Psychic Rules For Firefly AGE’D

Edit: I have finished Firefly up through Box Set 2 release of Dragon Age as of 03/16/11.

Here is the full PDF.

Firefly Hurtlin Through the Verse V2

I’ve been getting some good feedback and thoughts from people on my Firefly AGE’d project and want to say thanks to everyone.

A special thanks also to the folks on the Green Ronin Forum for all their feedback as well.

Some of the folks on the forum have asked about Psychic rules. I’ve been hesitant to instate rules for Psychic seeing as the are very powerful and I feel that they should be extremely rare. I want to avoid the “there are no jedi yet there are a million jedi” pandemic of Star Wars.

Anyways I went ahead and came up with some prelim rules for Psychic that incorporates Mishap rules that will be contained in Dragon Age Box Set 2.

Here it be. Feel free to leave some feedback!

Optional Psychic Rules

I won’t be putting the finished Psychic rules in Firefly until Box Set 2 of Dragon Age is released.

I’ve also started rough draft ideas for levels 6-10 of the three classes as well as 2 specializations for each.

Food for thought on that.. here is what I’m looking at for Specializations currently:

Drifter- Career Criminal and Nomad (or Rabble Rouser).
Noble- Diplomat and Gambler.
Soldier- Bounty Hunter and Glory Hound.


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