Pathfinder Pirate Campaign in Freeport Has Begun! Behind the Scenes!

We kick started my Pathfinder Pirate Campaign on Sunday and it was quite a bit of fun.

The first thing we did is create our player Aspects as a group. We got some really good stuff here and I can’t wait to see how each of my players use them and how I can compel them to make each player a part of the story.

Here is the Player Aspects:

Angie (Dalia)-
High Concept: Overly Focused.
Trouble: Scorned Lover/Mentor seeks revenge.
Aspect One: I Value Family Ties.
Aspect Two: My Cool Exterior Holds Back My Blinding Rage.
Aspect Three: High Self Opinion.

Elmer (Gored)-
High Concept: Unless They’re Useful to Me, Their Lives are Meaningless.
Trouble: A lot of People are Dead Because of Me.
Aspect One: Hard Working, Light Thinking.
Aspect Two: Innate Distrust of Firearms and Gun Powder.
Aspect Three: That Fish Gets Bigger Every Time you Tell It.

Kinal (Cleo)-
High Concept: No One Can Con Me!
Trouble: Handsome Man I Can’t Lie to.
Aspect One: Innocent Looking Face.
Aspect Two: Not Wet Behind the Ears.
Aspect Three: Finding an Easy Mark.

John (Krolemite)-
High Concept: A Gnome Trying to Make Whole the Family That Abandoned Him.
Trouble: Don’t Underestimate Me.
Aspect One: Sometimes the Road Less Traveled Will Bare Unexpected Fruit.
Aspect Two: Not Above Being the Bad Guy, But Not Below Doing the Right Thing.
Aspect Three: Sometimes Luck is Enough.

Not Done Yet.

Liam (Lady Doom)-
Not Done Yet.

After the Aspects were complete I explained the setting of Freeport in a bit more detail and their position in the Pirate’s Eye Private Investigation.

Once we had all that out of the way it was time to jump right in.

Here is the introductory Journal Entry of the character who will be doing the Session Recaps, Boisterous Kate.

Here is Part 1 of the first Adventure. There is some stuff I’m leaving out that is more of what the players did that strayed from the adventure. There will be a part two after next session.

Behind the Scenes

Apparently a young man, who got too deep in debt gambling and became the indentured servant of a Miss Lorraine, shrugged off his chains and made his escape. Miss Lorraine came in and offered a pretty handsome pile of gold for the man’s recapture. However he could not be harmed or killed. We would get more than our fair share of trouble should that be the case.

Old Barton asked Dalia and Gored to hit up Scurvytown to look for the boy. A few people said he used to gamble in that area and may have holed up with some old friends. While them two were diving and slumming, Cleo and Krolemite were to go to The Lady, owned by the beautiful Vymena “The Vice”, where it was rumored the man used to haunt and gamble, and to satiate other thirsts, if you get my meaning.

Shortly after the clock chimed noon, Dalia and Gored showed up with the man in tow, covered in muck, bruises, and smelling of things worse than garbage. I think Barton tried to stifle a chuckle and ended up inhaling too much of his pipe smoke.

In actuality I started the game with a flash forward. Here are my notes of the intro, and the scene you read above:

• 2 characters are grave digging while others stand guard.
o It starts to rain and fog rises up from ground. Suddenly zombies (6 of them) start to come out of ground and surround characters. A shrouded figure appears, “You should have minded your own business…”
• Look at them, smile, “It’s been a long couple of days.”
• Flashback to 4 days prior.
o A player character falls to ground, the target they were chasing knocks over a few more crates or refuse bins while running away.
o Another character hurdles over the downed player and crates, followed by another. The downed player grumbles, the words “No reward if target is dead or harmed” ringing in their ears.
o Start chase scene- Target will run in buildings, jump through windows, knock over cans, etc.
• Flash to next group-
o They are lounging in a bar frequented by target, waiting for him to show up, laughing and drinking while listening to music and watching people dancing.
o A pretty girl sits on male player characters lap and feeds him a sweet.
• Flash to chase group-
o Target casts Obscuring Mist and tries to hide. Eventually let characters catch target.
• Flash to characters barging into the Pirate Eye on the docks. Old Barton puts boy in manacles and locks him in brig in basement with his Silverback Gorilla animal companion, Batatango.
o As he is being put in brig, the 2nd group comes in. 1st group is sweaty and filthy and the 2nd group comes in tipsy and generally jovial.

Character Ambitions Shining Through

Old Barton and Dalia exchanged some words about the man’s fate and something about it being fair to return him. In the end Barton warned Dalia to not bite off moren’ she could chew and not get him involved.

At this point Angie (Dalia) wanted to free the boy rather than have him live as a slave. After Old Barton left, Angie talked with the boy and told him that she would come for him at the manor house and free him. Boisterous Kate said she wouldn’t be putting their conversation in her journal. This was a fun section of role-playing.

After the characters left the Pirate’s Eye the characters went to a bar and saw a pirate drop dead, apparently from drug use, and begin to be looted. Angie killed one of the looters and tricked everyone into thinking the looter and the other dead pirate killed one another.

Kinal (Cleo) began to trick a young man, who thought she was a prostitute, by giving him a bogus fortune, bilking him for a few coin, some drink, and food.

Liam (Lady Doom) attempted to cock-block Kinal, unsuccessfully, but got a light ale out of the deal.

It was quickly decided that Dalia and Krolemite would head to The Docks and Cleo, Gored, and Lady Doom would travel to Scurvy Town to the Bloody Bandage to talk with the doctor treating the boys.

With that the group head out to find adventure.

The session actually ended with the 2 groups going to The Docks and Scurvytown respectively having some fun role-playing and one combat encounter. However I felt that this would be better attached onto Part 2.

I’m really looking forward to using the Aspects that my players have come up with and seeing them flesh out these awesome slightly scummy brigands!

Next Session February 6th, 2011!


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