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Firefly: Hurtlin’ Through the ‘Verse- Session 2, Part 3

These sessions are using my Firefly: Hurtlin’ Through the ‘Verse Rules based on AGE: Here’s the document if you are interested:

Updated 03/16/10

Firefly Hurtlin Through the Verse V2

Angie– Raina Patel
John– Justin Dodge
Elmer– John Salem (Not Present)
Chad– Derek Cyan
Drew– Max Power

Recaps- Part 1 and Part 2.

The Bridge

Justin had made his way up through the stairwell and through the halls pausing only to see that the armory was still locked and peer left and right down the long hallways leading to the 2 shuttles located at the far ends of the ship before reaching the bridge door.

As he got to the door, Raina’s voice came over his comlink explaining her new discoveries down below. When he opened the door his headlights flooded the bridge silhouetting 3 bodies, one sitting in the captain’s chair. All were just as Raina described, Justin swore under his breath, “Captain I found dead people too.”

“Me too,” came Derek almost immediately after.

“This just keeps getting better and better.” Raina growled.

Justin looked around the bridge and saw that the ship had been completely powered down. He pushed a corpse out of the helm chair, “So sorry” he muttered as the body thudded on the floor.

Justin fiddled with the ships systems for a few moments and eventually was able to restore emergency power. “Ok something interesting here. All the ships data has been completely scrubbed clean. There isn’t even an operating system for the ships computer. No crew listing, inventory, or travel history. Nothing.”

“It sounds like someone was here after all this went down… Why would the crew scrub the ships computer?” Derek’s voice crackled over the comlink.

“Probably a good guess. I’m going to go look at the shuttle bays.” Justin rose from the chair, stepped over the crumpled body on the floor and exited the bridge.

Both shuttle bay doors had been sealed and locked out via computer control. The left shuttle had 3 bodies in front of the door, one leaning against it, hand still outstretched towards the key pad, which blinked mockingly in red, “Access Denied.” The right side wasn’t much better, with 4 bodies sprawled on the floor, blood and vomit covering much of the area.

“I’m really glad we have these helmets.” Justin said, wrinkling his nose. Something clutched in the hands of one of the victims caught his eye. He bent over and pried out a small simple text communicator from the body’s hand. Turning it on he saw it was able to fiddle with it and see it piggy backed simple messages on the Cortex Waves, making them undetectable by ship sensors. It had one message sent, “I found him. Lower Cargo.” And one reply, “We are coming. Be ready.”

Justin narrowed his eyes, pocketed the new trinket and turned back and headed down to the common room.

Medical and Crew Quarters

One thing was immediately evident to Derek, people panicked. Chairs were overturned, and beds were tossed. Vomit was everywhere, as were droplet trails of blood which led deeper into the ship.

“I found dead people.” Raina said quietly over the intercom. “Ruttin Hell. This is insane. No one take your helmets off!”

Derek made his way to the closed doors of the medical bay. After a few heated words from Raina thrown in Thomas Hines direction, Justin’s voice came over the channel, “Captain I found dead people too.”

Grabbing the handle he gave a great yank and the door slid open to reveal where the rest of the crew was. Derek had to fight his breakfast back down so it wouldn’t splatter all over his face plate. The floor was littered with bodies all suffering from whatever afflicted the Heavenly Ghost. A body, the doctor, was slumped on a desk, examining tools strewn about. One body was on an examining table, cut open with equipment sticking out. “Me too,” Derek muttered into his comlink.

“This just keeps getting better and better.”

Into the Depths

The crew reunited on the landing of the Upper Cargo deck and saw that it was carrying a large amount of scrap and salvage that would be deposited on Beylix.

“You know it really is quite a racket that Unified Reclamation has going on.” Derek said with some disdain in his voice.

“What do you mean?” Justin said.

“Well you have to pay for a license from UR to get the right to salvage anything. They are backed by the Alliance so if you are caught, you are punished by Alliance code of law. You can then try to sell the salvage yourself and pay a percentage to UR, usually 25%. If you don’t want to try to find a buyer you can take the salvage to Beylix or another UR outpost where it is bought for a pittance. UR then deposits the salvage on Beylix and sells another salvage license to someone else who may happen to come on the same parts.. basically starting the whole gorram cycle all over again. Meanwhile UR had to barely do anything while turning over a huge profit.”

