Harry Potter Hogwarts AGE’d.. I am a Nerd!

I did this for fun and because I was really bored. I don’t plan on doing a conversion for this as I am doing for Firefly.

It is far from perfect and playable, but as I said I just did it for fun.

Here you be. Feel free to leave comments.

Hogwarts Houses Background and Wizard Class


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4 responses to “Harry Potter Hogwarts AGE’d.. I am a Nerd!

  • Chuck

    Hmm. I dunno. Potter is so mainstream. Think THAT Wizard Harry lost his nerd cred. But the other Wizard Harry from Chicago. He’s still cool.

  • Daniel M. Perez

    Dude, did you do this stemming from the quick mention I made of Harry Potter being done in AGE in my Backgrounds post? Cause if you did, that’s awesome, and if you didn’t, then that’s metal. πŸ™‚

    Since you’ll be leaving this one as a campaign sketch, I’ll run it on the DA Oracle towards the end of the month.

    • wrathofzombie

      I actually started working on it (mentally) around same time I started Firefly. I just pushed it to the back burner when I went full bore on Firefly. I started putting it on paper last week and again put it on back burner when I got some really good feedback for Firefly.. I am done with Firefly at the moment, till Box Set 2 comes out or I have another epiphany about it, so I decided to finish up Hogwarts.

      It just struck me as a perfect example of how to use Backgrounds. I actually read your article on Backgrounds today after I posted Hogwarts! lol. It really is a good article. I plan to pops up some comment love on there πŸ™‚

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