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My Guest Post on Stuffer Shack

I did a guest post on Stuffer Shack about two weeks ago about putting Aspects into your game, no matter the system.

I just wanted to put up the link here for anyone who’s interested in reading it, or may have missed it.

Again, I’d like to thank Tourq for the opportunity to do a post on his site. It was a flattering opportunity!

Hope everyone likes the post!

Help Bring Back Firefly the Show

This article says it all! If you like the show, good way to get involved!

Firefly Session Recap, Part 3

Aww yes.. The conclusion to an awesome session.

Here is Part 1 and Part 2.

Angie– Raina Patel
John– Justin Dodge
Elmer– John Salem
Chad– Derek Cyan

The Miners Daughter

After talking with Jessup for a few minutes the group decided to get in touch with a friend of a friend of a friend of Raina’s, named Fast Eddie, who seemed to always have the skinny on what is going on in the Eavesdown Docks.

They knocked on a shabby apartment door that was the 2nd story of a general store right off the ports. A skinny dark haired man with bleary red eyes answered the door. “Whatchu want?”

Raina recounted how they knew one another and without much preamble started grilling Fast Eddie about where Jessup’s daughter, Nataline could possibly be.

“Here’s a picture of her. Do you recognize her?” Raina asked.

Fast Eddie rubbed his scruffy chin, “I dunno. Memory is kinda fuzzy you know… I see so many people here.”

The group scoffed at the obvious shakedown attempt, “How much will it take for your memory to sharpen, Eddie?” Raina said with a slight menace in her voice.

“Oh about 10 Platinum would do the trick.”

Raina looks at Jessup, who stares back at her nonplussed. “Well, she’s your daughter, you pay the man.” Jessup inhales grumpily and hands over 10 Platinum.

Eddie greedily pockets the money and tells them he has seen a girl that looks like her on Promenade Street, the main plaza street of Eavesdown Docks, walking into Madame’s Bath House or the crazy bar, The Happy Cowgirl, where all the young kids go.

Eddie went to close the door and found Derek’s foot blocking the way. Raina brought her face close to the door, “Eddie. We payed you 10 Platinum. I hope your memory isn’t being hazy with any important details.”

Eddie’s eyes went wide, “I swear ma’am. I swear.”

With a curt nod the group made their way to Promenade Street to check out Madame’s Bath House.

Promenade Street was a clean street with adobe style architecture with a fountain in the center of the street, with a gorgeous geranium flowerbed around the fountain’s perimeter.

Madame’s Bath House was a fair to do building, obviously some money went into its construction and upkeep. The group told Jessup and his bodyguard Waylon to wait outside while they talk to the girl. Jessup heartily agreed.

The inside of Madame’s didn’t disappoint. The floor was tiled in turquoise and the polished and finished wooden walls were decorated in fine art and potted flowers and bamboo lined the floor.

A large screen flashing the latest Cortex News and entertainment was at the far end of the room with two leather seats.

An Asian woman wearing a black kimono with a golden dragon stitched on the left arm and curving onto her back came gliding up to them. “Hello. Welcome to Madame’s Bath House. How may I serve you?”

“How much is a bath?!” Blurted out John. “Just a plain relaxing bath, no fancy stuff.”

“That would be 5 Platinum good sir.” The woman said with an incline of her head.

“Fair enough.” John said smiling. “I’ll be right back.”

The woman rang a bell and a slender girl of about 22, with auburn hair and creamy skin, appeared from saloon style swinging doors. “Right this way sir.”

John was led to a deep copper tub that was filled with steaming water, rose peddles, and relaxation salt. He was undressed and in the bath before the serving girl realized what had happened.

This was a funny part because Elmer intended to lose the serving girl and then snoop around, but when I described the bath and offered a cigar he said, “Screw it. I was gonna go snoop around.. but I’m taking this bath instead!”

The rest of the group began questioning the matron about Nataline. The woman rang the bell again and called out for Nataline.

Nataline with her dirty blonde hair and long trim form came out from the swinging double doors looking at the group with cautious eyes. “Yes.”

“Nataline?” Asked Raina?


“We’re here with your father. He’d like to talk to you.”

“My da.. my da is here?”

“Yes he is.”

“He’s planetside?!”

“Yes, he’s not here, but we can take you to–”

Nataline turned heel and ran back through the double doors. John heard her soft footfalls and only paused a moment before taking a long draw of his cigar, shrugging, and then returning to his relaxing bath.

“Ah hell…” Raina said with a sigh.

“We gonna run after her?” Justin said, starting towards the door.

