Got to Play Some Firefly: Hurtlin’ Through the ‘Verse

This Sunday was our bi-weekly RPG get together, and I decided that it would be a good time to try out my Updated 03/16/10

Firefly Hurtlin Through the Verse V2 campaign setting.

Sadly I, aside from the tinkering I’ve done myself and the bits I’ve of horror (as she’d describe it) I’ve subjected my girlfriend to, haven’t ran a session of it yet.

Four of my players could make this weeks session. We got settled and pretty much went straight to char gen (which again with the awesome AGE system takes about 10-15 minutes).

Here is the party:

Angie– Raina Patel- Merchant Background, Noble Class. Companion of Indian decent. Clean and proper. Walks around in a Sari or other flowing robes. Comes from a wealthy merchant family. Tends to be no nonsense, confident, and outgoing.

John– Justin Dodge- Spacer Background, Soldier Class. Ex-Alliance Solider. Quit after the victory of Serenity Valley, and won’t talk about the war. He’s bald with a beard. Wears canvas clothing and tends to be quiet and serious, but has been known to tell a joke one in awhile.

Elmer– John Salem- Shepherd Background, Drifter Class. Worn suit and scars on his face. Tries to keep clean but likes his stuff, even if it is worn and tattered. Likes to talk and tends to try to be upbeat.

Chad– Derek Cyan- Alliance Agent Background, Soldier Class. Ex-Alliance Agent. Retired. Due to his experiences in the ‘Verse he is quite, stern, and cautious. Has trouble trusting people. He is brave and will rush to help save a person in trouble.

On the Path to Adventure!

It was then decided that Angie’s character had recently purchased a Firefly Class Transport in decent condition and was making manageable payments on it. She Christened the ship the Fast Lady.

I am currently writing a short adventure for Firefly and this was the preliminary run of it. It let me see where I needed to add stuff, take things away, and etc.

The group starts off on the small planet of Paquin after delivering some building material to the small one horse town of Whisper that is needed to build better wind shields.

The group are in the tavern, Jessup’s, which happens to be the largest building in the town, getting some R&R. A piano player is belting out some rag time style music on a futuristic looking version of a saloon piano while the 35-40 patrons play Billiards or watch the small cortex display behind the bar.

As the players are drinking and looking around a heavy set man wearing a white dress shirt with buttons that are clearly straining because of his bulk, jeans, and black boots ambles up to them. “Good day to you all. Thank ya for deliverin’ the goods to Whisper. We’d be in a mite pinch if they hadn’t arrived when they did.”

The group nods at him, “It was our pleasure. Glad we could help.” Replies Riana politely.

“The name is Jessup. I own this here saloon and am a bit o’ a prominent miner on this here burg. I got lucky a few years back and got me a claim and managed to get in with the Mining Guild before that damned set o’ greedy bastards at the Corone Mining Consortium took it from me. This here is Waylon. He’s my bodyguard.” Jessup points over his shoulder to a tall beefy man with short cropped blonde hair and sterile eyes.

Waylon nods, “Pleasure.”

Jessup clears his throat, “You see I’ve got myself a problem here. I’d like to hire you for a job that is two fold and I’m willin’ to pay handsomely with Platinum if’n you’d be obliged to help.”

All of the crew immediately responds enthusiastically to the thought of their purses jingling merrily. Raina however stays quiet and looks at Jessup, “What kind of work are we talking about here?”

“Oh nothing illegal I assure you.” Says Jessup, smiling. “The men who’ve been taking my ore off world for the Guild, well I believe that they are skimming off the top o’ my profits and I’d like to cut them out, if’n I can and deliver the goods to my contact on Persephone.

“The second job, well is a bit more difficult. My daughter got herself brainwashed by one of the men who came and picked up the last two shipments. I could tell she was keen on him after his first visit. Well two weeks ago she just up and left with him. I checked with my sources at the Guild and that ship was headed to Persephone.

“I figure kill two birds with one stone. I’ll pay you 1,000 Platinum, 500 for each job. What’d ya say?”

Raina takes a drink of Dusty Paquin Pale Ale and narrows her eyes, “What if the girl doesn’t wish to come home with you, Mr. Jessup? We’re not kidnappers? We won’t take the girl against her will.”

Jessup’s brow furrows and he looks slightly irritated, “That’s fine. She’ll do what her father tells her.” This draws more then one worried glance from the others towards Riana. Derek and Justin quietly click their guns safety off.

“Fair enough. We have a deal. We’ll meet you tomorrow am. We are a mile south of town. Bring your cargo and we’ll leave planet.”

“Sounds good. Oh. Waylon and myself will be accompanying you. I want to talk to my daughter.”

“Probably for the best.” Raina says politely.

With a nod and a touch to his hat, Jessup walks from the bar with Waylon slightly behind him.

Justin downs the last of his pale ale and smacks his lips. “Well… that’ll be a nice flow of Platinum in our wallets. Always good to have some spending money! I need to by myself more charges. I’m out.”

With that all of the group got up and headed back to the Fast Lady.

To be Continued Tomorrow

Author: wrathofzombie

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6 thoughts

  1. Great setup. Classic situation. Looking forward to hearing more. (Anyone in your group new to AGE char gen? Or, have they all played D A?)

    1. All of them save for one guy, Chad, who only role-played twice, 20ish years ago has made 2 AGE characters.

      Even the first time went by extremely quick though. No two hour char gens anymore.

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