Firefly: Hurtlin’ Through the ‘Verse Version 2! Massive Update!

We gotta fend for our ruttin selves!

This is a massive update! Roughly 30 pages of new information! I knew this was an ambitious project when I first started out, but man has it really grown into something awesome. A big thanks to everyone for the encouragement and feedback.

I was going to wait to release this a little bit after Dragon Age 2 box set, but just found out that date is looking to be May sometime.. I decided I didn’t want to wait that long (especially since I’ve got other Firefly projects for this in the works AND I’m sure there will be more changes to do when it finally does get released) so here it is.

Firefly Hurtlin Through the Verse V2

Here is a list of all that has been updated/changed/added:

Added Organizations and adversaries to Firefly: Blue Sun, Alliance, Companion Guild, etc.
Added stats for some adversaries: Alliance Assault Soldier, Alliance Guard, Alliance Sniper, and Alliance Officer, Pirate, and Miner.
Added Stats for the “Two by two hands of blue” men, that I’ve named the Blue Spooks.
Added several plot hooks per planet territory.
Created 5 new Backgrounds: Miner, Corporate Man, Salvager, Has-Been Cortex Celebrity, and Whore.
Added new Focus- Corporate Sector.
Changed Technology Focus to Hacking Focus and Machines Focus.
The Techie Talent remains (largely) unchanged. However when you take that Talent you now state whether you are doing Hacker or Mechanic.
Added suggestion on handling Martial Arts to the beginning of Talents.
Changed name of Soldier level 9 Ability to Bringing the Pain.
Added selected Gear and Equipment Section.
Added advice to handling gear and equipment as well.
Added simple rules for NewTech.
Updated Table of Contents (Obviously) and cleaned up formatting.
Added NPC Advice and examples.
Added GM Section.
Added advice for group and crew cohesion.
Added new Talent: Rootin’ Tootin’ Shotgunier
Added Hold Out Pistol, Stun Pistol, and Stun Rifle.
Added Examples of ship descriptions.
Added advice for ships and crews.
Edited entire book for grammatical errors.
Changed/enhanced the descriptions of backgrounds.
Changed Master degree of Diplomat.
Changed Novice degree of Bounty Hunter.
Changed Slick Vagabond ability for Drifter Class.
Changed Novice degree of Companion.


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