Firefly Session Recap, Part 3

Aww yes.. The conclusion to an awesome session.

Here is Part 1 and Part 2.

Angie– Raina Patel
John– Justin Dodge
Elmer– John Salem
Chad– Derek Cyan

The Miners Daughter

After talking with Jessup for a few minutes the group decided to get in touch with a friend of a friend of a friend of Raina’s, named Fast Eddie, who seemed to always have the skinny on what is going on in the Eavesdown Docks.

They knocked on a shabby apartment door that was the 2nd story of a general store right off the ports. A skinny dark haired man with bleary red eyes answered the door. “Whatchu want?”

Raina recounted how they knew one another and without much preamble started grilling Fast Eddie about where Jessup’s daughter, Nataline could possibly be.

“Here’s a picture of her. Do you recognize her?” Raina asked.

Fast Eddie rubbed his scruffy chin, “I dunno. Memory is kinda fuzzy you know… I see so many people here.”

The group scoffed at the obvious shakedown attempt, “How much will it take for your memory to sharpen, Eddie?” Raina said with a slight menace in her voice.

“Oh about 10 Platinum would do the trick.”

Raina looks at Jessup, who stares back at her nonplussed. “Well, she’s your daughter, you pay the man.” Jessup inhales grumpily and hands over 10 Platinum.

Eddie greedily pockets the money and tells them he has seen a girl that looks like her on Promenade Street, the main plaza street of Eavesdown Docks, walking into Madame’s Bath House or the crazy bar, The Happy Cowgirl, where all the young kids go.

Eddie went to close the door and found Derek’s foot blocking the way. Raina brought her face close to the door, “Eddie. We payed you 10 Platinum. I hope your memory isn’t being hazy with any important details.”

Eddie’s eyes went wide, “I swear ma’am. I swear.”

With a curt nod the group made their way to Promenade Street to check out Madame’s Bath House.

Promenade Street was a clean street with adobe style architecture with a fountain in the center of the street, with a gorgeous geranium flowerbed around the fountain’s perimeter.

Madame’s Bath House was a fair to do building, obviously some money went into its construction and upkeep. The group told Jessup and his bodyguard Waylon to wait outside while they talk to the girl. Jessup heartily agreed.

The inside of Madame’s didn’t disappoint. The floor was tiled in turquoise and the polished and finished wooden walls were decorated in fine art and potted flowers and bamboo lined the floor.

A large screen flashing the latest Cortex News and entertainment was at the far end of the room with two leather seats.

An Asian woman wearing a black kimono with a golden dragon stitched on the left arm and curving onto her back came gliding up to them. “Hello. Welcome to Madame’s Bath House. How may I serve you?”

“How much is a bath?!” Blurted out John. “Just a plain relaxing bath, no fancy stuff.”

“That would be 5 Platinum good sir.” The woman said with an incline of her head.

“Fair enough.” John said smiling. “I’ll be right back.”

The woman rang a bell and a slender girl of about 22, with auburn hair and creamy skin, appeared from saloon style swinging doors. “Right this way sir.”

John was led to a deep copper tub that was filled with steaming water, rose peddles, and relaxation salt. He was undressed and in the bath before the serving girl realized what had happened.

This was a funny part because Elmer intended to lose the serving girl and then snoop around, but when I described the bath and offered a cigar he said, “Screw it. I was gonna go snoop around.. but I’m taking this bath instead!”

The rest of the group began questioning the matron about Nataline. The woman rang the bell again and called out for Nataline.

Nataline with her dirty blonde hair and long trim form came out from the swinging double doors looking at the group with cautious eyes. “Yes.”

“Nataline?” Asked Raina?


“We’re here with your father. He’d like to talk to you.”

“My da.. my da is here?”

“Yes he is.”

“He’s planetside?!”

“Yes, he’s not here, but we can take you to–”

Nataline turned heel and ran back through the double doors. John heard her soft footfalls and only paused a moment before taking a long draw of his cigar, shrugging, and then returning to his relaxing bath.

“Ah hell…” Raina said with a sigh.

