Firefly: Hurtlin’ Through the ‘Verse- Session 2

These sessions are using my Firefly: Hurtlin’ Through the ‘Verse Rules based on AGE: Here’s the document if you are interested:

Updated 03/16/10

Firefly Hurtlin Through the Verse V2

Angie– Raina Patel
John– Justin Dodge
Elmer– John Salem (Not Present)
Chad– Derek Cyan
Drew– Max Power

New Character: Drew wasn’t able to join us last session so he made his character before we stared. Max Power- Frontier Bumpkin background, drifter class. Max is quite, sometimes aloof. He survived the rough and tumble life of the Rim by being small, fast, and snatching what he could from people when they weren’t looking. He is loyal to Raina who took him off world when she recognized he had very useful skills.

A Job Just Fell Into Our Lap?!

The crew was lounging in the cargo bay playing a game of poker while Raina sat in a lawn chair reading a book. The sound of footfalls coming up the loading ramp made them all look up to see a man with a black suit, white shirt, skinny black tie, black fedora, and black leather satchel walking towards them.

“Good day. I’m looking for the captain of this vessel.” He said as he adjusted his wire-framed circular glasses.

“That would be me.” Raina said, closing her book and getting to her feet. She smiled and held out her hand. “Raina, captain of the Fast Lady. How can I help you Mr.–?”

“Oh. You can call me Thomas Hines. I work for Sanchinyzo Shipping Lanes. We are a large spacing distribution company of supplies and material throughout the ‘Verse. We are interested in chartering your vessel for a very time sensitive operation.”

“We are possibly available, depending on the work.”

Thomas cleared his throat, “Well let me be brief in explaining the situation then. A short range transport, The Heavenly Ghost, had been hired by us to deliver medical supplies to the planet Beylix, who is suffering from an outbreak of respiratory illnesses, most likely caused by the planets immense pollution.

“The ship emitted a brief SOS before going completely dark. That was yesterday. We are pressed for time and are want to hire you to take me to the ship to render aid to the people of the ship, get The Heavenly Ghost up and running so it can deliver the supplies to Beylix, and, if that is not possible, move the supplies to your ship and deliver them ourselves.”

Raina raised an eyebrow, “And that’s all that the ship was carrying?”

“Well no. It is a privately owned ship, and I’m assuming it may have had other cargo. Also I have the ship roster, showing it took on passengers bound for Beylix. 20 individuals.”

“And the crew?”

“Compliment of 6.”

“You know this vessel can’t handle 26 passengers and medical supplies. What choice is made then?”

Thomas Hines looked nervously at Raina, “Well we would make sure that the people aboard The Heavenly Ghost can survive until a medical transport can arrive, if they are in peril then, of course we will need to take them and come back for the goods.”

“Fair enough. Now let’s talk pricing.”

Thomas Hines and Raina haggle for a few minutes until an accord is reached. “Right so you’ll pay for our fuel there and back, give us 1,000 platinum and we have claim to any salvage we choose in The Heavenly Ghost.” Raina looked at her crew, “Let’s get this boat off this rock and get to work. Justin, plot the quickest course to The Heavenly Ghost.”

Derek stood up, “I’m going to fully inventory our weapons we got yesterday and assemble that armory container.”

Raina nodded.

A Scary Ship

The Fast Lady made it to the Heavenly Ghost after a week in space. The voyage took longer due to solar flares causing issues with the normal and most direct route.

The Heavenly Ghost looked completely powered down and was in a slow spin. After checking the sensors information the crew decided to dock and get suited up in their NBC body suits.

Justin attempted to make a smooth attachment to the drifting ship, but miscalculated the ships speed. His error was announced to the whole crew when a metallic grinding and bending noise echoed the hull. Justin looked around at Raina, who stared at him with eyebrows raised. “Maybe it was nothing, ya know?” Suddenly a small red light started blinking, Justin sighed, “shit.. Well, it looks like the bow stabilizer is damaged and will need to be repaired. From these reading it’s nothing life threatening, but we’ll be in for a bumpy ride should we use the pulse drive or go to hard burn.”

Aside: Here is an example of how I plan to handle space encounters. John’s character failed his Dexterity (Piloting) ability test and I just made up that the bow stabilizers were busted and needed to be repaired.

“Well looks like you’re going to need to buy or find us a new bow stabilizer doesn’t it? You broke it. You bought it. Let’s all get over there. Mr. Hines, you and our Shepherd will stay here and monitor our progress. Have your information ready, we may have questions.”

Once everyone was in gear and armed Derek popped the hatch to the dark ship. A loud hiss greeted their audio speakers. They peered down the completely dark hallway, “Well.. Looks like no one’s here. Maybe we should just call it quits.” Said Max nervously.

“Wussy.” Derek and Justin said in unison, clicking on their helmet lights and walking into the ship with their pistols drawn.

To Be Continued Tomorrow


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