Firefly Session Recap, Part 2

We continue were I left us yesterday.

Angie– Raina Patel
John– Justin Dodge
Elmer– John Salem
Chad– Derek Cyan

Two Jobs, A Load of Ore, and Zero Complications

The group left planetside of Paquin in the early AM after Jessup and his bodyguard Waylon were on board with his precious ore and were headed for Persephone, a 4 day journey.

Here I let the group have an opportunity to chat or flush their characters, but because I time was shortened, it was a few quick probing questions about Jessup’s ore and who might know what he was doing.

He didn’t think anyone would know since he has been skimming a slight amount off of all of his shipments and hiding it till he had enough to make a decent haul.

The Fast Lady touched down in Eavesdown Docks to avoid being probed and from paying the ridiculous prices for Alliance Sanctioned and secured ports.

“Alright Mr. Jessup, what do you want to do first?”

“Well I think it’d be fitting if we get this here cargo out of your hold so it ain’t such a tempting target for those with sticky fingers. Then we can go around and find my daughter.”

“Agreed. Let’s load everything up in tho the mule and head to your contact. A Mr. Mick correct?” Asked Raina.

“Yessum. He owns a small refinery called Mick’s Mills in the Industrial Sector.”

Within 20 minutes everyone is aboard the mule and heading for the Industrial Sector, about 40 minutes away.

After driving a few minutes Derek and Raina noticed an empty mule tailing behind them with 5 men, all armed, and several with their guns drawn.

Derek grunts, “We got a tail. Their weapons are skinned.”

Being a man of God, but not one of catching bullets, John Salem drew his gun and obscured as much of himself as he could behind the Ore crates. Derek drews his pistol and turned to keep the men in his view.

“Ok you old bastard. Who the hell is tailing us?! I thought you said nobody knew about your little shipment here!” Justin shouted over his shoulder while keeping his eyes on the busy road.

Jessup turned his considerable bulk and caught the mug of the man in the passenger seat of the trailing mule. “Oh hell! Thats Harding! He’s the one who’s been skimming off of me! He must of suspected or found out somehow!”

“It doesn’t matter! They mean business. Justin do what you do best and what I pay you for. Drive this mule and lose them!” Raina shouted over the din of traffic and the mens arguments of who was at fault.

“You got it!” Justin revved the engine and drove down hard on the clutch while cranking the wheel to the right, making the mule turn at almost a right angle and hurtled down a very tight alley.

The group watched as the other mule skidded past the alley, backed up, and began its way down the alley, banging along the walls.

John, Justin’s player, rolled two sixes and a 4 on his Dragon Die. Since there really isn’t a Stunt mechanic for these kind of rolls (and I understand how there isn’t since much of what happens is situational) I let him tell me what was happening and he described pulling into a narrow alleyway going full-bore and I described the ship missing the alley, having to reverse and scrape their way inside.

Justin let out a bark of laughter, “Amateurs. Hey Jessup. This is your gig. You know any gorram shortcuts that will let us get to Mick’s quicker”

Jessup thought for a moment and then his eyes widened, “Well we’re about to come out on Blueberry Hill Lane! It’s a major road. Unless you are careful we’re gonna get ourselves in a collision.”

Justin gritted his teeth and rocketed out of the alley way into a bustling street. He reacted almost instinctively and managed to keep from crashing into any other cars, mules, or people on the lane.

The group looked back as the other mule came flying out of the alley and careened into another mule, which slammed into the side of a building.

“That’ll keep em busy.” Said John smiling.

The rest of the trip to Mick’s and the delivery went of without any further hitches.

Soon the group were back on the Fast Lady, 500 Platinum richer, and getting ready to figure out how the hell they were going to locate one 17 year old girl amongst the plethora of women on Persephone.

To be Continued Tomorrow

This is a Firefly Campaign using my Firefly Campaign Setting that utilizes the AGE System Rules. Firefly RPG Hurtlin Through the Verse


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3 responses to “Firefly Session Recap, Part 2

  • Anarkeith

    Sounds great, man. About how long in real time did the above sequence take? How much player narrative versus GM narrative?

    • wrathofzombie

      I’d say part 1 of the recap was mostly GM Narrative, setting the stage and etc. And that was about 30 minutes.

      Part 2 I’d say was about 50-50 GM and Player Narrative. It was me stating something, and players reacting and creating a new situation, then myself reacting and going with it or evolving the situation. I’d say the second part took.. roughly an hourish of play, maybe more.. There was some farting around in there to be sure.

      Part three, largely was player driven narrative. I set the stage at the bath house and they were the ones that did everything in there. When they left, I set the stage for the alley way, and what happened there, again, was largely drawn there. This took around 2 1/2 hours of play. Again, farting around, but they actually did quite a bit.

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