“We gonna run after her?” Justin said, starting towards the door.

Raina put her hand on his arm, “No. I told Jessup I won’t kidnap this girl. This is his deal now. Let’s go tell him and get back to the Fast Lady.”

“What about John?” Derek grunted.

“I’m sure he’ll find his way.”

When the group came back outside it was immediately apparent that something was missing, “Where’s Jessup and his monkey?” Justin asked.

“The Ruttin fool went around back.” Derek said. The group drew their pistols and made their way slowly into the alley.

This was another humorous moment. When the group came outside and I said that Jessup and Waylon were gone and it dawned on them where he was they had a “Why the hell didn’t we think of doing that?” moment that I just chuckled at.

All Fired Up

What greeted the groups eyes when the came to the back of the Bath House was not a friendly sight. Nataline was moving slowly back from the bulk of a man Jessup while Waylon stood watching, arms crossed.

“Come on Nataline. Time for you to come home to your father.”

“You ain’t no da of mine! Not with’n what you did to me!”

“I did nothing to you Nataline! You’re my daughter! I did right by you!”

“Did right by me? You whore’d me out at your saloon! You let men do things to me!”

“You earned your keep! You learned the value o’ working!”

“Is that what you call it when you bedded me?! You bedded me! You’re daughter!”

“I will not be talked to like that! I’m your father Nataline!” Jessup lunged forward and grabbed Nataline who struggled, scratching his face.

“You bitch!” Jessup threw her bodily from him and drew a small pistol, pointing it at her.

Raina was out with her pistol drawn before the rest of the group realized she had moved. Derek, following close behind, set his sights on Waylon.

A shot ran out and Nataline screamed. So did Jessup, there was a large hole going from one side of his thigh to the other. Raina holding a smoking pistol.

“Argh! You crazy bitch! You shot me!”

Derek and Waylon were tusslin’ but when the shot fired they both stopped to look. Waylon quickly raised his hands. “I didn’t know about him bedding his daughter. I don’t agree with that. Can.. Can I go?”

Raina nodded, not taking her eyes off of Jessup. Waylon booked out of the alley. Raina looked at Nataline, “Go. Run. You aren’t tagging along with me. Go!” Nataline tucked tail and ran back through the bath house.

Alerted by the shot, John was quickly getting dressed. He poked his head out in time to see Nataline streaking by, “Hey! That’s the girl!” And he ran after her outside to Promenade Street where the rest of the group was emerging from the alley.

John pointed at Nataline as she ran into the Happy Cowgirl. “There she goes!”

“Let her go. She’s not our problem anymore.” Justin mumbled.

The group made their way to the Fast Lady and stayed planetside for a few more days. “You know.. We forgot to grab the rest of the money from Jessup. He still had 500 Platinum with our names on it!” Pouted Justin. “We shoulda taken it from him.”

“We’re not robbers, Justin.” Raina said quietly.

“Well part of that money was mine. You owe me. It was promised to us.”

“You get what I pay you Justin. Not what you think is owed to you.” She said dangerously.

As they were getting ready to leave a man dressed in a nice black suit carrying a satchel walked up the loading ramp. “Um. Excuse me. I was wondering if I could hire you for a job?”

And that’s where we ended the session.

In Conclusion

I’m really in love with the AGE system. I’ve played it 3 times now and each time it continues to impress me with its utter simplicity and elegance.

I think everyone really liked it and it was a breath of fresh air to only have to look at a rule once that I was really fuzzy on because it had been so long since I last played VS the constant rule-looking that happens in 3.5/Pathfinder.


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2 responses to “Firefly Session Recap, Part 3

  • Chuck

    Nice. Sounds like you guys had a great time and the system worked out fine. Like to see how things go with a longer combat.

    • wrathofzombie

      Me too. This Sunday we are playing again.. There MAY be combat in the second half, but once again I’m focusing more on the RP aspect of the system/story. Especially since I want to enhance their character personality rather than their combat prowess.

      Part of it is also that in Firefly, people pull out their gun, they start dying 😉

      The combats really do, largely, fall on how the players react to the various stimuli.

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