“Yes it’s frustrating, but not a major issue at this point. We’ll catalogue what we can take and have Thomas issue us the claim to salvage later. Right now let’s check out the lower bay for those med supplies, see if we can find the man who was in the lower hold as well, and get the hell off of this gorram grave ship!” Raina said, turning and heading down the stairs to the Lower Cargo hold.

The Lower Cargo was much smaller than the chamber above. Medical crates were stacked neatly and fastened down, although a few seemed to be rummaged through in desperation.

The group began combing the bay and eventually came across a smugglers compartment that housed a single mattress, a blanket, and a pillow.

“Who’d want to ruttin want to stay down there?” Max said.

“Someone who couldn’t pay the bill? I remember this one time I was fly–“ Justin started, but silenced after a glare from Raina. “Maybe.. Maybe we should go check out the engine room and get off of this ship?”

“Sounds like a good plan,” Raina said coolly.

The engine room seemed to be in good condition. A red flashing light indicated that the Heavenly Ghost had run out of fuel. Just as the group was about to turn around and leave Raina saw a small object under the engine plating. She picked it up and realized it was a small recording device with a cortex screen.

A man who is wearing medical jacket and scrubs appeared, his hand reaching back from having just turned on the camera. He is unshaven, blood shot eyes and bags and has waxy skin and is coughing. “This is Doctor Samuel Kline, full medic of the transport ship The Heavenly Ghost. Pretty much last surviving member of a crew of 6 and passenger compliment of 20.” He coughs.

“We found a small shuttle with short range capabilities floating, emitting a distress signal citing engine failure as their trouble. Our ship sensors confirmed this. We got no answers to our hails however and were worried we might be too late.
He coughs again, more raspy. “We found a woman, only occupant, unconscious and seeming to be suffering from malnutrition. We brought her on board.” He laughs and goes into a fit of coughing. When he looks at the screen a single tear of blood goes from his right eye, he wipes it and looks.

“I have about 20 minutes left. After 2 hours of examining her it became evident to me that she was not suffering from malnutrition, but something much more deadly. From the symptoms and now what I’ve seen, it is an extremely mutated version of the Nessa’s Tears Virus that struck the ‘Verse 50 years ago. Thought to be cured. This strain is.. virulent. Kills a person within 30 minutes of contracting it. Final stages include hemorrhaging in the brain, lungs, stomach, liver.. pretty much all vital organs. Delirium onsets near the end.”

More blood leaks out of both eyes. He blinks furiously. “The crew and passengers were dead within 3 days. I survived as long as I had because of the cocktail of drugs I put in my system. It will slow it down, but not cure it. I stopped the distress signal and locked down the shuttles before everyone was dead. God help me.”

On the 2nd day a shuttle docked on our port chamber. I watched as two men wearing suits, and blue gloves of all things, entered our ship and surveyed the dead with a disinterested demeanor. It was clear that they are looking for something. And I’ll bet my mothers good eye that they were some how behind this damned thing that’s killing us.”

“I’m hiding this in the hopes that someone will at least know how we died.” There are screams coming from outside the room. The doc looks over his shoulder. “I.. I thought I was the only one left alive.. Well.. I better get back to the medical bay. I don’t have long left and crawling up these tubes is a young man’s sport.” He looks sad for a moment. Blood starts to trickle out of his nose, “I love you Mira.” His hand reached up and clicked off the camera.

The crew looked at one another. “Let’s get off this death trap.” Raina said.

The crew got the medical supplies and a sizeable amount of salvage transferred over to the Fast Lady in record time. They turned on the distress beacon warning all to stay away from a plague infected ship and sent a wave to the nearest Alliance outpost before blasting off for Beylix.

As Justin flew the ship he felt a vibration in his pocket. He pulled out the small text receiver. It had one message. “How is this comlink still active? Who is still alive?”
Justin immediately tossed the device out of the airlock. With an uneasy feeling he took the controls and made sure the ship was still on course.

The End of Session 2.