Raina put her hand on his arm, “No. I told Jessup I won’t kidnap this girl. This is his deal now. Let’s go tell him and get back to the Fast Lady.”

“What about John?” Derek grunted.

“I’m sure he’ll find his way.”

When the group came back outside it was immediately apparent that something was missing, “Where’s Jessup and his monkey?” Justin asked.

“The Ruttin fool went around back.” Derek said. The group drew their pistols and made their way slowly into the alley.

This was another humorous moment. When the group came outside and I said that Jessup and Waylon were gone and it dawned on them where he was they had a “Why the hell didn’t we think of doing that?” moment that I just chuckled at.

All Fired Up

What greeted the groups eyes when the came to the back of the Bath House was not a friendly sight. Nataline was moving slowly back from the bulk of a man Jessup while Waylon stood watching, arms crossed.

“Come on Nataline. Time for you to come home to your father.”

“You ain’t no da of mine! Not with’n what you did to me!”

“I did nothing to you Nataline! You’re my daughter! I did right by you!”

“Did right by me? You whore’d me out at your saloon! You let men do things to me!”

“You earned your keep! You learned the value o’ working!”

“Is that what you call it when you bedded me?! You bedded me! You’re daughter!”

“I will not be talked to like that! I’m your father Nataline!” Jessup lunged forward and grabbed Nataline who struggled, scratching his face.

“You bitch!” Jessup threw her bodily from him and drew a small pistol, pointing it at her.

Raina was out with her pistol drawn before the rest of the group realized she had moved. Derek, following close behind, set his sights on Waylon.

A shot ran out and Nataline screamed. So did Jessup, there was a large hole going from one side of his thigh to the other. Raina holding a smoking pistol.

“Argh! You crazy bitch! You shot me!”

Derek and Waylon were tusslin’ but when the shot fired they both stopped to look. Waylon quickly raised his hands. “I didn’t know about him bedding his daughter. I don’t agree with that. Can.. Can I go?”

Raina nodded, not taking her eyes off of Jessup. Waylon booked out of the alley. Raina looked at Nataline, “Go. Run. You aren’t tagging along with me. Go!” Nataline tucked tail and ran back through the bath house.

Alerted by the shot, John was quickly getting dressed. He poked his head out in time to see Nataline streaking by, “Hey! That’s the girl!” And he ran after her outside to Promenade Street where the rest of the group was emerging from the alley.

John pointed at Nataline as she ran into the Happy Cowgirl. “There she goes!”

“Let her go. She’s not our problem anymore.” Justin mumbled.

The group made their way to the Fast Lady and stayed planetside for a few more days. “You know.. We forgot to grab the rest of the money from Jessup. He still had 500 Platinum with our names on it!” Pouted Justin. “We shoulda taken it from him.”

“We’re not robbers, Justin.” Raina said quietly.

“Well part of that money was mine. You owe me. It was promised to us.”

“You get what I pay you Justin. Not what you think is owed to you.” She said dangerously.

As they were getting ready to leave a man dressed in a nice black suit carrying a satchel walked up the loading ramp. “Um. Excuse me. I was wondering if I could hire you for a job?”

And that’s where we ended the session.

In Conclusion

I’m really in love with the AGE system. I’ve played it 3 times now and each time it continues to impress me with its utter simplicity and elegance.

I think everyone really liked it and it was a breath of fresh air to only have to look at a rule once that I was really fuzzy on because it had been so long since I last played VS the constant rule-looking that happens in 3.5/Pathfinder.

Firefly Session Recap, Part 2

We continue were I left us yesterday.

Angie– Raina Patel
John– Justin Dodge
Elmer– John Salem
Chad– Derek Cyan

Two Jobs, A Load of Ore, and Zero Complications

The group left planetside of Paquin in the early AM after Jessup and his bodyguard Waylon were on board with his precious ore and were headed for Persephone, a 4 day journey.

Here I let the group have an opportunity to chat or flush their characters, but because I time was shortened, it was a few quick probing questions about Jessup’s ore and who might know what he was doing.

He didn’t think anyone would know since he has been skimming a slight amount off of all of his shipments and hiding it till he had enough to make a decent haul.

The Fast Lady touched down in Eavesdown Docks to avoid being probed and from paying the ridiculous prices for Alliance Sanctioned and secured ports.

“Alright Mr. Jessup, what do you want to do first?”

“Well I think it’d be fitting if we get this here cargo out of your hold so it ain’t such a tempting target for those with sticky fingers. Then we can go around and find my daughter.”

“Agreed. Let’s load everything up in tho the mule and head to your contact. A Mr. Mick correct?” Asked Raina.

