. A large brick of a man threw down his cleaning rag, “That’s it boys! They’ve pushed us around for the last time! They want a fight! They got one! Let’s take it to em! We’ll take it to the docks! We’ll take it to the streets of Beylix! We’ll see them load a boat without us lads! Now let’s get out there and save one of our own! Let’s take the fight to them here! Now!”

Without another word the workers charged into the fray and began to pummel the nobles of Beylix and Unified Reclamation for their oppressions of the working man.

Thanks to the new and much more dangerous distraction Max was able to get out of the fight and hobble over to John and Justin. “What now?!” It was hard to understand him since his nose was broken and face was starting to swell something fierce.

“We need to get to the study to grab the painting!” Justin roared over the din.

Raina and Oscar exited the security room casually, “We got it. Let’s get out of here!”

The group scurried back to the Fast Lady where Nadicus had the ship prepped and ready to go. Justin threw himself into the pilot’s seat and set a course for Skyplex 3 and hit the gas.

This is Why I Hate Rich People

The group handed over the painting to a smiling Baron McGiles, who thanked them for their efforts in procuring it for him. They were then taken to plush rooms to get a good night sleep.

The next morning the group was escorted to the dining hall for breakfast where they say the painting erected on the table, sitting next to it was a smiling Baron and a not smiling Yelum Turrin.

It was evident that he had been up all night dealing with the riot that Max had caused. His lip was fat and he had a shiner on his right eye.

The group froze in their tracks, “What’s going on here?!” Raina demanded.

Baron McGiles smiled, lit a cigar, and explained that he and Yelum have an arrangement, for excitement and a lark, that whenever one of them procures a new piece of art the other tires to steal it. If successful then they win 5,000 credits. If they fail they owe 5,000. It’s just for sport.

Yelum stood up and picked up his painting, “I’m not allowed to seek retribution on you. However the damage you have caused to my reputation and to my guests is inexcusable. One of them lost his eye! I will find some way to repay you for your kindness.” He thank nodded curtly to the Baron and marched from the room.

The group looked uncomfortably at the Baron who took a long drag of his cigar and smiled, “I wonder how long till he’ll get that reappraised and realize it’s a fake. That’s another 5,000 credits to me.” He got up and walked over to Raina. “I had an enchanting evening. I look forward to our next encounter. I shall Wave you.”

He then walked out of the room before a stunned and angry Raina could retort.

Max looked extremely angry, “That’s why I hate them rich folk!”

The End.


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