“Yessum. He owns a small refinery called Mick’s Mills in the Industrial Sector.”

Within 20 minutes everyone is aboard the mule and heading for the Industrial Sector, about 40 minutes away.

After driving a few minutes Derek and Raina noticed an empty mule tailing behind them with 5 men, all armed, and several with their guns drawn.

Derek grunts, “We got a tail. Their weapons are skinned.”

Being a man of God, but not one of catching bullets, John Salem drew his gun and obscured as much of himself as he could behind the Ore crates. Derek drews his pistol and turned to keep the men in his view.

“Ok you old bastard. Who the hell is tailing us?! I thought you said nobody knew about your little shipment here!” Justin shouted over his shoulder while keeping his eyes on the busy road.

Jessup turned his considerable bulk and caught the mug of the man in the passenger seat of the trailing mule. “Oh hell! Thats Harding! He’s the one who’s been skimming off of me! He must of suspected or found out somehow!”

“It doesn’t matter! They mean business. Justin do what you do best and what I pay you for. Drive this mule and lose them!” Raina shouted over the din of traffic and the mens arguments of who was at fault.

“You got it!” Justin revved the engine and drove down hard on the clutch while cranking the wheel to the right, making the mule turn at almost a right angle and hurtled down a very tight alley.

The group watched as the other mule skidded past the alley, backed up, and began its way down the alley, banging along the walls.

John, Justin’s player, rolled two sixes and a 4 on his Dragon Die. Since there really isn’t a Stunt mechanic for these kind of rolls (and I understand how there isn’t since much of what happens is situational) I let him tell me what was happening and he described pulling into a narrow alleyway going full-bore and I described the ship missing the alley, having to reverse and scrape their way inside.

Justin let out a bark of laughter, “Amateurs. Hey Jessup. This is your gig. You know any gorram shortcuts that will let us get to Mick’s quicker”

Jessup thought for a moment and then his eyes widened, “Well we’re about to come out on Blueberry Hill Lane! It’s a major road. Unless you are careful we’re gonna get ourselves in a collision.”

Justin gritted his teeth and rocketed out of the alley way into a bustling street. He reacted almost instinctively and managed to keep from crashing into any other cars, mules, or people on the lane.

The group looked back as the other mule came flying out of the alley and careened into another mule, which slammed into the side of a building.

“That’ll keep em busy.” Said John smiling.

The rest of the trip to Mick’s and the delivery went of without any further hitches.

Soon the group were back on the Fast Lady, 500 Platinum richer, and getting ready to figure out how the hell they were going to locate one 17 year old girl amongst the plethora of women on Persephone.

To be Continued Tomorrow

This is a Firefly Campaign using my Firefly Campaign Setting that utilizes the AGE System Rules. Firefly RPG Hurtlin Through the Verse

Got to Play Some Firefly: Hurtlin’ Through the ‘Verse

This Sunday was our bi-weekly RPG get together, and I decided that it would be a good time to try out my Updated 03/16/10

Firefly Hurtlin Through the Verse V2 campaign setting.

Sadly I, aside from the tinkering I’ve done myself and the bits I’ve of horror (as she’d describe it) I’ve subjected my girlfriend to, haven’t ran a session of it yet.

Four of my players could make this weeks session. We got settled and pretty much went straight to char gen (which again with the awesome AGE system takes about 10-15 minutes).

Here is the party:

Angie– Raina Patel- Merchant Background, Noble Class. Companion of Indian decent. Clean and proper. Walks around in a Sari or other flowing robes. Comes from a wealthy merchant family. Tends to be no nonsense, confident, and outgoing.

John– Justin Dodge- Spacer Background, Soldier Class. Ex-Alliance Solider. Quit after the victory of Serenity Valley, and won’t talk about the war. He’s bald with a beard. Wears canvas clothing and tends to be quiet and serious, but has been known to tell a joke one in awhile.

Elmer– John Salem- Shepherd Background, Drifter Class. Worn suit and scars on his face. Tries to keep clean but likes his stuff, even if it is worn and tattered. Likes to talk and tends to try to be upbeat.

Chad– Derek Cyan- Alliance Agent Background, Soldier Class. Ex-Alliance Agent. Retired. Due to his experiences in the ‘Verse he is quite, stern, and cautious. Has trouble trusting people. He is brave and will rush to help save a person in trouble.

On the Path to Adventure!

It was then decided that Angie’s character had recently purchased a Firefly Class Transport in decent condition and was making manageable payments on it. She Christened the ship the Fast Lady.

I am currently writing a short adventure for Firefly and this was the preliminary run of it. It let me see where I needed to add stuff, take things away, and etc.

The group starts off on the small planet of Paquin after delivering some building material to the small one horse town of Whisper that is needed to build better wind shields.

The group are in the tavern, Jessup’s, which happens to be the largest building in the town, getting some R&R. A piano player is belting out some rag time style music on a futuristic looking version of a saloon piano while the 35-40 patrons play Billiards or watch the small cortex display behind the bar.

As the players are drinking and looking around a heavy set man wearing a white dress shirt with buttons that are clearly straining because of his bulk, jeans, and black boots ambles up to them. “Good day to you all. Thank ya for deliverin’ the goods to Whisper. We’d be in a mite pinch if they hadn’t arrived when they did.”

The group nods at him, “It was our pleasure. Glad we could help.” Replies Riana politely.

“The name is Jessup. I own this here saloon and am a bit o’ a prominent miner on this here burg. I got lucky a few years back and got me a claim and managed to get in with the Mining Guild before that damned set o’ greedy bastards at the Corone Mining Consortium took it from me. This here is Waylon. He’s my bodyguard.” Jessup points over his shoulder to a tall beefy man with short cropped blonde hair and sterile eyes.

Waylon nods, “Pleasure.”

Jessup clears his throat, “You see I’ve got myself a problem here. I’d like to hire you for a job that is two fold and I’m willin’ to pay handsomely with Platinum if’n you’d be obliged to help.”

All of the crew immediately responds enthusiastically to the thought of their purses jingling merrily. Raina however stays quiet and looks at Jessup, “What kind of work are we talking about here?”

“Oh nothing illegal I assure you.” Says Jessup, smiling. “The men who’ve been taking my ore off world for the Guild, well I believe that they are skimming off the top o’ my profits and I’d like to cut them out, if’n I can and deliver the goods to my contact on Persephone.

“The second job, well is a bit more difficult. My daughter got herself brainwashed by one of the men who came and picked up the last two shipments. I could tell she was keen on him after his first visit. Well two weeks ago she just up and left with him. I checked with my sources at the Guild and that ship was headed to Persephone.

“I figure kill two birds with one stone. I’ll pay you 1,000 Platinum, 500 for each job. What’d ya say?”

Raina takes a drink of Dusty Paquin Pale Ale and narrows her eyes, “What if the girl doesn’t wish to come home with you, Mr. Jessup? We’re not kidnappers? We won’t take the girl against her will.”

Jessup’s brow furrows and he looks slightly irritated, “That’s fine. She’ll do what her father tells her.” This draws more then one worried glance from the others towards Riana. Derek and Justin quietly click their guns safety off.

“Fair enough. We have a deal. We’ll meet you tomorrow am. We are a mile south of town. Bring your cargo and we’ll leave planet.”

“Sounds good. Oh. Waylon and myself will be accompanying you. I want to talk to my daughter.”

“Probably for the best.” Raina says politely.

With a nod and a touch to his hat, Jessup walks from the bar with Waylon slightly behind him.

Justin downs the last of his pale ale and smacks his lips. “Well… that’ll be a nice flow of Platinum in our wallets. Always good to have some spending money! I need to by myself more charges. I’m out.”

With that all of the group got up and headed back to the Fast Lady.

To be Continued Tomorrow

Beautiful Video Game Trailer

I saw this Video Game trailer yesterday after a friend recommended it. It is a really beautiful and sad trailer. There is so much emotion, tenderness, and character development in this trailer.

I really recommend people watch it.

Got the Title! Firefly: Hurtlin’ Through the ‘Verse

Wow.. I can’t believe that I’ve been working on this Firefly project for a month now. It’s really come quite a ways since my initial concept.

So no more beta this is the finished product. That’s not to say that there aren’t kinks and alterations still to be found. That’s with any product. So if you spot stuff, by all means put a comment up here and I’ll take a gander.

I owe a HUGE thanks to Daniel Perez over at Highmoon’s Ponderings and Dragon Age Oracle and my girlfriend for giving me some really feedback concerning the layout of my Firefly.

Daniel and Angie also kinda forced me (in a positive way) to decide on a name rather than just Firefly RPG.

I’m not gonna cover what was changed since Monday, but quite a bit has been. The product looks cleaner, nicer, and more professional. Yay for me.

I have added, however, Reavers! Big spooky scary cannibals that they are!

I’ve also added black and white enemy sheets for people to print out.

So click it, download it, play it, and damned well hopefully you’ll enjoy it!

Updated 03/16/10

Firefly Hurtlin Through the Verse V2